Some fabulous matches in the early French rounds

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May 30, 2024, 21:05

Cobolli vs Rune featured some ferocious ground shot rallies….all turning on a stellar Rune backhand service return when down 5 to 0 in the deciding tiebreak. And the match between Osaka and Swiatek forced the Polish girl to hit for the lines to win, which she did.

May 31, 2024, 03:57

Two exceptional mat5ches - buit add to that the match between Ruud and Davidocvich Fokina  as well.   

By the way that toebeak ivol;ving  Rune reminded me of the famous tiebreak involving Rune and Rublev last year in the Aussie Open - where Rune led by 5 -0 and the tiebreak in Round 4 ended with Rublev winning the tirbreak 10-8.    

When last nights' tiebreak showed a 5 -0 lead by  Cobolli ws there I said to a frind I hope Rune learned from that tiebreak and he obviously did.  

Other remarks made by the commntator reltes to the number of young sters coming through from Italy in the past two to three years,  Those started off with  Skinner and Musetti - whose recent performances were not up to standard recently because hsi reverse fear failed and at 21 he would soon be a father - as well as Anardi, Nardi and  Darderi.

Fact is that Anardi is playing  Rublev today and Musetti is playuing  Djokovic tomorrow - both in Round 3,   Watch out for those two amtches - it could be interesting.     


Jun 02, 2024, 01:07

Incredible Zverev comeback… set the Joker has played this year.

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