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May 01, 2021, 11:16

The series effectively start tomorrow with the  first  Round matches, while the qualifier matches started yesterday and will be completed today.

Djokovic - after two disastrous matches on clay - has chickened out of the Madrid series and the seeding are as follows:-

 1   Nadal 

 2   Medvedev

 3   Thiem

 4   Tsitsipas 

 5   Sverev 

 6   Rubkev   

 7   Schwartzman

 8   Berrettini

The above 8 player have a bye in the first Round and will play their first matches only on Tuesday and Wednesday.     

I will give a full breakdown on the draw after the Round 1 matches has been completed which will indicate which players are in the top half of the draw and which  in the bottom half,   I wonder whether the  positive Covid test will have an impact on the performances of Medvedev?       

May 01, 2021, 12:49

I wonder whether the  positive Covid test will have an impact on the performances of Medvedev?     

I think it will Mike but there again he is a very fit athlete but it still takes a lot out of one...anyway I hope he can overcome.

That's a good line up and will be worth watching.

May 01, 2021, 13:01

I ;looked at the TV programs  until Monday and there is no reference to TPA games on the tennis channel.    There may be on other channels though.   

May 02, 2021, 07:30

The fact is that today will be virtually fully covered  by qualification matches  of which there  wo;; ne seven matches still to be played,  there will however also be  4 Round 1  matches played.   

Monday and Tuesday will  see the other  28 Round 1 matches to be played. on Tuesday .  All the Round 2  matches will be on Wednesday.   All  the Round 3 matches will be played on Thursday.                  

May 02, 2021, 15:11

The following are in the draws   for the top  ten  seeded players :-

Top Half  of the  draw

1   Rafael  Nadal                 vs      

3   Dominic Thiem              vs

5   Alexander Sverev           vs

 Andrey Rublev              vs          Tommy Paul

9   Roberto Bautista-Agut  vs

Bottom half of the Draw

2    Danill Medvede           vs

4    Stephanos Tsitsipas      vs

7    Diego Schwartzman    vs              Alan Karatsev

8    Matteo Berrettini         vs

10  Pablo Carrero-Busta    vs

The top half of the draw in Barcelona  was making it easier for Nadal to get through as to the play-offs,  Two of the seeded players has already beaten Nadal in matches  namely Thiem and Rublev - the latter  even on clay in the Monte Carlo Open.     

The bottom half of the draw seems to be quite easier,                      

May 03, 2021, 13:55

Dimitrov - the number 16 seed in the series was beaten by Harris who will next play Alex de Minaur in Round 2.

May 03, 2021, 14:20

Round 2 Matches

Top Half of the Draw

1     Rafael Nadal                         vs        Carlos Alcazar

14    Jannik Sinner                       vs        Alexai Popyirin

Daniel Evans                               vs        John Millman

5    Alexander Sverev                vs           Kei Nishikori

3     Dominic Thiem                    vs          Marcus Giron

Alex de Minaur                          vs           George  Harris

9     Roberto  Bautista-Agut       vs           John Isner

6     Andrey Rublev                    vs          Tommy Paul

Bottom Half of the Draw

7    Diego Schwartzman            vs          Aslan Karatsev

11   Denis Shapovalov                vs         Alexander Bublik

Caper Ruud                               vs           Joshihito Nishioka

5   Stefano Tsitsipas                  vs           Benoit  Paire 

8    Matteo Berretini                 vs           Fabio Fognini

Albert Ramos- Vinolas              vs          Federico Delbonis    

Cristian Garin                           vs            Dominik Koepfer

2    Danill Medvedev               vs             Alejandro Davidovich  Fokina 

5 of the 16 seeded players went out in Round 2.   Both Riblev had terrible matches today and were extremely lucky to win.   

The highlighted players have already completed  their round 2 and the winners  wnt theouh to Round 3 to be played on Thursday,    The other players will play their Rounf 3 matches tomorrow.          

One of the interesting matches tomorrow  will  be the match between the 34 year old Nadal and  Akcazar whose birthday is tomorrow  when he will be 18 years old..       


May 04, 2021, 15:39

Third Round Matches to be played on Thursday:- 

Top op the draw 

1   Rafael Nadal                     vs       Alexei  Popyrin

5   Alexander Sverev             vs       Daniel  Evans

3    Dominic   Thiem            vs       Alec de Minaur

6     Andre  Rublev                 vs       John  Isner           

Bottom of the Draw

Aslan Karadsev                      vs      Alexander  Bublik

4    Stephano Tsitsipas           vs       Casper   Ruud 

8     Matteo Berrettini            vs        Frederico Delbonis

2    Danill Medvedev            vs        16   Cristian  Garin

Based  on performances thus far in tennis worldwide - inclusive performances in this series -  the highlighted players are likely to win. 

Nadal   vs    Popyrin  

Popyrin is another of the  youngsters that showed improvement in form this year, but Nadal will be too difficult to beat,   His win against Sinner was a surprise though,   Nadal will definitely beat him with ease.

Sverev vs Avens             

Evans put in some good performances this year  - the best of which  was to send Djokovic packing in Monte Carlo in Round 2,    That could be misleading though  since Djokovic wanting to return to form in clay decamped to Belgrade to play in a minor tournament  where he lost against Karatesv in the semi,   Sverev thus far this year was in good form and won the Mexican Open beating Tsitsipas in the final.   Sverev will have to be in top form - but he is the defiinte favorite to beat Avens

Thiem  vs  De Minaur

Thiem was hampered by injury this year  and did not do well enough in tournaments played this year,,    However, he showed no sign of the injury  in the Round 2 match,    De Minaur is another youngster showing signs of  career progress, but definitely not a world beater,   

 Rublev vs   Isner

Rublev whose performance against Paul on Tuesday was lousy but he did win the match in the end.  If that Tuesday match performance is repeated Isner is the likely winner,    Rublev  beat Nadal  less than a month ago in Monte Carlo, but was not up to his normal performance standards  since.   On the other side  Bautista-Agut  was lousy in his round 2 match - but came extremely close to beating Isner yesterday and in fact had a match point against him, but lost in the end,   Bautista-Agut's performances in recent tournaments against  Rublev showed the latter player to be the better of the two.

Karatsev vs  Bublik

Karatsev was the real surprise package this year,   He was a qualifier in the Aussie Open and played Djokovic in the semi - where the latter did not have it going his way at times,  but he did beat Karatsev in the semi,    Karatsev  went on to win the   Dubai Open and he goit hos revenhe when he beat  Djokovic  in  the Belgrade Open,    Bobliok never played ion games where opposition was as strong as in matches like the case s with Karatsev,   so Karatsev is the  potential winner here

Tsitsipas vs Ruud

Tsitsipas is the top performer this year in tournaments .     He is meeting one of the most promising young guns coming through at present - but he should be able to beat Ruud on current form.

Berrettini vs  Delbomis

How Delbonis  - a qualifier -  managed  to get through to this Round is a mystery,    Un ant event he managed to beat Schwartzman us Round 2 0 bit the latter was no food in recent tournaments,   If Berrettini cannot beat him - he does not belong in the tournament.

Demetrev vs  Garin

Demetrev had a Covid 19 problem in the past month and said he was very sick for a couple of days - but recovered  and was good enough  in the Round 1 match to beat Davidovich Fokina  - one of the best  young guns in tennis,    Garin is a clay court specialist,    Demetrev said he struggles on clay and it will be a hard match.   Whether his "struggles" statement is in fact true is debatable.   Be it as it may,  Garin - despite the clay court specialist reputation is definitely not in the class of Davidovich  Fokina an Demetrev should be the winner here.




May 06, 2021, 12:37

Bublik beating Karatsev  was one of the surprise results in the tournament/,   Medvedev was treated trice for injuries  and  ir is evident he still have problems following the COVID infection,    Will take tiome for him to fully recover from the consequences.   

The quarterfinals  will be as follows:-

Top Half of  the  DrawJohn  Isner    

1   Rafael  Nadal              vs              5    Alexaander Sverev

3  Dominic Thiem            vs               John   Isner 

Bottom Half of the Draw

Casper  Ruud                   vs                Alexander  Bublik              

8   Matteo Berrettini        vs               16   Cristian  Garin

May 07, 2021, 17:29

Semifinal match-ups

3      Dominic  Thiem   vs    5   Alexander Sverev

8      Matteo Berettinni  vs    Casper Ruud 

The fact is that the Bookmakers fancy -

*      Sverev to beat Thiem by a narrow margin; and  

*      Ruud to beat  Berettinni.

I was more impressed by the victory  of  Thiem when he played Isner than I was by Sverev beating Nadal.    The latter had despite  his win against  Tsitsipas  in the Barcelona Open - had a decidedly  poor record  this year,    He lost  in the quarterfinal in the Aussie Open againnt Medvedev - his next game was in the Monre Carlo Open on clay where he was beaten by Rublev on the quarterfinal - final  -   I think  that trend continued when Sverev beat him in the quarterfinal in Madrid.     The way  in which Nadal  beat Tsitsipas was  probably due to match fatigue of Tsitsipas than any other reason,   Tsitspas' loss yesterday confirmed that he was suffering from match fatigue  - the same way Rublev showed in Barcelona.

I think Thiem is on the comeback trail from injury and his performance yesterday against Isner was impressive,   Sverev has a rather similar style play as  Inser and that means that  to my mind Thiem would beat Sverev.

I do agree with the Bookmakers making Ruud the favourite,   Ruud  is a top class youngster with a star future and he will soon push  his way into the Top ten ranked players ahead of players like Schwarzman. Berrittinne and Federer out of the Top 10 ranked players.          


May 08, 2021, 18:25

Final will be between -

5     Alexander Sverev       vs                 

May 09, 2021, 03:08

 The way  in which Mozart beat Tsitsipas was  probably due to match fatigue of Tsitsipas than any other reason’ about Dementia.

May 09, 2021, 09:14

Haha Ol' Maaikie, Mozart once said he wasn't bad at tennis but we did not know he was so good :D

May 09, 2021, 10:07

Stupid idiot the reference was to Nadal and not you anyway and is clear from what I werote.   You are too poor a  member to do anything other than to sidetrack on facts  when your piss poor comments are exposed - side issues are raised.  

The one place where I dealt expressly with the Djokovic and Nadal issues  was under the Italian Open thread and you must have read it.    If you did  you would ahve found what really happened to Nadal and  Federer this year,    If the real ranking system was in place this year - Nadal is unlikely tom feature higher than 20 and in the Djokovic case he mays till be in the Top 10  because of the Aussie Open win  and Federer  ranked somewhere over  600.    

But then according to Mozart rankings means nothing,       

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