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Oct 11, 2017, 01:36

Bale is a superb player but very injury prone......and without him Wales were far too defensive against Ireland. The Bargies are also struggling mightily. But brave Iceland gets through....what an accomplishment.

Oct 11, 2017, 12:00

Wales, the tiny country with a population of 3m people and who almost miraculously made it to the semifinals of the last European Championship are singled out because they failed to qualify for the next FIFA WC.

I think we all know why the sad and pathetic loser who posted this did so . . . he'll have a pop at me in any way he can and he knows I have Welsh ancestry . . . but I wonder if Moffie is not just a little crimson-faced at the moment and wishing he hadn't had this rather premature ejaculation and posted this before his own country - with a population of 325m and only having to qualify against easy-beats like Panama, Honduras and Trinidad & Tobago - crashed out of the FIFA WC after losing 2-1 to Trinidad & Tobago.

Hmmm . . . let's compare . . .

Country with less than 1% of the population of the USA, having to qualify from the powerful UEFA Conference who have only ever qualified for one FIFA WC in their history (in 1958) finishes 3rd in their group and fail to qualify for the 2018 FIFA WC.

Country with the third highest population in the world and only having to qualify from the pathetically weak CONCACAF Conference and who have qualified for every WC since 1986, lose to Trinidad & Tobago (pop 1.3m) and finish 5th in one of the weakest Conferences, finishing behind the likes of Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica and only finishing ahead of Trinidad & Tobago.

So which is the more newsworthy story? Anyone else think Wales failure to qualify is even in the same league as the USA not qualifying for their 9th WC in a row?

Anyone at all?

Come on Gimps, your egg-faced early-mouth Master needs your help here!

Oct 16, 2017, 03:15

I guess it really hurt huh? Well I’m sorry Bale wont be there, one of the best players to watch.

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