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Jul 24, 2020, 13:15


As we discussed previously.

My money is so on Costa.

When Izzy fought Romero, he was all but neutralised but blamed Romero for not engaging. A pretty boring fight, truth be told. 

Costa offers a similar challenge but is gonna land bombs that Romero didn't. I don't think he'll struggle to close the distance and if he does get inside, I can't see Izzy's frame holding up.

You rate Adesanya will be able to maintain distance?

Jul 27, 2020, 10:34

Yes Plum, booked for 19th Sep

I believe that Costa is the only genuine fighter out there that can take out Adesanya…. and maybe even make it look easy as well

Others also have a chance, but Costa would be my outright favourite…. he is a beast....

Izzy is technically a brilliant fighter, but I just cannot see him keeping away from Costa's bombs.... not for a full possible 25 minutes, and Costa is lighting quick.....

Romero vs Izzy was supposed to be a similar kind of fight, but Romero looked so different than usual.... not sure what the hell happened.....and Romero can definitely fight, he just didn't bring it at all that day..... it was one of the most boring championship fights that have seen in a very long time 

I really …..really rate Adesanya……. but I reckon Costa wins inside 2

"Do you rate O'Malley"

I do, very much so... along with his rad hair, lol ….. I watched his last fight.... we a have superstar in the making.... don't want to jinx it

This Khamzat Chimaev guy looked very impressive in his last 2 fights that he just had within a few weeks of each other..... he looks a lot like Khabib and he has utterly destroyed his last 2 opponents in his first 2 UFC fights.... so much so, that of the 2 fights, only one opponent landed 2 strikes out of both fights, to his 80 plus strikes in both fights

He has yet to face a top 10 opponent, so time will tell.... but he looks the real deal

Jul 28, 2020, 16:53

We've got a pretty good record of calling fights so far DA...haha. 

I'm super stoked for Costa and $ugar $ean to be the future of the sport. Bothe next level beasts in their own right. 

I've become a regular on O'Malleys's podcast. Fucking funny hearing how he struggles to pick up chicks. He rates that his coach has resorted to introducing him to girls as "my friend the UFC star" and he still struggles to get laid. Really down to earth chaps but with plenty of heart.

One gets the feeling that Costa has zero issues in that department. 

Will try to see more of Chimaev. He probably has some fights in smaller competitions that i can watch.

I also rate Izzy. For me, Izzy should try to get in Costa's head. Do all the trash talk, perhaps get personal, then hope that Costa barges forward recklessly into counter punches. If Costa takes a slightly more cautious approach at first and can close the distance safely, Izzy will be in deep trouble. 

There just seems to be so many ways that Costa can win and only one way that Izzy can.

One expects there will be much trash talking going on over the next 50+ days haha 

Gotta love MMA.

Jul 28, 2020, 17:19

"One gets the feeling that Costa has zero issues in that department"

LMFAO.. you think

Too funny

I will be very impressed if Izzy sees off Costa.....

Jul 29, 2020, 14:26

"I will be very impressed if Izzy sees off Costa"

Same here. 

I think is that often times, excess fast twitch fibres and rapid response times are mistaken for high fight IQ.

Like if Andresen Silva had the same amount of fast twitch as what Griffin did, would he have been as good?

For me, you won't beat Silva or Adesanya with speed and reactions. You best them by being smarter and stronger.

Dunno if that makes any sense.

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