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Oct 11, 2023, 21:00

I tried to explain to you that Alcaraz relies too much on energy and the drop shot. That he presented a new challenge but would be solved over time. That in the absence of obvious weaknesses to improve, he was probably close to peak Traz. 

I also said he would face increasingly stern challenges from his contemporaries and younger players. I didn’t really think that old pros past their peak would also present a challenge. But today  Dimitrov wiped him off the court by not playing defensively and exploiting Traz’s typical patterns.

Your prediction that this kid is going top Djocovic is looking pretty silly. Perhaps retract it?

Oct 11, 2023, 21:07


Your ignorance of what is happens in the real experts in this particular case is amazing.     

Oct 11, 2023, 21:09

The usual vague insults….you have been schooled.

Oct 12, 2023, 08:42

No Mozazrt

There was a scheduling problem that will be rectified next year,   I listened to discussions of che issue and what is claimed by experts is that one.   For the  fist time since 1968 that there are only 1 top ten player left in the tournament by the time the quarterfinals are being played in any ATP 1000 masters tournament.    Rublev the number 5 seeded player is left for a very good reason.   

So what is the scheduling problem.    After the US Open there was a tenday break without any APT tournaments - in those ten days the players played Davis Cup and Rod Laver Cup matches  - but the fact is that the schedue was as follows;-

*     Within 10 days from the end of the US Open the Beijing Open started and all the top players participated in that one.

*      The day the Beijing Open finished was the day on which the Shanghai Open started.   

*      All   players reaching the quarters or higher in the Beijing tournament failed as a result in the Shanghai tournament.   

The reason why Rublev survive is that he played only 3 matches in the Rod Laver Cup and in Beijing he went out in Round 2.   That means that he played over a 17 day period only 3 matches in the Rod Laver Cup and one match in the Beijing tournament.   Compared to the other top 10 ranked players he was fresh and suvvived the onslught,   All the other Top 10 seeds fell by the wayside within 3 weeks from the end of the US Open after having played in the US Open.    All the players look tired and their performances showed it.

The 15  who were seeded - since Djokovic was absent - are as follows:-

1    Carlos Alcaraz 

2    Danill Medvedev
3    Holger Rune

4   Stefanos  Tistsipas                              
5     Andrey Rublev                             

6     Jannik Sinner

7     Alexander Zverev

8     Casper Ruud

9      Taylor Fritz 

10     Francxes Tiafoe

11     Alex de Minaur

12     Tommy Paul 

13     Karen Khachanov

14.   Cameon Norrie

15    Felix Auger-Aliassim

All   the above bar Rublev went out before the quarterfinals.

There was no penny to drop - bar the fact that you are totally ignorant about what happened and the dropped penny was in fact iro your ignorance .   If it was only Alcaraz who failed  you may have a point.   Based on what happened over the last two years in the case of Djokovic if he did play he would have failed as well.

It is always amazing how your prejudice and ignorance reigns supreme if any sporting issue.   All I can add is please study what really happened  after the US Open and stop making stupid remarks on issues you either do not understand or showed total idiocy on your part.


Oct 12, 2023, 21:52

He just got beaten….those excuses are embarrassing. 

Oct 13, 2023, 00:15

 So the penny has dropped -  Mozart is a prejudiced idiot - proven the umpteenth time.

He was beaten - the other 13 was not? \

By the way dimness -  I like what I saw of Shelton in this tournament - when are you going to start attacking him because I have a positive opinion of him,.       

Oct 13, 2023, 02:30

Oh shame yes, they were all tired, poor dears. Except Sinner who wasn’t so tired. 

Oct 13, 2023, 09:07

Sinner lost as well and that against another 19 year-old I think will hopefully be in the top ten soon playing on hard courts - he was nondescript on clay and slower courts. 

When are you going to start attacking Shelton anyway?      

Oct 13, 2023, 15:13

Eat your crow you old fool:

Medvedev puts on a master class

Forum » Other Sports » Medvedev puts on a master class 

Sep 09, 2023, 03:31

Everybody was giving the match to Alcatraz, but Medvedev learned the Traz lesson…depth and pace. Traz is deadly from the half court but keep it deep and he becomes a different player. He also found a way from exceptionally far  behind the baseline to force Traz to volley up.

Medvedev played at a fast pace, hardly pausing between serves…I think that unsettled Traz.

He also held his nerve ….serving for the match, down 15/40 he kept attacking, going for a 126 mile per hour second serve on match point. And then having double faulted giving Traz a game point, he settled down and secured the win with a massive forehand up the line.

Traz will leave this with a few scars…life isn’t a script just written for him. Next time he is in that position there will be more doubts.

Watching Shelton and Traz today the differences are quite stark. Traz is much more developed…a better volleyer and drop shot artist….a better tactician. But Shelton has so much more power without the poppy muscles that will always be a risk for Traz. He is well behind today but with much more improvement potential. Shelton effortlessly serves in the mid one thirties, McEnroe said today he is the biggest server he has seen.

He probably needs a better coaching team and complete dedication. Is an American kid of this generation willing to put in the effort? Even if he doesn’t Traz will be facing many talented youngsters in the years ahead, 

But I hope the whole carnival show of grunting, fist pumping, posing and loud Spanish coaching gets toned down. It’s unattractive and detracts from Alcaraz’s game and otherwise good sportsmanship.

Oct 13, 2023, 18:19


You, chang e the topic  to the U S  Open - what yu wrote above  had nothing to do  with the US  Open and ev erything tp do what happened in Shangha.

To condemn a player in any sport based on one match and claims t is career -defining iis actually what  you normally do with  players in other codes of sport.    AlI I can say after the HA  HA posting about a match between Murray and  Alcaraz he came back  to bite  you numerous times.

Personally I think he is being  over-played - he has been looking tired and disin terested in matches he play ed in af ter Wimbledon.          

Oct 13, 2023, 18:56

‘When are you going to start attacking Shelton anyway’….wipe the egg off your face and apologize. You are under some kind of elusion that what you think about players influences me. Clearly I had spotted Shelton’s  potential and challenges long before you took him seriously.

Oct 13, 2023, 20:37

Admitted - but then he is from  the U S A.   I heard about hiim as a prospect earlier this year, but he did not perform very well in Europe looks like he plays better on f ast ahrd courses and less on clay and grass.

One of he commentators made an interesting  remark about him during  a match broadcast to the effect that he never left the USA  until January this year.    I think that may be the reason why That may account for it that he is less well-known than some European youngsters,

By th e way I also thought Sebastian Korda will go far in tennis, but he cannot get above the 20 ranked player and until recently he was below 32 in the raankings      .    

Oct 14, 2023, 01:44

Fair enough.

Jan 24, 2024, 17:25

….Traz is fading faster than I thought

Jan 24, 2024, 20:47


There is no penny to drop.  I do watch ten times more tennis than you do and I nornmally make assessments based on performances.    There were again some issues that I obseve4d from recent matches and especially the Australia Open

Lets deal with Alcaraz first.   I think that the situation is that there is a serious deficiency iro of his game.    On hard courts the ball bounces higher and Alcaraz in particular play a type of game that is not effective on hard courts.       Since Wimbledon Alcaraz failed in all tournaments he played in and that I am sure will recieve  attention from Ferrero.   

Looking  at the actual performances of other players I think that thus far in the Aussie Open I think that Sinner performed best of the players,            .   .    


Jan 24, 2024, 21:10

It’s true I watch a lot of sports, but having  played tennis at a decent level, I see things you don’t see. I warned you that Traz was not the dominating phenom you thought. He is just a better Michael Chang….a rabbit with better ground strokes than most rabbits. He is not destined for a long career. It’s too tough on these guys who have to run so much.

His biggest weapon is the drop shot which he  reintroduced into the men’s game as a serious weapon.But all the players are reading it now and many more are using it….it’s diminished as a point of difference.

Jan 25, 2024, 02:26

You have a reputation of warning  people about sport based on what you think is fact - but fact based on images created in  your rather prejudiced mind.    I look at fact and facts are established over a period of time - and can be influenced in sport by a variety of issues.   You  do beleive on what you made ou to be facts and in rugby for instance you are a classic.     .      

Jan 25, 2024, 16:32

Hahaha….like the facts you looked at when you told us Novak was washed up in early 2021. Since then he has won 7 Grand Slams. If he wins one more,  his career only taking into account  wins post your prediction,  would equal the whole careers of Ivan Lendl, Fred Perry and Jimmy Connors.

Hilarious…..what a disastrous call.

Jan 26, 2024, 08:35


You lied about what I wrote in 2021 about the Trio Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.   I never said the latter was washed up.    I said the three are nearing retirement and two of them were out of the game by he end of 2022..

Djokovic did very well in 2023 and I congratulated him on getting back the number 1 ranking.   However, earlier in the tournament I wrote that there was something  wrong  with Djokovic - I clearly stated that losing to De Minaur in the A world cup was clearly substandard. and I said he had a poor start to the 2024 season.   You made your normal idiotic remarks as a result.   So what happened from the start of the Aussie Open.   He won matches - but struggled in winning and often ended up playing 4 setters.   

So  what did I do on Wednesday - i took two bets on tennis - 

*    a  R100 bet on Sinner beating Djokovic - so I got R265 from that bet; and

*    a R50 bet on Sinnner winning the Aussie Open final and stand to win R560 if he does.

The bad part is that if Djokovic played Rublev in the semi he would have lost that one as well - the scores indicate that conclusively.    So the question is  how long will a retain the no1 ranking - probably to the start of the clay court season and the chances of him winning in Roland Garros is remote.

Djokovic is very likely to entire from playing tournament tennis if he fails to win majors this year - a great pity from a tennis perspective - but age play a  role in performances unlike the bS you normally come up when dealing with aging of players.    

I never write prejudiced BS on site like ymou do - I stick to facts.    




Jan 26, 2024, 20:40

Liar….here’s the proof:

Jun 23, 2021, 23:03

It is certain that of the three best players ever  maybe  Djokovic remain competitive bearing in mind that  between the Aussie Open and Roland Garros he  was neaten by low ranked players and it is obvious that his quality of tennis played even in the majors is not as good as it used to be,  

Jan 26, 2024, 20:48

As for Rublev beating the Joker….hahaha….remind us again, what is the record between them.

Jan 28, 2024, 07:14


You must be a total idiot - I said that if Djokovic perform like h e did this month he would be beaten by a string  of players inclusive of Rublev.   In the Australian Open Sinner broke the sevices of Djokovic 6 times - in Sinner's match against Rublev he broke services three times.   

Thicknes the discussions are about present form - not past history..  The commentators said that for the first time in 20 years there are no Federer, Nadal or Djokovic in the Aussie Open final.   Learned anything from that BS thinker?   

My R50 bet on S inner winning wouild win R546 retuirn - so I put R200 on Medvcedev winning I would get R570.   Cannot lose on the outcome of that match - can only make money out of the match.   .   .              

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