The Veterans continue to rule men's tennis....30 is the new 25!

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Sep 09, 2019, 05:50

Hard pressed by a sometimes brilliant performance from 6'6" Medvedev......who is also lightning fast across the court, Nadal found the answers. One of which was a sliced backhand up the the line. Medvedev was creaming Nadal's usually potent top spin shots, much as Robin Söderling did famously at the French in 09. His biggest top spinners were right in Medvedev's hitting zone.

Still with a bit of guile, a bit of luck a bit of gamesmanship that Federer wouldn't have stooped to......Nadal prevailed. So we now have to go back more than 3 years to Novak Djokovic's win in the 2016 French to find a Major men's champion under 30.

If a game like tennis with it's severe physical challenges can produce 30 plus dominance.....we need to cherish our rugby veterans.

Oct 02, 2019, 10:58

Nah ... there's no comparison between the two.

Rugby veterans have broken, tired bodies. They're worn down to a nub and take a lot longer to recover after each match ... even if it's only 80 minutes long. Look at old man Vermeulen. He can hardly make the first twenty without walking.

The young own the game. The old fool themselves into thinking they can continue forever.


Oct 03, 2019, 13:23

Agree re tennis success come later and players last longer. 

But maybe three greats in Federer, Nadal and Doks are falsifying the picture 

Nov 19, 2019, 08:52

Sadly we saw the younger players take the elderly folks out in this years ATP finals.

I expect we'll see them start dominating men's tennis in 2020.

Thiem and Tsitsipas are going to contest many a final, What a cracker of a match that was. Fitting end to the year. 

Medvedev cracks easily under pressure and will never reach the heights of Nadal and co. He's a little grey man that relies on his opponents mistakes to win matches. A bore if you ask me.

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