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Mar 12, 2024, 03:42

Novak hasn’t looked at all good so far this year. At the Aussie he was off the pace, but tonight he looked quite ordinary….lots of unforced errors, hit and hope shots in the important rallies. He also looked heavier, as if he has been doing some weight training.

Not a good start to 2024 and at his age one has to wonder if he still has the motivation. This may finally be the changing of the guard.

Mar 12, 2024, 05:25

I looked at the issue of the three great players of this century and said more two years ago that the 3 greats will be surely missed in world tennis - but their ages is not on the  side of continuing in their careers.   That led to constant attacks by you on me.

I also so some change in Djokovic  girth in his matches this year - but did not want another hysteria attack on me.    He did not get that from weight training - he got it from eating he sae diets with age being used into more fat.   I did not comment n it though because I did not want an hysteria attack on me.

In November 2023 Djokovic said when it became clear he is not competitive in tournament tennis anymore he will retire from tennis. So fat this year - as you noted too - he was not competitive  and after the Miami Open starting  next week   the European clay court season is kicking off. the latter is not Djokovic favourite surface to play on,             ..


Mar 12, 2024, 13:27

Brilliant, so you said time was not on the side of 3 great champions in their mid thirties. Brilliant. Actually three years ago you said Djocovic was washed up, since then he has won 7 Majors, one less than Jimmy Connors in his whole illustrious career. What a stupid call, which you continuously stubbornly repeated.

Mar 12, 2024, 16:20


Why are you a habitual liar? 

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