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Apr 27, 2023, 05:16

At prsent the ranking points for the to players are as follows as a result of the absence of both Djokovic and Nadal:-

Djokovic        =       6775

Even if Alcaraz wins the Madrid Open he will only be on 6770 points - meaning that Djokovic would remain as World Number 1 player by 5 points,   

So what will happen in the Italian Open - the last major tournament before Rolland Garros.   Lets assume Alcaraz win in Madid - the situation when it comes to the Italian Open the situation would be as follows:-

As winner Djokovic will have to win in Rome.    Djokovic already indicated that he would play in Rome .   At the start of the Italian Open Djokovic  At the start of that tournament he  will be on 5775 points   Alcaraz did not play in Rome last year and earned NO ranking points in that series.   Whatever points he has at the start of the tournament he could retain and can build from there to earn extra points,  

If Alcaraz wins in both Madrid and Rome he could be as much as 2 000+ points of Djokovic in the ranking.   

Nadal               =         2 535 points 

Due tohis absence from Madrid Nadal's ranking points stand at    Although Alcaraz and Djokovic has confirmedthat they will play in Rome - Nadal has not committed himself that he would play in Rome.   If he is absent ffrom Rome has ranking points would fall further 2495.  Nnt playing in both rome and Paris Nadal will drop the point count to 495 points ending up outside of the Top 100 players.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



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