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Nov 22, 2021, 20:09

Zverev who should have beaten the sour Russian in the round robin, decisively crushed the mope. That after beating the Joker the day before, albeit in a much tighter contest, suggests he is now an established contender, especially considering his Olympic medal.

Yesterday Zverev was the stronger in every department, and the player who made the moves in the ground shot rallies…..but at the right time. Medvedev just another iteration of a classical backboard player had no answers once Zverev stopped donating points.

Novak is a much higher hurdle, he didn’t seem up for his semi but will be at the next Major. And grass and clay are additional hurdles for these hard counters to climb. In any case it seems Pervie pick Medvedev is in an elevator going down. What else is new.

Nov 24, 2021, 17:54

‘The Final tomorrow is between -

2    Danill Medvedev     vs    Alexander Sverev

It been extremely rare for players to have follow-up wins in this series and Medvedev has a  good chance to achieve that  tomorrow. ‘  

Says Clever


Did you note  Zverev dominated your sour Russian….and according to you he was likely exhausted after tangling with the Joker. Did you note how the Medvedev backboard tactics flopped?

Are you going to continue predicting and getting these matches wrong?

Nov 24, 2021, 18:44

Yes I did watch the match and I never said that Medvedev is a certainty - I refer to the hard game that Sverev had against Djokovic and also  that Medvedev beet him in the Round Robin stage - but Sverev has beaten Medvedev before. and nothing was really a certainty.

Incidentally Sverev's home language is Russian - his elder brother Misha  was borne in Russia and the parents move to Hamburg prior  to Sascha's birth because of his brothers intended tennis career and instability in Russia in 1990.   

There is a close friendship bond between Medvedev, Sverev and  Rublev - they regularly train together and sometimes Tsitsipas - whose mother is also a Russian  and also speaks Russian fluently join them - but there is  not the same level of friendship  between Tsitsipas and Sverev.  Besides training they also play doubles matches together.         

Nov 27, 2021, 17:50

Didn’t know Tsitsipas’ mother is Russian…but it figures, he’s a pretty tall guy which is not the Greek norm. I once did a consulting job for a Greek company and flew to Holland with the CEO to attend a meeting.

When we emerged in the Terminal building in Holland we were surrounded by normal Dutch people…..he was stunned at the size of them and I think a little humiliated. The Greeks tend to be large horizontally!

Nov 27, 2021, 19:08


I watched a video on the  2019 US Open   round 1 match and there was a lot of Greeks supporting and I swear the one guy - a real fatso looked like a Greek family member I met in Durban.   Greeks are normally of smaller size and those I know meet your description.  

By the way have you ever read the letters Lady Anne Barnard wrote to the Regent at the time she was with her husband in Cape Town.    In her letters she wrote that the Dutch farmers she met at functions were enormous in size.   Maybe that was why the Springboks have so many very tall players.    The De Villiers family - a vey wealthy family who at the time was involved with the home and other buildings  at Boschendal, and the Melk and De Wet families were amongst those she met - she did not mention them specifically - but they were the leading families in the Cape at the time so they were definitely involved.    Marie Koopmans de Wet's grandfather was the Mayor of Cape Town at the time.   Her grandmother was the daughter of Martin Melk.           

Nov 27, 2021, 22:09

I never played against an Afrikaans school where we were the bigger team on the field…or had the more developed beards.

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