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Nov 25, 2021, 14:21

The 2022 version of the Tennis World Cup for 2020 will this year start on 1 January 2022, while the Aussie Open will stat on 17 January 2022.

The final Top Ten ranking of the ATP for 2021 is as follows:

1   Novak Djokovic

2   Danill  Medvedev

3   Alexander Zverev

4   Stefanos Tsitsipas 

5   Andrey Rublev

6   Rafael Nadal 

7   Matteo Berrettini

8   Casper Ruud

9   Hubert Hurkacz

10  Jannik Sinner

It is not clear whether Djokovic and Tsitsipas will play in the Aussie Open - since it is a requirement that all participants will have to be vaccinated  and they have thus far refused to accept vaccination.   

It is a spectacular achievement of Sinner to be at the age of 20 already to be in the Top 10 ATP player rankings.    Barring injury he should go higher in the   rankings in 2022.   The first time Roger Federer got ranked in the Top 10 rankings he was already 21 years old.    Neither Nadal nor Djokovic got into the  Top 10 rankings at the age of 20 . 

The other player to be watched out for in 2022 will be Carlos Alcaraz.   At the age of 18 he is already  ranked no 32 in the world and I think he is a strong candidate to be in the top 10 by the end of 2022 when he would be 19 years of age..      

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