Mozart was as per normal wrong about Carlos Alcaraz

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Feb 20, 2022, 08:20

When I stated that at 18 years of age Alcaraz is the future candidate that will replace the Tennis Greats in future - Mozart posted a silly thread about Alcaraz  losing to Murray and the same drama happened when he lost against Berretinin in the Aussie Open.   

The youngster has a way to correct things and in another tournament three weeks after his loss against Murray he wiped the floor with Murray in  another series,   Now onto Berrettini.   Last night the youngster disgraced Berrettini in the quarterfinal of the Rio Open tournament.   4 hours later he beat Fognini and he is now playing in the final in Rio.  

He is the favorite to win in the Fuinal against Schwartzman this afternoon.   If he wins it could be his second TPA title at the age of 18 - the other one was a TPA 250 title - the one tonight is in a TPA500 series.   Neither of Djokovic, Federer or Nadal won any TPA tournament final in any TPA series at the age of 18.  


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