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Mar 12, 2022, 13:58

This is basically about Holger Rune, Alcaraz, Ruusuvuory  and Mussetti of the younger category of players.

Since you wrote about Holger Rune last year after a match he played against Djokovic - his playing went south - he struggled to get out of the qualifiers and the first time I saw him playing after that was in the game against Humbert yesterday - where Rune wiped the floor with him.   

There was an amazing physical change noticeable with him and basically his face and legs look entirely different from what it was a year ago.   The face part is natural - the legs part is due to exceptional work in muscular development.

In an interview with Alcaraz yesterday after his amazing win in Rio two weeks ago - at 18 years of age - the youngest player ever to win a tournament on that level - he was asked about what is happening with his development as a player.  He emphasized that his most important program at present is to physically bulk up and when they asked him about the most important component is bulking up  of his legs.

If you look at Ruusuvuori and Mussetti the issue of their leg development is clearly a priority too.   

The other issue is the training preference of the youngsters.   They line up to train with Rublev and the question is why is that happening?   In interviews with top ten players about how to describe Rublev in one word - the words coming out were FORCE (most of the players including Djokovic, Medvedev and Zverev) WORK-ETHIC (Nadal)  and FIERCE.  Aside from that he has the hardest hit and fastest forehand shots in the game.

That is why Rublev - with his links to Spanish tennis - is a much sought-after training partner of the youngsters mentioned.   The idea is to develop the skills of the younger players by letting them face hard and fast hit balls and thus learn to counter them through training.         

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