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Nov 08, 2021, 20:54

Remember the 18 year -old Holger V N Rune - the player you say is top class and when I said Alcaraz - giving you a outrage freak - you apparently taken an instant dislike to - is with Rune amongst the 8  participants compete in the NEXT GENERATION FINALS series is being played from tomorrow.   The 8 players  are divided in 2 pools:-

Pool A

B Nakashima                    USA

J M Cerundolo                   Argentina

C  Alcaraz                         Spain

HCN Rune                         Denmark

Pool B

H Gaston                          France

S Korda                            USA

S Baez                              Argentina

L Musetti                          Italy

You may be interested Alcaraz is playing Rune tomorrow at 16:30 SA Time and my money is on Alcaraz.

Nov 08, 2021, 22:21

Just for the record this is what I said about Rune….some positives, some concerns, some tongue in cheek (you know….humour).

Holger, Vitus, Nodskov Rune

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Sep 01, 2021, 15:39

The kid has some game and all other things being equal looks like a star in the making. Clearly he is highly competitive, bordering on disrespectful at times. He also has a mother who looks like a real piece of work, something many emerging players have benefitted from and eventually discarded. 

He stayed in the ground shot rallies with Novak extremely well and has a huge flat forehand. For a young gun his serving speed was a little disappointing…but his action looks fine.

My main reservations are his name and the cramping. The name is a doozy…spellcheck keeps trying to change it to Bolger…..but I can live with that. Nodskov seems like a name too far and spellcheck agrees. Can anybody with a Nodskov handle be taken seriously?

But the concern has to be the incredible cramping….was it just nerves? It wasn’t that humid in NY. For a young player to be cramping that badly seemed very unusual.

Nov 09, 2021, 18:55


I agree that Rune will become a very good player - probably  in the future top 20 - but today shows that he is not in the same class as Alcaraz.     Rune did very well in the first set - but as from the fifth game in Set 2 he lost  his way and did not win another game in the match.    

Maybe  I am a bit harsh on Rune - he was not getting into the main draws of many series and it showed today.        

Nov 09, 2021, 18:57

The next game is between Korda and Gaston - would be interesting too.  

Nov 09, 2021, 22:52

Surprise - surprise -   Korda beat Gaston in 6 sets.   

Nov 10, 2021, 05:31

I haven’t had time to watch this tournament yet….odd format.

Nov 10, 2021, 07:15

No odd format - the only difference is that a set is decided on by the players getting four games  the 4th game  be earned through  a decider.   The competition is based on winning three out of he 5 sets potentially available to decide an outcome.  

The fact is the only player who won by winning the required minimum of three sets played was Carlos Alcaraz - two of the matches were four setter an the third on a five-setter.   


Nov 10, 2021, 15:39

Mickey Mouse tennis.

Nov 11, 2021, 03:00

When you call it Micky Mouse tennis - it means that you are as per normal talking  tripe because you are being  shown up as BS spreading.      You have been attacking Alcaraz from the day I mentioned him.    He was oddly beaten by Murray - Hahaha ,  Three weeks later he gave Murray a tennis lesson  - that was ignored.     When he afterwards beats Berrettini - the number 7 ranked tennis player in the world it was ignored - but when he got beaten by the new number 3 player in the world - Sverev - huge Hahaha by Mozart,   

When in a huge surprise Dimitrov beat Medvedev you wrote he did world tennis a favor because Medvedev  plays according to you boring tennis.    When you continue to undermine reality about sports performances  in every code of sport imaginable to try and turn it into a farce you take the lead in it.    Keep living in fools paradise - that is the real Mozart way.      


Nov 11, 2021, 23:28

The final will be as follows:-\

1     Carlos Alcaraz      vs      2      Sebastian Korda

Nov 12, 2021, 04:51

Pleas note that two of Mozart's discoveries did not make the semi's  -   Sebastian Gaston and Holger Rune.    

Nov 14, 2021, 03:22

Alcaraz won this series  with ease   This series is open to players who turn 20 during the past year and as 18 year-old the final win showed easily that Alcaraz is by a distance  the best of the under 20 players in the world.    

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