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Apr 15, 2021, 13:06

The following players are through to the Quarterfinals to be played tomorrow:-

Upper half of the Draw

*     D  Goffin  (11)   vs  D  Evans

*     S   Tsitsipas (4)  vs   A  Davdovic Fokina  WC

Davidovich Fokina  is a 21 year-old and relatively new to tennis on this level -very promising youngster and a player to watch out for in future,    I do not think he can beat Tsitsipas in the quarterfinal though,.

Sverev was poor in the Round 3 match and deservedly lost as a result.   If Rublev gets to the semi he would overtake Sverev and become the no 5 ranked player in the world.   

As bad as Sverev play - so bad was Djokovic .   I warned yesterday that he was not really up to  standard and today's performance proves it,   The bookmakers rated Evans as a 10/1 outsider - wonder whether there was anybody  putting money on  Evans winning?    What is evident it will put a big dent in his ranking as world number 1,

I do not think that it is possible to determine the winner of the   Goffin-Evans match,   even though Goffin is slightly shorter odds than Evans,                   

Lower Half of the Draw

*      R Nadal  (3)   vs    A   Rublev    (6)

*      F  Fognini  (15)  vs  C  Ruud 

There are only 3 of the Top 10 seeded  players left  and Nadal and  Ridlev face each other.   Nadal was outstanding today and beat Dimitrov with ease, while Rublev had a three set battle to pull off a win against Bautista-Agut, so  Nadal is heavily favoured to beat Rublev.

Ruud proved me  wrong so many times  I am not forcasting a winner in the match against Fognini,                      

Apr 16, 2021, 12:28

Davidovic was injured in the third game and was treated twice - and despite being in pain, he continued  to play an he would have won the set if it was not for the injury.   He gave Tsitsipas serious problems  and that does not look for Tsitsipas in succeeding matches.    He has a seriously promising future in  tennis.


*     S  Tsitsipas  (4)  vs  D Evans  

*     A  Rudlev (6)      vs  C  Ruud

Tsitsipas with one hand tied behind his back should beat Evans.

Rudlev has played a number of matches against Ruud and beaten him - but that was not on clay.          

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