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Sep 12, 2022, 14:11

Mozart has always been wrong about everything - but here is the ranking after the US Open:-

1       Carlos Alcaraz               6740

2       Casper Ruud                 5850

3       Rafael Nadal                 5810

4       Danill Medvedev            5065

5       Alexander Zverev          5040

6       Stefanos Tsitsipas          4810

7       Novak Djokovic             3570

8       Cameron Norrie             3550

9       Andrey Rublev               3390

10     Hubert Hurkacz              3355

There is not much tennis left before the EOY Championship in mid-Novrmber - inclusive of the Paris PTA 1000 tournament  and two PTA 500 tournaments.    So there is little space open for people to qualify for the  EOY tournament in Mid-November,   

In the race towards playing in the latter tournament the present rankings are as follows (Only the top 8 players qualify for that series;-

1       Rafael Nadal                 5640

2       Stafanos Tsitsipas         4630

3       Carlos Alcaraz              4470

4       Casper Ruud                3695

5       Danill Medvedev           3205

6       Felix Augur-Aliassime    2825

7       Andrey Rublev              2705

8       Alexander Zverev          2700

The situation could change - but at this stage it is very hard to get extra points in the upcoming series.   Novak Djokovic is at present on 1970 points and it is extremely unlikely that he would get the required extra points to get into the Top 8 


Sep 12, 2022, 14:54

Getting to top spot is one thing ... let's see how long he can keep it.

Such a pity that Novak isn't there to challenge him. 

Sep 12, 2022, 19:51


I took a look at the upcoming tournaments before the EOY Championship in Turin and there are 

*     5   ATP250  tournaments

*     2   ATP500 tournaments

*     1   ATP1000 tournaments

In essence the maximum ranking points available will be 2700 - but each of the above is likely to  be fiercely competitive and one has to see in which of those Alcaraz  himself will play and in which  his competitors will play.   What is clear is that Djokovic will in fact play.    Taking into account the performance record of Alcaraz and the fact is that Djokovic is not by now match-fit Djokovic will find it hard to get points in the outstanding tournaments - as well as the fact that Alcaraz thus far this year has beaten all potential challengers that would potentially play in the remaining tournaments - Djokovic included,    It is in fact potentially not possible for Djokovic to make the EOY Championship - so the threat to Alcaraz  keeping the no 1  ranking until next year is limited.                 

Sep 13, 2022, 09:30

In all honesty, Mike ... I don't think Novak is interested in playing these smaller tournaments.

He's after slams and will use ATP 1000 tournaments as a warm up to these slams.

The slams are done and dustd for the year.

I will be surprised to see Novak play in anything the rest of the year other than the last remaining ATP 000 tournament ... if he can get in.

We know that he's been banned from Australia for the next 2 or so years.

Unless something happens to allow him access to all tournaments, I'm expecting him to call it a day and retire.

He must be gatvol with all this nonsense by now.



Sep 13, 2022, 12:03


To play in the TPA 1000 tournament without playing in at least one of the TPA 500 tournaments is going to mean he is not match-fit and virtually assure an early loss by him.

Djokovic is an extremely wealthy person already - but he is also aligned to the Serbian Orthodox Church - which is actually the Serbian Branch of the Russian Orthodox Church.   Although neither two Churches publicly oppose Covid vaccination - he is steadfast in opposing vaccination and that limited him entering the USA.

In the case of the  Australia - the new  Labor Government may allow him to enter Australia without the vaccination requirement next year.

However, both Nadal and him has problems with match-fitness problems without participation in ATP and ATP 500 tournaments and the results thus far this year showed up problems in the relevant regard.    However - if indeed Djokovic plays in the only remaining TPA 1000 event - he would still not be in the EOY Championship - since competing players will also gain ranking points in the tournament - allowing him to get into the Top 8 players qualifying to play in the EOY Championship.

The latter tournament is regarded by the players as even more important than the 4 Majors and that is the tournament every top player wants to qualify to play in.    If Djokovic is ruled out of this tournament due to deficient ranking points - Nadal will still be eligible to play, but has not won anything in that tournament since 2015  and will definitely not be rated as a potential winner.    Since 2017 he never was in the final of that tournament at all.

I think that Both players - Nadal and Djokovic  will play even less tournaments next year and may be going the Federer road - effectively retiring from tennis without announcing such retirement - so as to keep their sponsorships intact.                            

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