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Sep 10, 2022, 14:43

Not likely….the Alc looks superior in almost every facet of the game, his path pretty much assured to his first Major. I felt from the start of the tournament that he was set to do well.

If he wins he will be number 1 ranked because of the whole Wimbledon points debacle. Does that make him number one? Not really, Nadal and the Joker won the three most contested Majors this year…..they remain ahead. As do Medvedev and Zverev, who comfortably lead him head to head and both of whom were not factors in the US Open.

So assuming he wins tomorrow Traz will have won a Major without having faced any of his 4 most dangerous competitors. Instead he played perennial flop Tiafoe in the semi.

So where does this leave Traz. Probably as the most likely successor to the Big 3 because he is young and has a complete game. His net game is pretty spectacular for example. But is he just the next Thiem….a bright flash. 

Hard to say, his real competitors haven’t emerged yet. And so much of his arsenal is energy, that’s not going to improve with age. He is a high revving engine. The rest of his game is fully developed. My guess is his very astute coaches will be trying for more tactical variation, Cilic showed he can be outplayed from the baseline. He needs a Plan B.

Time will tell where he slots in, I don’t think Sinneris going to be his real competitor, others will emerge.

Sep 11, 2022, 12:05

I cannot believe the BS above.    Alcarqz has convincingly beaten Nadal and Djokovic in games this year and in the French Open  Nadal did not win the match - but was awarded the title because of injury to Zverev - who has been off due to injury since then.    So Nadal won the Aussie Open and the Mexico Open - the only real wins he had this year and Djokovic won the Wimbledon Exhibition series - while losing in all  the other official tournaments he actually played in.

Mozart lives in the past and refuse to accept that the Great Federer, Nadal and Djokovic era are things of the past and irrespective of the garbage he wrote above  we are now in a new tennis era.- with the three greats of the past now nt being far less competitive than they used to be.   Even though Federer has no announcement made is not playing professional tennis anymore - whole Djokovic is really recusing himself from playing in key matches and is not even close to playing in the EOYT in Turin.     He is now near to a 1000 points behind the no 8 player in that race at number 13 and will be further down tomorrow when the new rankings come out.

Then to compare Alcaraz with Thiem is a joke as well.    Alcaraz is coached by Juan Carlos Ferrero and he will remain his coach  keeping him on a very tight rein.   Thiem was out for a year due to injury and on his return  as a 29-year-old he flopped - the same is unlikely to happen to Alcaraz.   

Anyway Alcaraz  strongest point is baseline play and Mozart is totally unaware of that.   He quoted the Cilic game as an example  - yet Alcaraz beat Cilic in that game - so all I can say is Happy Idiot's Day to you Mozart.         


Sep 12, 2022, 02:36

What a match - both player would have beaten Nadal and both would have beaten Djokovic if he did enter and play in this tournament.   

So Alcaraz is the number 1 player in the world  at the age of 19.    Ever since I refer to him as a future star Mozart has been ridiculing him and one would sup[pose he will never learn his lesson.   The latest effort by referring to Thiem and not understanding what happened in his case is typical.        

Sep 12, 2022, 03:24

Nope I predicted he would do well in this tournament..you on the other hand couldn’t pick between him and Sinner.

Now you are trying desperately to jump in front of the camera. You said he was not in form.. wrong again

But could he have beaten a fit Djokovic, Nadal, Medvedev, Zverev or Tsitsipas. I doubt it. He was taken to the brink by Cilic, Sinner and Tiafoe…a big step down in opposition.

Against the likes of Ruud, who doesn’t have any big weapons it was an obvious call.

Sep 12, 2022, 03:35

And by the way, you ineffably dumb tit, everybody knows Traz’ strongest attribute is base line play. But his net game is well developed for a baseliner.

It’s tiresome always having to explain things to you, but then you never played the game did you.

Sep 12, 2022, 03:44

I could not pick between Alcaraz and Sinner?  I picked on Superbru Alcaraz to beat Sinner and have proof of that.    I never said Alcaraz is not in form in this series - find that one dimness and stop lying please.    Nadal was beaten by Alcaraz in the past and so was Djokovic.     So what was written is meaningless garbage.

I hope you in fac t watched the match - either of the two players would have beaten Nadal and Djokovic easily - the game was played on a much higher and better level than the final last year was played.

If is a weak argument anyway - because it did not happen at all in this case.    Let me explain something to you.    Alcaraz  always as an extremely young player had problems in facing players he never before played against - eg Colic and  Tiafoe - but in the end always beat them.     Tiafoe won two tiebreakers - but the rest of the match was one-way traffic easily won by Alcaraz/    As to Cilic he also won the match - so refernece to tat match is real BS.    

However, it is not about the BS you wrote about the final - it is the BS you wrote since the beginning of the year when I said that Alcaraz would be a top ten player and will be the number 1 player by the of 2022 and you went bananas.   He was in the top 10 already in May 2022 and he has had another 3 months to go before he reached what I forecasted in January 2022 would happen.     

So live with it - stupedo?    I called you Lord Haw-Haw because of your HA-HA story after the match against Murray - remember that idiocy you came up with after that match?   Take your  punishment and stop writing idiotic comments on site.


Sep 12, 2022, 03:44


Sep 12, 2022, 05:20

I’ll simply present what you said to prove you never rated Ruud, thought Traz was out of form and thought far from being a favorite Traz and Sinner had an equal chance to win:

 *       Ruud (5) had quite a difficult match in Roud 2 and he is playing Paul in Round 3.   He will have to be consistently playing in top form to beat Paul.   No prediction.

Both Alcaraz and Sinner got through in 5-setters - Alcaraz against a seeded player - while Sinner played the only remaining unseeded player - so there is very little to choose between them

I agree with you about Sinner - facing anyone other than Alcaraz  I would have backed him.   With both of them not playing at their best in the series thus far the result si going to be a toss-up.*


Schplottt you old fool….case closed. An apology is in order.

Sep 12, 2022, 05:53


I have made precise predictions on Superbru - not one of my picks did not win.   However, idiot-speaker - this is not only about the US Open - your belittlement of Alcaraz went back to every tournament he played in and lost a match.   

In same tournaments he was injured causing the loss - the commentators mentioned that in the French Open - but for Mozart it was manna from heaven in his desperate effort to denigrate the youngster.   

Due to injury recovery Alcaraz did not practice on grass in any matches.  He played in a Exhibition tournament and in the case of Alcaraz I was honest and indicated that Alcaraz is not ready to play.  on grass,   

I have nothing to apologize about - and you are eating crow and should apologize  for all the BS you wrote on site in the past iro Alcaraz.        


Sep 12, 2022, 16:50

Oh he was injured …..shame. But Nadal won the French with a badly injured foot. He didn’t play enough tournaments..  but Joker was excluded from all competitive tennis until the Spring and he won Wimbledon.

And then just before Traz had his best shot, which I predicted, you said he was ‘not playing at his best’

And all the way through the Aussie Open, the French and Wimbledon you were predicting losses for Nadal and the Joker.

You were never right. Probably because never having played tennis, let alone competitive club tennis….you have no idea about the strengths and weaknesses of these players.

Sep 12, 2022, 20:57

So Nadal won the Roland Garross tournament?   He was given the title because of Zverev's injury nothing else.    There was no real match win at all.    So keep on prattling.

Listen dimness I am always objective and not prejudiced like you are.   Before Wimbledon I wrote about Alcaraz having no chance in progressing in that tournament.

You have no idea about strengths and weaknesses of any players in any code of sport and are prejudiced as well resulting in taking the prize in rank sport stupidity.     Th top one in tennis was the HA-HA Andy Murray comment that is a lifeling award candidate.    

By the way dim fool my predictions were 100% in the US OPN Superbru competition:-


Southern Otters      -    1  out of 18 participants

Killing floors          -    1 out of 39  participants

2022 US Open        -    1 out of 67 participants

South Africa 

1        -                           out of  2289  competitors 

Worldwide Competition 

3         -                           out of  3959  competitors,  

So I do know the players strong and weak points on which you are totally clueless,    

Sep 13, 2022, 00:54

I have told you before Tokkie I am only privy to what you write on this Board. And here you called the Aussie, French, Wimbledon matches wrong time after time. You called all the Wimbledon QFs wrong.  You said before every Major that Nadal and Djokovic never had a chance. That’s wrong 3 times out of 4. And at the US Open you called Ruud/Traz a toss up, which no astute tennis observer ever would.

Wrong 4 times out of 4.._that’s pretty hard to do.

Sep 13, 2022, 11:33


You are talking shit again - I did not ever say I make o msitakes in results and have learned from the mistakes.   I have eever did what you are always guilty of - prejudicial attacs on players like Alcaraz.     I am afraid you are a complete idiot on everything you ever post on site and there is obviously no congratulations of Alcaraz in achieving what he did at the age of 19 - namely to be come the youngest PTA player in the Open era ever to be the number 1 player in the world.   


Sep 13, 2022, 15:03

Actually Mike I’ll give you this, you spotted Alcaraz before I did and he has obviously had a brilliant season. I like the fact that he has a solid net game and looks to come to the net. His baseline play is not dominant at this stage, but his mobility offsets that. He has also changed almost every other player’s game by making the drop shot much more popular.

Where he ends in the pantheon of Major winners depends. I think he has to work pretty hard out there and while he can pop a serve close to 130mph, his regular serve that he counts on is much slower.

 So congratulations on your bets and on championing the Traz early.

Sep 13, 2022, 18:23

Thank you Mozart - I appreciate your comments.

I do not really think Alcaraz is the full model at 19.    He had a spectacular year so far - but at 19 further experience  can only improve his performances.     He si reality still a kid and I read somewhere that Juan Carlos Ferrero treat him like one and he has to go to bed at 9 o'clock on days he does not play later.     His parents are also strict and is managing his finances with care.   He must by now be close to being a multi-millionaire with more funds than $10 million dollar and too much money can also distract from his game.     

I also found an article where the relationship between Alcaraz and Juan Carlos Ferrero as his coach.    It claimed that Juan Carlos treat Alcaraz like a son and he is a very strict "parent|.    I think Alcaraz is also close to his coach and respect him.   

The situation is -

*     there is a solid foundation for further development in the game of tennis;

*      he has apparently got what I would call tennis sense developed at a very young age and that would help on future improvements on his game.  

Pablo Carreno-Busta who often train with Alcaraz regularly said Alcaraz is very talented - but he would not sit in a car driven by him.   Must be a reason for that one.         

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