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Jan 26, 2024, 20:54

….or too many Z’s. Can any tennis be more boring. In the end the subtle gamesmanship of Medvedev won out.

In the other semi the Joker never arrived….serving at 45% in the first set. But Sinner never allowed him to get back into the match. Time will tell if this is just a slow start of the year for the Joker who finished 2023 by winning the ATP finals

Medvedev has to be the favorite in the final, but I far prefer Sinner’s aggressive tennis….hopefully that’s rewarded.

Jan 27, 2024, 11:13


When I warned you that Djokovic start to 2024 was substandard and you ignored the warning.  I followed up by betting on Sinner to win the match against Djokovic and win the Championsh ip as well.   

Djokovic was taken to 4 sets in his  first two Aussie Open facing weak opponents indicating  deficiency.   In the first two matches Djokovic lost more games than he did in total in the championship in 2023.   In the end he could not win the Australian Open.

The way Djokovic played in Australia would have caused him losses against any of the players from Alcaraz, Medvedev, Rublev, Zverev and even Rune if he had to play against them in any series.   

It is uncertain as to where Djokovic will play next.    In 2023 it was the Dubai Open - where he lost against Medvedev.   This year that tournament is the last week in February - will he play again in Dubai?    The ATP 500 tournaments in February are in Rotterdam (indoor hard course)  Rio Open (on clay). and in Acapulco ( hard court).   The Dubai and Acapulco tournaments are in the same week.    

There are 8 APT 250 matches in February starting with the Montpellier tournament on Monday - where the draw has still to be announced.   After that in February there are  7 other 250 tournaments to be played 

 In March there are only2 APT 1000 tournaments scheduled namely the Indian Wells and Miami Open tournaments.   Djokovic ignored those two tournaments in 2023 - will that still be the case in 2024?   

His program in the next two months is not clear so lets wait and see what happen next.    .           .   .        


Jan 27, 2024, 14:02

Jan 27, 2024, 14:13

Jun 23, 2021, 23:03

It is certain that of the three best players ever  maybe  Djokovic remain competitive bearing in mind that  between the Aussie Open and Roland Garros he  was neaten by low ranked players and it is obvious that his quality of tennis played even in the majors is not as good as it used to be,  

Jan 27, 2024, 14:19

Since you made that disastrous comment, Novak has put together the two mini slams, the two best years in men’s tennis since Rod Laver’s slam over 50 years ago. Novak wasn’t at his best down under. But it’s only a few months since he beat all the best players in the ATP final.

So what happened yesterday.  His serve deserted him in the first set serving at 44%. He raised that percentage in the next three sets, but by being more conservative.

He hit 33 winners to Sinner’s 34…..nothing there. But he made 54 unforced errors to Sinners 29. Bingo there’s the match. So now you have been schooled a bit….Novak wasn’t his usual sharp self . He’s human. But on hard courts the player most likely to trouble him is Sinner.

Jan 27, 2024, 16:25


Thanks for quoting  what I wrote in 2021 - it showed something clearly and that is I look at performances at the time I wrote it.    .  I look at performances of players and always base my assessment.    Djojkovic recovered his form and after that played well in 2022 and in 2023, 

Unlike last year Djokovic when  playing in the January 2023 series he did not do well this January.  he was substandard in games - I hope he recovers his form - but at 37 years of age it is becoming increasingly difficult to perform.   Nobody wants to see him in serious decline like happened to Matfield after 2013.            

Jan 27, 2024, 17:33

No you look for reasons to promote your pet theories

Jan 27, 2024, 23:35


Not my pet theories - but factual performances - that is where you go off the ails most of the time.  

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