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Apr 27, 2021, 20:18

Nadal and Djokovic played in three tournaments only this year and each of them won only one tournament,    


Djokovic had a few problems in fat least two matches - but then got through to the Final and he deserve credit for that especially since he won in the final.

His second match was in Monte Carlo on red clay and he was easily beaten by a 19 year-old kid.  He never reached the play-offs

He then decided to play in the Belgrade Open.   He showed some fighting spirit in the semi-final -  but lost against Karatsev - the player Djokovic beat ibn the semifinals in the Aussie Open, 

In the last two tournaments he played in he seems to be not match-fit.    His next destination will likely be on the Madrid Masters,   Hard to see how he can win in Madrid bearing in mind his current  form.


Nadal did not start the new year well.    He lost in the quarterfinal Aussie Open and also in the quarterfinal in the Monte Carlo Open,     

The only advancement was notable in his performance in the Barcelona final,   

Nadal has an easy draw in Barcelona -  he may not be as lucky in Madrid.   He may win in Madrid -  but I would not put any money on that,   

Apr 30, 2021, 19:25

Djokovic has now opted out of the Madrid Open Masters Tournament - giving as an excuse  that he was not able to travel to Madrid.    Whether that excuse us real is questionable.   Djokovic  is the reigning champion in Madrid last played in 2019   and the 1000 points in that tournament is still intact and included in his present ranking,

Un terms if the severely  criticized ranking system he would lose no points if he did not play  Madrid,   He was very poor in the two clay court tournaments he played in this year and he is likely more interested in not playing  as he will retain his ranking points and that means he will benefit from it this year, should he not play in tournaments that did not happen in  2020/                 

May 01, 2021, 13:24

In both the Estoril Open and the Mumnich open the tops eeds has bitten the dust and the semi-finals to be played today will be as follows:-

Estoril Open  

Davidovich Fokina      vs       Ramos

Norriie                         vs        Cilic


Ruud                         vs         Basilashvili

Ivaska                        vs       Struff

May 01, 2021, 15:21

Final  in   Estoril  

Norrie                          vs        Ramos-Lavines    

                                                                                                                                                       Final in Munich

Struff                            vs        Basilashvili

Does not look like Ruud recovered from his shoulder injury yet/   However, he has to play tomorrow  in the much more important  Madrid Open in Round 1 - so he probably just want to get to Madrid as soon as possible,      The same applies to Davidovich Fokina,  

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