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Feb 15, 2022, 17:01

Sorry I am late on this one - was too busy with getting the info on the IPL Auction.    I will provide the Round 2 players by tomorrow morning.  


Top Half of the Draw

1     Matteo Berrettini                  vs        Thiago Monteiro

7     Carlos Alcaraz                      vs         Federico Delbonis

4    Pablo Correro-Busta              vs        Fabio Fognini

Fernando Verdasco                      vs        Federico  Coria

Bottom Half of the Draw

8    Albert Ramos-Vinolas           vs        Pablo Andujar-Alba

3    Diego Schwartzman              vs         Pedro Martinez

6    Lorenzo Sonego                    vs         Miomir Kecmanovic

2    Casper Ruud                         vs         Francisco Cerundolo


Feb 16, 2022, 12:21


Top Half of the Draw

1     Matteo Berrettini                  vs        7     Carlos Alcaraz

Fabio Fognini                              vs        Federico  Coria  

Bottom Half of the Draw

3    Diego Schwartzman              vs         Pablo Andujar-Alba

Miomir Kecmanovic                   vs         Francisco Cerundolo

This is a mess - due to rain the round  2 matches involving Berrettini and Alcaraz have not been finalized or even played.   The match between Alcaraz and Delbonis has started  and he was leading 5-4 in the first set and serving with a 30-15 lead in the final game in that set on his service.   So Alcaraz is 2 points away from winning the set.   These matches will have to be finalized today and then on the same day the quarters will have to be played as well.  

At last the Round 2 matches were finished at 02:00 in Rio time so today the players will have to  play both the quarterfinals and the semifinals.  Whomsover win the quarterfinal between Berrettini and Alcaraz is likely  to win the final.    

 Another aspect - the round 2 match between  Ruud and Cerundolo never took place since Ruud was injured and unable to play - so Cerundolo got a walkover.     


Feb 19, 2022, 11:23


  7    Carlos Alcaraz                      vs         Fabio Fognini

3    Diego Schwartzman              vs         Francisco Cerundolo

The quarterfinals will start at 17:00 SA Time today and the last quarterfinal is scheduled at 20:00.  The  semifinals are likely tp start at 00:00 SA time.


3    Diego Schwartzman             vs          7    Carlos Alcaraz

My money in this case is hat Alcataz will win in the final.   In the last 30 hours Alcaraz beat Delbonis, Berretini and Fognini.   He now has a 12 hour break to rest before  the final.   Fact is the break between the quarterfinal and semifinal was only 4 hours.    

Feb 21, 2022, 00:50

So Alcaraz easily won the final in RIO.   Congratulations deserved.   This guy will soon be in the top 10 in the world.   

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