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Apr 14, 2021, 05:08

Round 1 has been completed over the last two days and of the 16 matches in Round  2 two matches have been completed.   

In the absence of Medvedev - a lucky loser in the Qualifying Rounds - J L Lnmdero have been brought in to take his place.    

The likely winners have been highlighted/

Top Half of the Draw

N Djokovic vs J Sinner

D Evans vs  H Hurkacz

D Goffin vs  M Cecchinato

L Sonego vs  A Sverev

S Tsitsipas va A Karatsev  -  already played = won by Tsitsipas

J Millman vs C Garin

A Popyrin vs L Poulle

A Davedovic Fokina  vs  M Berretini - already played  =  won by Davedovic Fokina

Please note that I have not highlighteed Djokovic to win - although he is the favorite to win.    Sinner is one of the best  youngsters in the game and will sooner rather than later be a top 10 player.   He has a chance to beat Djokovic if the latter is just 10% below his normal performances on a surface not his favorite to play on. 

Goffin is supposed to win - but his form thus far this year as been poor and eveb though this outing is on clay - he may lose.  

Bottom Half of the Draw

A Rublev  vs  S Caruso

R Bautista-Agut vs T Paul

G Dimitrov vs J  Chardy

R Nadal  vs  F  Delbonis

D Schwarzman vs  C Ruud

K Khachanov vs P Carrero-Busta

F Fognini vs  J Thompson 

F Krajnovic vs J-L Londero

I would rather not put money on Schwartzman and Khachanov winning even though they are the favorites to win,  Ruud is a good clay court player and can upset the applecart and the same applies to Carrero-Busta;    Not sure about Bautista-Agut either - but let him be.



Apr 14, 2021, 05:24

Round 3

Top half of   the Draw

N Djokovic vs  D Evans

S Tsitsipas  vs C Garin

 A Sverev  vs  D  Goffin 

A Davedovic Fokina vs  L Poulle

Bottom Half  of the Draw

A Rublev vs  R  Bautista-Agut 

R Nadal  vs   G Dimitrov  

C Ruud  vs   P  Carrero-Busta

F Fognini  vs  F Krajnovic

The results should be very easy to predict::-

*     If  Djokovic cannot beat Evans  he should not be in the Monte Carlo Open

*      On recent form Goffin cannot beat  Sverev  

*      Although Garin is a  clay court specialist Tsitspas  should have no probrlim

*       Davidovic Fokina may be the favourite here, but no predction made

*       Rubkev wiped the floor with Baustista-Agut when they played on clay last year.

*       Nadal looks a bit under the weather when playing  qualifiyer - no prediction

*      Ruud - no prediction made - but he beat  Schwaerrznan easily so he may win

*      Fognini should be better on clay than Krajnovic      


Apr 15, 2021, 06:45

The fact is despite  his win yesterday  there were worrying signs yesterday in the performance of Djokovic yesterday,  He list two games  in two serves in the first set and that by a 19-year old,   Give sinner the opportunity and in another year he will beat Djokovic in games.

Sinner for a 19 year-old is a brilliant player that can only improve and my prediction is he would be ibn the top 10 rankings before the end of this year,        

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