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Oct 12, 2023, 09:32

These Finals are regarded by the Top tournament played in any given year,   They regard it as more important than the Grand Slam tournaments and they work very hard to ensure being one of the Top 8 point earners in the year that would be allowed to play in Turin.

The present 10 ten players that could qualify for the 8 positions are as follows:-

  The Singles Race to Turin

1    Novak  Djokovic                            8945  

2    Carlos Alcaraz                                8445

3    Danill Medvedev                            6935    *
4    Jannik Sinner                                 4990       *   

5     Andrey Rublev                              4320      *

6    Stefanos Tsitsipas                           3785      *

7     Alexander Zverev                          3460      *

8     Holger Rune                                  3190       *

9     Taylor Fritz                                    3055

10    Hubert Hurkacz                             2855      *

10    Casper Ruud                                 2815 

Of the above - the top five playes have already qualified to play in Turin - the other 3 positions are still up for grabs-in the following remaining tournaments to be played :over the next month-

23 to 29 October 2023

ATP  500   Vienna Open

ATP   500   Swiss Open (Basel)

30  October to 5 November 2023

APT 1000    Paris Masters Open

6 to 11 November 2023

ATP  250  Moselle Open

Discussion of Potrntial Participants aimed at getting into the Championship

Fritz - who won in the Japan Open in 2022 - is definitely going to  play in the Japan Open.   He is likely to  be joined by Ruud and Rune in that tournament.   It is unlikely that any of the other players will play in the 2 APT 250 tournaments.

The top 10 players is likely to split between the two APT 500 tournaments in Basel and Vienna.   Rublev - a previous winner - is a definite to play in Vienna.   It is not impossible that Djokovic will play in one of the 2 tournaments to warm up for the Paris Masters event since it is not necessary for him to get extra points to qualify for the Championship.   He can use a  touanment he play in as a warm-up to the Paris Masters.   He did not have a warm-up game in 2022 rand went out of the Paris Masters in the first Round he played in.

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Oct 23, 2023, 04:03

Since writing the above the Tel Aviv torunament was in fact cancelled.    Alcaraz apparently is injured and may not play in the NITTO tournament, 

Oct 27, 2023, 08:47

I have updated the above and the figures confirim that the Top 5 players have already quallfiied to play in the Turin Championaship tournament and the battle is on for the other 3 positions _ with Tsitsipas, Rune and Zverev the favorites to play as well.   Hurkacz is in grevat form and he cxiuld still spoil the chances of one of the latter  mentioned 3.     

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