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Feb 28, 2022, 10:27

So here are the ranking system as of today:-

1     Danill  Medvedev

2     Novak Djokovic

3     Alexander Zverev

4     Rafael Nadal

5     Stefanos Tsitsipas

6     Andrey Rublev

7     Matteo Berrettini

8     Casper Ruud

9     Felix Auger-Aliassime

10   Hubert Hurkacz

So why the above.   Mozart will give the sole reason for Djokovic not being allowed to participate in the Aussie Open as the only reason for Djokovic lost the number 1 ranking - but the problem is vastly different from that simplistic approach.  So lets look at the following:-

*    After his loss to Jirri Vesely - a qualifier - Djokovic himself said he was not match-fit and need game time.   He also said he would return to regular match play as soon as possible.   However, that is a problem - the next two major  tournaments are in Indian Wells and Miami in March - after which they return to Europe to play the clay court tournaments in April - and as the rules stand now Djokovic  will not be allowed to participate in those two tournaments while refusing to be vaccinated.

*     Although Vesely as a qualifier wiped the floor with Djokovic - winning in two sets - the simple question is why Vesely was able to beat both Djokovic and Shapovalov and then was easily beaten by a tired Rublev in the Dubai final.    Rublev took part in the Rotterdam tournament and lost in the semi-final to Auger-Aliassime  because of his causing his own loss by his temperament breakdown in set 2.   He then beat Auger-Aliassime in the final in the Marseilles tournament the week after that and also played in the doubles tournament in Marseilles and was a tournament winning partner.  In the third week Rublev struggled initially in the tournament  and in the final he demolished Vesely.   He was indeed tired after three weeks of constant play and said he is going to sleep for two days.

*     So why did the opponents all bar Rublev lost against Vesely?    The fact relates to the much slower shot-making - that includes serving -  against Vesely by all his opponents - and that includes Djokovic - than Vesely faced against Rublev.   He was able to turn defense into attack as a result and that he was unable to do against Rublev.   Rublev no doubt would have wiped the floor with  Djokovic as well - the same way he did to Nadal in Monte Carlo last year.

Now some further comments on the issue of Carlos Alcaraz - he did not play last week - but still went up from 20 to 19 in the rankings.   He is bound to be in the top 10 soon.

The third issue is the rankings in the Race to Turin.   After the Australian Open failure Rublev was no 46 in that race - but he repaired the damage in the three tournaments  he played in in February 2022.   So the latest rankings in that race is as follows:-

1   Rafael Nadal

2   Danill Medvedev

3   Felix Auger Aliassime

4   Stefanos Tsitsipas

5   Andrey Rublev

6   Denis Shapovalov

7   Matteo Berretttini

8   Roberto Bautista-Agut

The following may be a threat to replace some of the above 8 ranked players:-

12   Carlos Alcaraz

14   Janik Sinner

15   Alexander Zverev

27    Casper Ruud

109    Novak Djokovic

If Djokovic cannot play in the Indian Wells and Miami tournaments he will be in a worse position than he is now.   Ruud and Berrettini suffered injuries that could keep them out of the game for a while.   I can foresee that Alcaraz will be involved in both tournaments  and will rise rapidly in the ratings.       


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