When it comes to sport performance evaluation - Mozart is a total idiot - as is the case with Carlos Alcaraz

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Apr 01, 2022, 11:05

Towards  the end of 2021 I wrote that Alcazar - still 18 years of age - will be ranked in the Top 10 players in the World. by the end of 2022.

The following pearl of idiocy came from the stupid Mozart:-

"Hahahaha….I just saw Andy Murray ..."

"…..at 34 with a bad back and hips crushed Clever’s  “future of tennis” Carlos Alcaraz at Indian Wells. I guess Tomorrow Can Wait."

During  the match in question Alcaraz was carrying an injury and some comments during the match confirmed that.  However - three weeks later a fit  Alcaraz wiped he floor with Murray so Mozart was eating crow again.

Since then Alcaraz won three tournaments  and moved up to number 16 in the rankings.   The fourth Tournament in Miami is in his grasp - he is in the semifinal with the title-holder Hurkacz being his opponent.    The fact is that Alcaraz is the bookmaker's favorite to beat Hurkacz and he will then have to play Ruud in the final.   

If Alcaraz  win in Miami he will move into the top 10 ranking list.   If that happens it would be before his 19th birthday and the first time ever an 18 year old wins a Mater series trophy.   I bet Mozart will pray it does not happen and that he will lose in the semi or the final.    He already was shown up in this case to be an idiot and if Alcaraz wins he is likely to be even a worse imbecile.          

Apr 02, 2022, 09:17


Apr 02, 2022, 09:17

So Alcarez is now the youngest player who reached a Masters  Final - the youngest since Chang -  all of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic who achieved  that only when they were 19 years old - he is still only 18 years old.   

Alcaraz is the hot favorite of the book makers to win the final with the following odds:-

*     Alcaraz               -  1,36      -  SA bookmakers 1,31

*     Ruud                   -   3,25

If he does win he will move into the Top ten ranking by Monday.

By the way I made two bets on tennis today - I bet on Hurkacz and Isner winning the Miami Doubles tournament and on Alcaraz winning the Final.     .           

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