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Nov 19, 2021, 19:30

Once again Tokkie favourite ….the man who was going to win it all Rublev….leaves the field on his shield. After winning the first set, and up a break in the third Ruub looked good. And then for the last time in the breaker the tennis gods gave him an impossibly lucky net cord to break even.

But Ruud played a stoic next point to go back ahead on a winning volley and closed it out two points later with a wide ace.Ruud bested Ruub.

Perhaps you should just admit your error and leave Ruub alone?

Nov 20, 2021, 09:33


You have been too long in the USA - where lies seems to be used to undermine reality.   I wrote a while back and quoted what I said at the time about Rublev   and what went wrong with him - but youseems to persist in going into remission in the lying stakes.

Rublev obviously has a problem any sport psychologist could advise him on.   He flips from being a top performer to become a bottom performer.   Ruud played him 4 times in ATP competitions and lost all four matches.  Yesterday Rublev won the first set  easily and led 2-1 after a service break when he went off the rails.  Based on what happened in the apst I did not back Rublev to win yesterday.   

But you are too stupid to realize reality and that is what is the case here.     

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