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Apr 17, 2021, 18:30

Youth is on the march in the Monte Carlo Masters with the final being between -

Stefanos  Tsitsipas  (4)  vs Andrey  Rublev  (6)

The present rankings   -    Tsitsipas    =    5

                                          Rublev        =    8

Bets                         -    Tsitsipas   =    2.00

                                     Rublev     =    1.85

There is very little that from a performance perspective that separate the two players.  Great friends of each other - they often train together.    

However, one has to look at matches these to players played against each other on high level there were five of those in the past year and of those  -

*    Rublev won three  -   US Open, Hamburg Open in the final and Rotterdan Open in the semi-final

*    Tsitsipas won two  The French Open and the EOY player Championship

There never were a big difference in points score and in all the matches the results could have gone either way,

One of the commentators said  - like the Bookmakers did - he believes Rublev is his  favorite to win the championship.   I think he based his statement on the slightly better performances of Rublev during the past six months,      


Apr 18, 2021, 11:54

The odds offered by the bookmakers are still the same,   After looking at highlight  videos of the US and Hamburg matches  I believe that  Tsitsipas  more often than Rublev had to defend breakpoints in games   and the latter defended  breakpoints better than Tsitsipas did.     That is important and I believe that it gives Rublev the edge in the match,.           

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