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Jun 09, 2021, 00:54

He must have been tired when I beat him a few weeks back. Tonight he dominated Medvedev who further blotted his copy book with a cheater underhand serve on match point.

One instinctively rooted for Tsitsipas who forced the play with Medvedev playing the retriever role. 

Jun 12, 2021, 09:16

Medvedev does not perform  well in clay court tournaments and  fact is he never won a match before this year in the Roland Garross series.   Your  idea about  crushes  is as bad as your ideas about why the AB;s shouyld be regarded as the Ruby WC winners,   Total imbecility,   

Jun 12, 2021, 20:58

Tart if you can find a post where I said the ABs should be regarded as RWC winners…..post it, otherwise stop lying.

Jun 13, 2021, 17:20

Youi wrote it 50 times over that the Springboks  did n ot deserve tow in the wcc and that is what really happened. 

What is to be  added   here is that Tsitsipas is humiliating Djokovic showing you age mania up again.   Did you not hear what the commentators said about Djokovic and Nadal,   The speed of the balls they hit is between 12 and 14 kph  lower than the speed the youngsters hit the ball.   They hope that the opposing players make mistakes rather than force the issue.

Mozart aka Idiot Supreme,        

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