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Jul 15, 2019, 12:16

The sport on Sunday afternoon was just fantastic and I was wishing I'd thought to set up a second TV set in my lounge. 

As it was I was flicking furiously from Silverstone to Wimbledon and to Lords trying not to miss anything but I also found time to flick to the little French town of Brioude to watch South Africa's Darryl Impey win the biggest stage of his life at the Tour de France.

Impey took his chance to get into the breakaway and then he not only showed a lot of guts and power, he also demonstated brilliant tactical nous in driving the breakaway so as not to allow any other fast finishers to get into the group as well as timing his final attack to perfection to make it a straight race between himself and Tiesj Benoot knowing that he could beat Benoot in the final sprint . . . which he did. Not recognised as a climber who could take on a specialist like Benoot, it was the last few hundred metres of the final climb where Impey won the stage. Once they got to the flat section the final sprint was always a formality.

On a frantically busy afternoon of high quality sporting entertainment, that was probably the highlight for me.

Jul 15, 2019, 16:02

A very narrow view, there is this interesting new development:

'The latest development and preferred method for timing racing pigeons is the Electronic Timing System. The bird's arrival is recorded automatically. When using an electronic system, the pigeon fancier does not even have to be at the loft to clock the birds as they return.[8] Birds are fitted with a band that has a tiny RFID chip in it which can be read when the bird comes home. At the home loft the electronic scanning records the pigeons arrival. The pad or antenna is placed at the entry point to the loft entrance and as the pigeon crosses it the electronic band is scanned. The clock is attached to the antennas. The serial number of the transponder ring is recorded along with the time of arrival. This is very similar to transponder timing systems used in human races.'

Denny I see the possible new developments we were discussing are actually a reality.

Jul 15, 2019, 22:09

Have watched this bog ordinary stage now, Impey saw off some kid after the peloton miscalculated. And Creeper rates that ahead of one of the great Wimbledon finals and the most dramatic cricket WC final ever..

And in Stage 10 today, the Imp finished number 126. Parochial doesn't begin to capture this sports noob's emotional twaddle.

Jul 16, 2019, 09:37

"And in Stage 10 today, the Imp finished number 126."

Wehe . . . the levels of ignorance are truly astounding . . . even for a stupid person.

Where does one start? I mean seriously, where do I start . . . do I try explain to Moffie the difference between a flat stage and a mountain stage? Do I try explain to him that in any Grand Tour there are only a handful of riders who care what position they finish in . . . and only a handful of very different type of riders who care how much time they lose on each stage? Do I try explain how the Green Jersey scoring works? Do I try explain how the General Classification works? Do I try explain that when the great Peter Sagan finished stone last on a stage a few days ago that it was no big deal and it doesn't mean he's a bad rider . . . or even had a bad day? Likewise if Geraint Thomas had to roll in stone last on a bunch sprint stage but finished in the peloton and didn't lose even a second to his GC rivals, would he care?

Where does one start?

I don't have a problem with anyone being ignorant of how cycling Grand Tours work . . . it's not everyone's cup of tea and I'm sure there are plenty of people who care as much about cycling Grand Tours as I care about Womens Doubles tennis . . . but why opine about a sport when you are clearly so massively iognorant about it? That's when it upgrades from ignorance to rank stupidity.

"And in Stage 10 today, the Imp finished number 126."


As for where to start, I think I'll just answer my own question and say it's not worth starting at all. Moffie should stick to watching pigeons.

Jul 16, 2019, 09:53

It's a rest day today but we'll start seeing the GC contenders coming to the fore from Thursday onwards. Tomorrow should be another day for the sprinters (or the breakaway) but Thursday is the first of the Pyrenean stages followed on Friday by the individual time trial and then more climbs in the Pyrenees on Saturday before they head off towards the Alps and the key GC stages of this year's Tour that will determine the winner of the Maillot Jaune.

As predicted, Peter Sagan is cleaning up in the Green Jersey comp and doesn't look to have any serious challengers.

Meanwhile the Polka Dot jersey is completely up in the air and the rider I tipped to win it - Julian Alaphilippe - has had a major distraction to his King of the Mountains ambitions in the form of the Yellow Jersey which he has now worn for 3 out the last 5 days . . . interrupted by another Polka Dot Jersey candidate in Giulio Ciccone who wore it for 2 days. I suspect both riders will slip out of the GC rankings when the really big climbs start and they'll focus more on King of the Mountains points . . . but Alaphilippe is already some distance behind the two Belgians from the Lotto Soudal team Tim Wellens (43 pts) and Thomas de Gendt (37 pts) . . . so he will literally have a mountain to climb! 

Egan Bernal took over the White Jersey from Ciccone after yesterday's stage when the peloton split up because of the wind and I don't see him losing it from here on in.

Jul 16, 2019, 10:49

Fascinating.....gosh, when I think of all the hours I spent waiting to time the pigeon, depending on the distance it sometimes took up the whole day. First you'd have to ring up and find out from a club official the time of liberation, then you'd have to work out the estimated flying time but that would be neither here nor there depending on prevailing weather conditions. As an example what happens if the pigeons cop a headwind or on the contrary a tailwind or if they had to fly through a storm? Times could be faster or slower.

Getting back to the Electronic Timing Device.....geez it makes the old fashioned clock just that....old and primitive. But here's the question, what happens if there's a power failure in your area? There surely must be a backup plan in place.

Jul 16, 2019, 15:11

Team Sunweb had the numbers entering the final kilometre, but they were soon swamped when the pure sprinters opened for the line. This appeared to catch Matthews out, with the Australian seemingly looking for wheels rather than clear air, but there was no uncertainty for Van Aert. The young Belgian has taken the WorldTour by storm, but the last few weeks have been something else, even by his standards. A time trial win and a sprint stage at the Dauphine have now been topped by a Tour de France stage win.


'When the pure sprinters opened for the line'.....except one sprinter who finished 126. Obviously not ingesting enough contaminated gel caps. Waaaaaaaaaaah.....game, set and match.

Jul 16, 2019, 15:17

Back to the more interesting racing.....the pigeons. Even though the electronic timing is undoubtedly more efficient, it takes away a skill.....getting the bird down and the ring in the clock. To me that takes away so much of the tension. Not much point looking for high birds, keeping an ear for that rapid beating of the wings.

Jul 16, 2019, 15:24

My goodness you are an ignorant dolt. The peloton split into pieces yesterday due to the crosswinds. The fastest sprinter at this year's Tour is Dylan Groenewegen who ended up in the 3rd group and finished nowhere. How much of a noob do you have to be to think he's now a poor rider? Thibaut Pinot was in 3rd place in the GC and he also missed the front peloton and lost over a minute in the GC.

Oh and Darryl Impey is not a pure sprinter. His role in the team is twofold . . . to lead out Matteo Trentin and to try and win stages. He's already won his stage . . . only the second South African after Robbie Hunter to do so . . . so even if he had to abandon the Tour it will go down as a huge success. 

If you weren't a complete Tour noob you'd also know that neither Trentin or Impey would have been particularly interested in yesterday's satge as it was too flat. Trentin excels when it's a more difficult finish with a few hills. Even without the splits in the peleton, only the massively ignorant would have expected Trentin or Impey to feature.

Let me know if you need more schooling, dumbo . . . otherwise stick to watching pigeons.


PS Glad to see I've got you following this year's Tour, Moffie. I'm guessing this is the keenest you've ever followed the event . . . but good luck trying to hold your own in any discussions because it's blindingly obvious that you're a complete noob. There are some topics where you have a clear edge on me . . . like boy-scout camps, bankrupting companies, concrete gargoyles and bragging . . . but Grand Tours is not one of them. Keep trying though, it's funny to see you reading up on articles and then making a gigantic fool of yourself trying to put that very limited knowledge into context. It's even funnier than your rugby "insights"!

Jul 16, 2019, 15:47

Missed this one . . .

"Impey saw off some kid after the peloton miscalculated. "


I've seen the peleton miscalculate by a few seconds where the breakaway rider/s hold on by a few seconds but I don't think that I or anyone else has ever seen the peleton "miscalculate" by . . . ummmm . . . 16 minutes!

Hilarious that some buffoon might think the peleton "miscalculated" to that extent.

When the breakaway wins by more than a minute or two, it's because there was no-one in the breakaway group threatening the GC so the peleton would have sat back and let them fight out the finish. This is all covered in Tour de France 101 . . . but keep sharing your wisdom Moffie, I'm literally laughing out loud!

Jul 16, 2019, 17:18

Moffie, use your imagination and paint us a scenario where the peloton would have "miscalculated" to the extent that the breakaway won by over 16 minutes.

Here's my effort . . . picture the scene . . . there's 90km to go and the breakaway is still 9 minutes ahead. The leaders of the GC and sprint teams are having a discussion at the head of the peloton. 

Scenario 1

Geraint: Hey Jakob, Peter and Caleb, you guys want to reel this breakaway in, right?

Peter: Yes, but I can't remember if it's 1 minute we gain every 10km if we push it or if it's 5 minutes we gain every 10km?

Caleb: I think it's 1 minute . . . my minds gone a bit blank . . . Jakob?

Jakob: I'm pretty sure it's 5 minutes every 10km so we can relax.

Geraint: Cool . . . take it easy everyone, we'll speed it up in another 40km or so.

Scenario 2

Geraint: Hey Jakob, Peter and Caleb, you guys want to reel this breakaway in, right?

Peter: Yes, we may need to speed up. So what is 90 divided by 10?

Caleb: I think it's 9 but I'm not sure . . . Jakob?

Jakob: No, 90 divided by 10 is 15 so we can relax, we've got plenty of time.

Geraint: Cool, take it easy everyone, we'll speed it up in another 40km or so.


Come on then Moffie, your turn!

Jul 16, 2019, 18:03

Rooi, Moz could care less, he is winding you up like he does old Maaik daily. 

The pigeon thing was funny as hell...it's a pity we all moved past humor on certain topics/posters.

...as for the Tour, winning a stage is probably the pinnacle in the South African rider's career...hopefully he can achieve greater things, but no small feat on it's own...I'm sure Moz did not miss that...it's just too much fun to rev you.:D

PS, I should probably not even speak to you, but hell life is too short to worry about bye gones...or irate responses...

PPS...Cheers Blob....sorry for being a prick.

Jul 16, 2019, 21:23

Hahahaha .....what's the fishing expression, hook, line and sinker.

Jul 16, 2019, 22:14

Wehe . . . his pathetic arselicking little Servile Gimp gives him a life-raft to clutch onto and Moffie grabs it gratefully!

Your Servile Gimp might believe that you were fishing but you and I both know that you got an enormous load of egg all over your fat stupid face again, don't we Moffie?

Still waiting for your scenario of how the peloton might "miscalculate" by 16 minutes!


That is a keeper!

Jul 16, 2019, 23:25

Number 126......for your hero....there's your keeper. The poor chap is averaging around 56th place.That and thinking the Imp's win was more noteworthy than the CWC final and Fed vs the Joker.

Peeper struggling to shift the debate....while being played for the gullible fool he is. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!

Reminds me a bit of the Zedone and Dusted debacle.

Jul 17, 2019, 01:06

Moz, we really need to get back to the main topic of conversation, instead I see you're being distracted by the painful blithering Buffoon, Koosie. Although I admire your patience and tolerance you must surely realise at some point that you're wasting and have wasted a lot of time on the drug-infused, Stupid. Man he is thicker than thick....get over it mate. Just how thick is he?.....brick thick!

When you're ready I'd like to cover a few more interesting points about homing pigeons......like for instance their fitness training and foods etc

Jul 17, 2019, 01:28

Speaking about training, I used my pocket money to buy our first pigeon from the local pet shop. He was put in a brown paper bag and I carried him home. On the way I decided to call him Ace.

My father's reactions to Ace were similar to my reactions to Impey's 124th placing....not very enthusiastic. He mused that Ace might not even be a homing pigeon. Discouraging, but I set about homing the lad, although truth to tell Ace really didn't seem like he wanted to fly very much.

Finally the day came for our first training flight.....a short 5 mile flip from the next village. All the birds were back in a trice.....all the birds except Ace. After many hours as the light was fading, when we had given up hope, Ace finally arrived looking thoroughly bushed.

So that was it, we never had the heart to send him out again....and he spent the rest of his life comfortably living out his days in the loft and taking very short afternoon flights for exercise.

Jul 17, 2019, 08:53

I had a severe macaw...he wasn't a great flyer either, but had quite a vocabulary...still miss Fred.

Jul 17, 2019, 09:52

Now where were we before we were rudely interrupted, Moz? 

Aaaahhh Yes, the training, another exciting chapter in the homing pigeon.....loved it. But just before we launch into that we should mention the three seasons which takes up the life of the homing pigeon.......probably all pigeons. I'm not quite sure which one to roll out first, guess it doesn't matter as long as I get the order right. 

There's the molting season, speaks for itself in that they shed feathers and grow new ones, safe to say it's the least exciting time for the pigeon fancier, followed by the breeding season, it has to because the birds will build their nests with the feathers they had dropped.....nature working nicely by adding the dots and  lastly there's the racing season. I guess the last two were the most exciting times for me, matching up the pairs, keeping a close eye on the eggs being laid and then watching the nestlings grow.

Then came the tricky part, homing the young bird, watching a frightened youngster step out onto the roof for the first time without taking off and losing it to the unknown. I did find a solution to that one though.....a simple and effective one.

Jul 17, 2019, 10:31

Yes that's right. An echelon forms in cross winds because riders have to move to the side to stay out of the wind and eventually you run out of road width. That means that the next rider is completely unprotected which leads to gaps. Road captains have to be absolutely on the ball to ensure they don't get caught out because a team with decent roulers will just head off down the road and put massive time gaps into the field

Game set and match. Stay down peeper.

Jul 17, 2019, 10:33

"Now where were we before we were rudely interrupted, Moz?"

Hmmm . . . let's see . . . Moffie was getting egg all over his fat stupid face, Draadtrekker was trying to shove his entire head up Moffie's arse, I was posting about the Tour de France and you were spitefully and childishly doing your best to change the subject that I started into a discussion on pigeons.

Think that covers everyone involved on this thread . . . carry on. No need to thank me, I live to give.

Jul 17, 2019, 10:33

'When the pure sprinters opened for the line'.....except one sprinter who finished 126. Obviously not ingesting enough contaminated gel caps. Waaaaaaaaaaah.....game, set and match.

Cheers for posting that  :thumbup: really interesting

Jul 17, 2019, 15:49

Ah the mating season......I like your pigeon version of Shakespeare's seven ages of man Denny. After the dull molting season, the mystery and dare I say science of the mating season. The quest for the perfect bird.

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