Usyk dominates Joshua to take all his belts

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Sep 27, 2021, 11:53

Well done to the, 6'4" man from Ukraine. 

He went into the lion's den, against a bigger and more experienced(at the weight class) fighter that had only experienced one "blip" on his record, and won without ever looking to be in any real danger.

Usyk's movement won him half the battle but it was the way he disguised punches that set him so far apart from Joshua in this fight. Often choosing to punch less technically in order to break the rhythm of punch expectation and land an ugly shot. Similar to Pac Man, Usyk was throwing straight shots with hardly any hip rotation, just to get to the target that moment earlier...and it worked like a bomb as he continually made use of great foot and head movement from which to strike. 

To Joshua's credit, he kept pace with Usyk for most of the fight and only very late on did he really begin looking as though he didn't have enough left to KO Usyk. Usyk's conditioning saw him step up gears in the final two rounds and that turned the decision into a formality.

Perhaps Joshua wins the mandatory re-match. One thing is for can't win fights if you're not throwing punches. Everyone that watched the fight seemed to be thinking the same thing. Where's AJ, the guy with devastating power that could throw combinations at cruiserweight speeds? Where's that guy? He spent all of the fight against Usyk poking away almost timidly with his jab. Trying to keep up with Usyks pace while only draining his own stamina. 

He came in with a bad strategy. One where he was supposed to stay there for 12 rounds and hopefully knock Usyk down once or twice for a decision win. He should have come to the fight looking to walk the smaller man down while winding up all-in body blows, hitting arms, shoulders, hips or anything else that got in the way. It'd have been hard for Usyk to execute his gameplan while this was going on. 

The approach that Joshua took to beat Ruiz the second time around is exactly the opposite of what will be required in the next 12, hopefully less, rounds with Usyk.

Events this weekend only show how far ahead of everybody else Tryson Fury is. 

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