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Apr 01, 2023, 05:15

Great entertainment in the first set. Sinner probably should have taken the set, but blew a simple overhead. Many of the points were epic and both players were brilliant at times. 

After taking the first set tie break win it seemed as if Alcatraz would cruise. But Sinner hung in there and prevailed in a well contested second set. The third was an anticlimax, the Traz cramped up and Sinner stopped hitting the ball hard. He let Alcatraz back in as his condition improved with magic elixir sent in by the coaches. But just in time Sinner started hitting the ball again, serving with venom in the match game.

So where does that leave us? These two are the most likely successors to the Big Three, but they aren’t there yet. Sinner doesn’t get his first serve in in key games and in tie breakers. His groundies are heavier than Alcatraz. But his tactical sense still lacks and his failure to put away the Spaniard when he was cramping shows a lack of  killer instinct.

Alcatraz puts huge effort into every match. It’s exciting but does it make for a long career. Time will tell, but the body seems to be sending aberrant messages already. For Alcatraz Sinner is just the first of a long string of youngsters he will have to see off if he wants a Joker like career. Tonight he couldn’t stay with Sinner in the ground shot rallies…even harder hitting players lie ahead. That’s the genius of the Big Three, they saw off at least 3 waves of talent.

It’s interesting that neither Sinner nor Alcatraz are 6 ft 7 inch giants. For the moment 6 ft 2 seems to be the best balance, although Medvedev has never lost to Sinner, who may have played his big match of the tournament. Medvedev will take the court as the favorite, with something to prove after his pathetic loss to Alcatraz in California.

Apr 01, 2023, 06:40

I agree with you on Sinner being a very good player and a likely no 1 or 2 player in future.   

I think you miss the p[oint as per normal.   Alcaraz was unlikely to win this match - and the same applies to Medvedev in the final - they were bound to run out of steam after the previous 5 tournaments.   So Alcaraz clearly ran out of steam  and i think the same would happen to Medvedev.   

Apr 01, 2023, 15:09

Disagree. It was a brutal first set. Alcatraz had to put in a huge physical effort to turn it around. It was humid as well which sapped him. Effort is exciting but it’s a hard road. Having missed several tournaments with injury he should have been fine, Sinner just took his legs away.

Traz is far more developed at the net than Sinner, his half volleys are exceptional. His sense of tactics is also well developed. What does he improve? I think we may be seeing his best tennis.

Apr 02, 2023, 07:51


You missed the point totally.    After being  out of tennis for four months Alcaraz came back to play in Argentina  (the  title winner) - the next week he was runner-up in Rio - withdrawal from the Mexican Open and back in Indian Wells, which he won and the fifth week back to pay in Miami.   

After a similar absence from tennis in early 2022 Djokovic came back in Dubai  and lost in Round 2 against a player neither of us knew anything about and from there went to play in Monte Carlo - lost in Round 2 against Evans and then went to Belgrade where he played Rublev and lost badly in Belgrade.   Djokovic did not come back from injury - he came back from not being allowed to play in Australia and the USA.   Djokovic suffered from missing out on match play - nothing else.    \

Morral of the story in five weeks in which Alcaraz won in two tournaments in four weeks of actual play - was a finalsit in one tournament and in the semifinal in the fourth tournament he played in.    The same happened after the Roland Garos semi in 2022 - which Nadal could easily have lost if Zverev was not seriously injured and off tennis for near to nine months.    Since then Zverev never won anything and is now the 15th ranked player in the world and has shown zero since his return from injury.     Nadal is now reportedly not going to play in Monte Carlo.   When is he going to return to play after losing badly in the Aussie Open?  Nobody knows.    It is assumed he may be back in Roland Garros - but losing in that tournament early Nadal will be out of the top 50 ranked players in the world.

There are two reasons why I am correct in my assessment where I said neither Alcaraz and Medvedev will lose in Miami is that both suffer from too many matches in five weeks.    I said that they played n too many successive matches and they inevitably will run out of steam.

They now have another rest week before the Monte Carlo tournament starts Not being in a tournament in that week could make a difference in Monte Carlo - especially in the case of Alcaraz with Medvedev not really good enough in lcay court tennis.   


Apr 02, 2023, 18:27

Disagree Alcatraz lost because Sinner ran him around like a ball boy and eventually his fat heavily muscled legs  cramped up. The physical effort you refer to me is no more than playing a single Major, when you correct for 5 vs 3 sets.

Apr 03, 2023, 01:19

You are known to see in your own dreams what happened in matches in any code of sport - so dream on.   

There is one thing that bothers me about Sinner - technically a very good player.    Sinner has had a problem and that is he like Rune to develop cramp and injury problems during matches.   It happened again in the Miami final - where he called in a physio and doctor early in the match and was not up to standard in the rest of that match,        

Apr 03, 2023, 03:48

But you were predicting Sinner was going to win because Medvedev was supposedly going to be tired like Alcatraz. Wrong!

Apr 03, 2023, 09:48


I was hoping that Sinner was over his past problems in tournaments.    He has a problem with injuries in tournaments - especially when more than 2 Rounds are played before the quarterfinal stage and came through this time around with no sign of anything being wrong.     

The sign was bad when he called in set 1 for a physio and doctor to be called and he took a pill from the doctor.   After that his performance declined during the match.

I think that Sinner is a topclass player - but he has a persistent problem and as a result one can only hope that he would get over it.      


Apr 03, 2023, 16:06

Well I sure hope you didn’t follow your opinions and bet big on Sinner in the final.

Apr 03, 2023, 16:08

I did and regretted it afterwards,   

Apr 04, 2023, 03:14

Better stick with moz!

Apr 04, 2023, 15:10

Thanks for the idea - but then I shall win nothing ever.

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