Old man Cilic takes Traz to the limit.

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Sep 06, 2022, 21:28

Cilic was the player forcing the action while Traz, serve and volley aside, was counter punching. In the end after breaking to go ahead in the 5th Cilic wobbled. The foot faults didn’t help.

Theoretically this should have been an easy win for Traz, but the hard courts aren’t as kind to his drop shots. And he learned the lesson Nadal was given by the Sod….tall blokes with flat groundies can pummel any but the deepest top spin shots.

I still like Alcatraz’s chances in this tournament in the absence of the Joker and Zverev and the early dismissals of under prepared Nadal and the puzzling Tsitsipas’ loss. But there are a few players left who could upset the apple cart.

Sep 08, 2022, 13:08

Just a question when last did Djokovic win the US Open.   I think that he played no competitive tennis - so will be prepared for anything.   

The tour is now returning to Europe and it is very likely that Djokovic will not be in the EOYT.   Even if he is there he will have a rough ride to get into the semies .  Time to realize that retirement age for both Djokovic and Nadal is unfortunately imminent and they will not be a factor in future.          

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