Warholm destroys the world’s best in 400 hurdles

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Aug 23, 2023, 23:57

Brilliant stuff from the Norwegian….150 metres out it was anybody’s race, but Warholm accelerated away. Awesome in the real meaning of the word.

Aug 24, 2023, 06:27

He was phenomenal.

Must say, when it comes to these big athletics events like the World Champs and the Olympics I don't look forward to them in the same way as other big sports events and I don't get overly excited in the build up but once they start I am totally absorbed. I enjoy picking someone in the heats and watching them progress and I find myself getting invested in things like hammer-throw and triple-jump.

The womens pole vault last night is an example. Normally I wouldn't be able to name a single womens pole vaulter but I was on the edge of my seat willing the Aussie jumper Kennedy to gold (she got gold but had to share with the Yank). I was blown away by her competitiveness and fighting spirit.

Warholm was brilliant, as was Holloway in the 110m hurdles and what a womens 100m final . . . but Faith Kipyegon is the real star of the championships so far. People bandy the words "best ever" around quite loosely sometimes but with her, there is no doubt.

Agree with you on Wayde van Niekerk. He's over his injury but I fear he'll never be the world-beater and record breaker that he was. Hope he proves us wrong.

Aug 24, 2023, 15:26

Yes the women’s pole vault was very competitive, with both girls reaching or exceeding their best ever jumps.  It was appropriate that they shared the gold in the end. Even if Wayde doesn’t feature the 400 should be a great contest. 

The 1500 metres was another stellar race. This has been a terrific WC, neatly packaged in a 3 hour show each day by Peacock….they have figured out a way to provide a lot of content with few flat spots.

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