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Mar 23, 2022, 16:18

In the match between Nadal and Alcaraz Nadal was treated for what seems to be a muscle injury to his abdomen - but he did play for the rest of the match without seeming  to be bothered by injury. 

There was no sign of any injury to Nadal in the Indian Wells final - but he now announced that he has a stress fracture rib injury and he will be out of tennis for four to six weeks.    This is indeed bad news after Nadal did so well in tournaments this year.   It means that he is out of contention for any of the of the clay court tournaments before the French Open - bar perhaps  the Madrid Open.  

The fact is that it is indeed bad news since to go into The Open without any match-play on clay courts this year will definitely have a negative impact on his performances in Paris. 

Djokovic is even in more serious trouble - he has not played in any tennis tournament since 20 November 2021.   He wants to return to tennis in the Monte Carlo Open next week - but will it work out after such a long absence.    After he was out for about 45 days last year - he lost in Round 2 of the Monte Carlo tournament - went off to Belgrade to play in a minor tournament - where he lost against Karatsev.   Will the much longer absence have the same or even a worse impact on his performances on clay before the French Open?     

Another news story is that Barty after winning the Aussie Open has announced her retirement as a professional tennis player.   Mozart never liked Barty and he would be happy about  that news.       


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