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Feb 28, 2023, 01:21

…this has to be concerning for the long term. He has to work so hard with his physical style one has to wonder if this going to be chronic. That said he always seems to break down in tight games so perhaps there is a mental component.

Feb 28, 2023, 04:46


Where did you get the above news from?   Alcaraz is playing in the Mexican Open that started today and he will be playing his opening game against Mackenzie McDonald within the next 24 hours.   So the breakdown seems to be an invention in your imagination.   

Let me explain something.   Alcaraz was off from playing tennis for near to four months.   When he came back and won the Argentina Open it was quite a surprise     It is always hard for a returnee to win in his first tournament returning from such a lay-off an example was Djokovic last year - when he failed badly in Dubai and a number of succeeding matches after that.

What is further extremely difficult is to win succeeding tournaments in successive weeks - the record of winning 3 tournaments in successive tournaments over a 3 week period since 2000 is held by Rublev - Berlin, St Petersburg and Vienna in 2020.    In recent years even greats like Djokovic and Nada struggled to win 2 successive tournaments over a 2 week period.

Like Zverev who struggled badly after lay-off and seems to be getting back on track after todays win in the first round in Dubai against the very promising Leheka - who last week was a semi-finalist in Doha.    

So lets wait and see what happens in Mexico and the upcoming two ATP 1000 Masters tournaments this month.   So I think it is too early to invent things about Alcaraz in your normal way.                      


Feb 28, 2023, 05:14

’Alcaraz returned to the tour last week at the Argentina Open, where he dropped only one set en route to his first title since his Grand Slam breakthrough at the US Open last year. He said he was not sure whether he would be joining Norrie at the hardcourt tournament in Acapulco next week due to his leg injury.’


 So he’s playing, I guess the leg was just an excuse for his loss to Norrie,

Feb 28, 2023, 06:45

BS Mozart - there was no breakdown and I gave a perfect example of what happened to players after a break due to injury and mentioned Zverev and Djokovic as examples where it happened.   Your guess is plain self-invention like you specialize in all the time.  

Feb 28, 2023, 19:43

He was blaming his loss on his injury….and he was saying he might not play this week. Fact. You’re just lying again. You have to stop.

Feb 28, 2023, 20:23

Your understanding is BS.  The injury happened in October 2022 and that caused a lay-off until last week.   Of course his injury affected his game and will affect it in matches for a while yet,   Djokovic was bad in at least three tournaments after his return from a 3 month lay-off due to the Aussie ban.   Zverev has not yet recovered his form after injury - and Thiem apparently never will recover.   How many players must I mention before you realize what was meant with what Alcaraz said.        

Feb 28, 2023, 20:31

 "We have to see how serious the injury is and see what I have in the hamstring, and, from there, evaluate to see if I can go to play in Acapulco without much risk," added Alcaraz, whose defeat on Sunday prevented him from becoming the first player to win twice the only ATP 500 tournament in South America and retain the title he won in 2022 in Rio.

The Murcian clarified that his desire is to go to Acapulco because he has very good memories of the tournament he played in the Mexican resort in 2021 and that he will do everything possible to recover and to try to play in Mexico.’

Which word don’t you understand?

Feb 28, 2023, 21:49

So what is going on - he is playing at 03:30 tomorrow morning in a match so what are you raving about.    You apparently are always investing BS in a desperate attack on your pet hate players in any sport.    You are on a nothing burger here - fact.

You still do not know what is going on in sport.     Alcaraz is the players surname - you do not even know that.   Any player after coming back from injury or other absence feels uncomfrable even when he won his first tournament after an injury lay-off.    Take Djokovic today he had a very average struggling game which he won in a tiebreaker at the end of the third set, and he was only out of tennis for a month - not four months like Alcaraz and he was not even out as a result of an injury,

After doing the virtually impossible - ie winning the first tournament after a four month lay-off and then went to the final the next week in another tournament - it may be that Alcaraz felt uncomfortable during the second final and he may have worried that it may be related to his original injury.   However - it is not the made-up BS you started this thread on.                  

Feb 28, 2023, 21:49


Mar 01, 2023, 03:38

And then we have this:

Top seed Carlos Alcaraz has pulled out of this week's ATP 500 event in Acapulco with a strained hamstring, the U.S. Open champion said on Tuesday.

The Spanish world number two, who was scheduled to play his opening match later on Tuesday, picked up the injury during his loss to Cameron Norrie in Sunday's Rio Open final where the pain hindered both his movement and serve.

"I have a grade 1 strain in my right hamstring that will keep me out for several days, according to the tests we did this morning," Alcaraz wrote on Twitter.

… ..

Apologize you moron.

Mar 01, 2023, 08:42

Plank  - Norrie also pulled out of the game at the last minute.   Did he have a pain in the asshole as well?  

Mar 01, 2023, 16:34

Schplottttt! Aren’t you tired of being exposed for a total moron and liar. You pretend to be tracking tennis closely, despite never having played the game, and you don’t even know your seuntjie is injured.

Hahaha…a daily laugh!

Mar 01, 2023, 17:08

No Mozart

Your original thread started on the basis of BS and the assumptions were piss poor as to be expected from you.   A slight hamstring strain is not career-defining.   It is more important for Alcaraz to play in the ATP 1000 tournaments in Indian Wells and  Miami and a week and a half  rest will solve it.    


Mar 01, 2023, 17:56

Well the first rest didn’t solve it and repetitive hamstring issues are a problem. The point is you were totally uninformed, relied on bs as usual and got your head handed to you. Normal service from the buffoon.

Mar 01, 2023, 18:58

What have you got to support the above BS.    Alcaraz was injured seriously in November and was off since then.  That was he first injury in the 16 months he was playing on ATP level.  His first return tournament was in  Argentina - which he won and then eh played in Rio and felt some slight strain in his hamstring.   So where is the repetitive injuries you are talking of?    

Mar 01, 2023, 21:09

Injury in the same place….hence repetitive. What have you got to support any of the nonsense you right?

Mar 02, 2023, 13:44

`Listen Moxart

You started off with similar BS on some rugby players in 2013 and had repeated weekly injury reports on them after each match they played in.    They were never really injured - but you wrote an injury report after each match they played in.

A slight strain is not a real injury - it is not serious at all.   Another case of special BS spouted by you about rugby players previously.   Spare us that one - please.   

Mar 03, 2023, 00:42

Sure and how often has Dud Toit been injured….did Lambie basically get forced into retirement by being repeatedly concussed, I was spot on….and in this instance I’m concerned Alcaraz is a small motor running much too hard. Time will prove me right.

Mar 04, 2023, 07:39

Dim Idiot - the story you started off with was BS then and is still BS.   Take for instance a player I like a lot - Rune.   He was repeatedly retiring injured from matches last year and I never wrote one negative report like you do.   I never invented injuries like you did and hoped it ends the playing career like you do.  Sick mind produces sick threads.

The player you mentioned was the World Rugby Player of the Year in 2019  six years after your drama queen/prima donna site idiocy.

By the way the constant problem  Rune has is frequent muscle cramps in matches.   He suffered from that today as well.   It happened over the past year quite frequently when he either lost or retired from matches.   Although cramps like that do not require medical treatment - but if it is repetitive the question remains is there not a medical solution to help eliminate the problems encountered by Rune.    He is such a good player one would hate to see him losing momentum in his playing career.   Hope there is a solution.    


Mar 04, 2023, 21:40

Player for about a year….yep that’s about right.Most other years he was injured.

Mar 05, 2023, 01:35


You were talking about injuries that did not exist previously and you are indeed suffering from dementia making  lying statements on site.    When it comes to rugby you had no problem with  Meyer's selection of players for the 2015 RWC who had played 4 or less rugby matches in the 18 months before the tournament - but when Du Toit had an injury in 2015 that kept him out of rugby for three months you were openly claiming and expressing hope that he would be out of rugby for a year.   Your conduct always was that if you hate sportmen of any code of sport you are hoping for them to be injured. and out of sport.   

You started off with Alcaraz  being ridiculed after he lost a match against Murray and saying he was overrated and not good enough to be praised by real experts in tennis.   For you the injury sustained by Alcaraz in early October 2022 was manna from heaven and you write the BS you wrote above.     

I wrote about the sympathy I have for Rune suffering from cramp attacks in matches on a rather regular basis - yet you know nothing about that problem and decided instead of talking about repetitive injury problems which obviously give you great hope that Alcaraz's career hopefully would be  threatened by a slight hamstring strain.     It never entered your prejudiced mind that Alcaraz would rather not play in the ATP 500 tournament  in Mexico to make sure he is rested and ready for the two ATP 1000 tournaments to be played over the next three weeks?   

Sick mentality in evidence.        

Mar 05, 2023, 20:04

Hate this, hate that…..your language is straight from the Woke playbook. I don’t hate du Toit, I think he is overrated and injury prone. And I just wasn’t willing to anoint Alcatraz yet last year and now I think the combination of his style and physique won’t hold up well.

Stop whining.

Mar 06, 2023, 06:50

Stop writing BS on site - nobody hate people opposing them more than the Woke supporters.   That was the final mindless idiocy you came up with in the case of this thread.    So falling back on that answer is as brainless as you are insofar as sport is concerned.    

Jun 09, 2023, 21:05

Once again Traz breaks down…stick with moz

Jun 10, 2023, 11:14

Just when he was in the game and then cramps. First time I've  watched him play, certainly gets around the court. 

Jun 10, 2023, 11:51


You always wants players you do/ not like getting  injured.    That makes you a sports idiot.   You have been doing that about numerous rugby players in the past.   Last year you kept promoting Nadal after the won the French Open and completely overlooked the fact that he did not beaten Zverev - because the latter got seriously injured.   Where is Nadal now - he is ranked 134 in the world.   This type of thing normally backfire and I hope you stop bleating about Alcaraz - you are always end up being  the idiot anyway.         

Jun 10, 2023, 12:35

I don’t ‘wants’ players to be injured. I was really enjoying the match yesterday before Traz got injured. I merely point out some players are injury prone.

As for your unbelievably stupid comment on Nadal….he is ranked 134 in the world because of potentially career ending injuries.  And last year he won the Australian and the French….I celebrated that, it was an enormous accomplishment for a player whose body was struggling… a testament to skill and competitiveness.

If Zverev and a fit Nadal played at the French 100 times, Nadal would have won a 100 times. Throwing out Zverev’s injury is a typical attempt to evade the truth.

And in talking about the second set yesterday,  I don’t see you mentioning the Joker’s arm problem which bothered him from early in that set onwards.  His serving and ground shot speeds dropped significantly. It was the only reason Traz, even briefly, got back in the contest. Not a peep from you.

Hopefully Novak’s arm is good for the final.

Jun 10, 2023, 14:36

Is it time to exchange your private email address with each other.

Just asking?

Jun 10, 2023, 18:00

Gosh do you think Clever  sounds  sane via e mail?

Jun 11, 2023, 07:44


Your constant  wish or any sportsman you hate to get injured is not sane and at the same time childish and idiotic.   Sanity is always absent when you post things on site.


Mozart  once sent me an e-mail demanding that is support his childish personal attacks on Dave and when I refused to become involved he went vicious on me as well.   

Jun 11, 2023, 18:20

Sour, sour sour grapes and lies. Just eat your crow.

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