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Dec 20, 2021, 14:12

"Hahahaha….I just saw Andy Murray ..."

"… 34 with a bad back and hips crushed Clever’s  “future of tennis” Carlos Alcaraz at Indian Wells. I guess Tomorrow Can Wait."

So what really happened in the match?  The Commentator said during the match that Alcaraz were carrying an injury and was probably not wise to play the game.   Anyway that must have contributed  to the 3 set loss.

But then the real embarrassment came three weeks later when in another tournament Alcaraz beat Murry in two sets and that was a real tennis lesson.

However the above is in competition with another real piece of BS.

In one of the tournaments  Dimitrov beat Medvedev and the following is some comments of Mozart on that one.

Dimitrov does tennis a favor

The prospect of Medvedev tennis is a gloomy one. Long boring rallies with no natural aggressor, no net game….just cautious ground shot after ground shot. Thankfully Dimitrov, often a bridesmaid sent the Russian packing.

Djokovic remains the number one player in tennis and this result shows why….the number one player doesn’t get so easily fleeced. 

Tennis desperately needs the next Connors, Borg, McEnroe, Edberg, Sampras, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic. None of the current men’s rising stars fit that bill."

the poor chap really went of the rails here.    He obviously think that people do not know that the average serving speed of the yourger players are between 20 and 30 kms faster and their ball hitting is the same.  I was watching  tennis a lot this year and long rallies are the exception. and mainly used to tire out players and the way the younger generation players play are much more attractive compared to what  it was over the last decade, since they are  more athletic as well. The heading takes the cake though.         


Dec 23, 2021, 00:43

Hahaha poor Alcatraz had a small injury, meanwhile Murray has a back that has been in and out of surgery. And now tennis standing is determined by serving speed? Talk about not knowing the game.

Nope Pervie…not even close…the egg winners of the year belong to you. Predicting constantly that the Joker who had the best year in tennis since 1968 was going to lose his next game to a Russian mope. This  is one of many  embarrassing predictions by you that left the egg pouring  like a waterfall:

Nov 07, 2021, 09:34

Bound to have his third loss against Medvedev in  YEAR OUT OF 4 PLAYED.   If the real rating system was in place n the period end 2019 to August 2021 was in place - Djokovic would have been somewhere around 3rd of 4th rated player in the world.   

Nov 07, 2021, 19:43

Congrats to Djokovic - so the count in games between him and Medvedev is 2 each in the past year,     

Dec 24, 2021, 04:49


Long rallies and extremely boring ones played at lower speed than opposition is all that  Djokovic offered in the past year - hoping to win through opposition mistakes.   When playing in matches against  Zverev and  Medvedev he regularly lost in tournaments as was the case in the EOYT Championships  in 2020 and 2021.

Now with 2020 coming up and Nadal (the winner of 5 tournaments in the relevant series out of 12 played) not showing much in the last tournament in Abu Dhabi where  Djokovic (the winner of 4 of the 12 tournaments played  missing).  it is unclear whether Djokovic will in fact play in Australia next month.    He is an antivaxxer and has yet not committed to go to Australia three weeks before the start of the Aussie Open on 17 January 2022.    If he does not play - he i s unlikely to win in Paris and London - and will be out of the no 1 rating in tennis.    He played in only 11 tournaments  in 2021 and only won in 4 of those.                 

Dec 27, 2021, 05:47

‘Now with 2020 coming up’?  Well let me make a few predictions for you…..Trump loses the election, a virus ravishes the planet, the Olympic Games is postponed for the first time since WW2. You know I don’t often do predictions, but just see if I’m not right.

Dec 27, 2021, 08:58

What you wrote above as quoted by me  is an embarrassment and not predictions.    You are not going to get anywhere with any of the above so-called "predictions" anyway.   . The story about Alcaraz and Medvedev were both vicious and  spiteful and is just another proof of your prejudice against some sportsmen  you dislike.       

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