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May 25, 2019, 17:23

This week was a bad loss by the Bulls and a very good win by the Stormers.   So what about player performances by key players and the following questions arises:-

*    Is it better to have an 8 who plays all out for the full game than a low=production player who plays for 30 minutes in games - ie Coetzee ahead of Vermeulen?

*    Is Wiese a better 4 than Etzebeth who is a low performance player as well?

*    Did Andre Esterhuizen actually play today? 

There are a few other questions as well = but the above two questions is really pertinent,    

May 25, 2019, 19:01

The two questions are strond.

May 25, 2019, 19:22

Rugby players should be playing a max of 25-30 competitive games per season. 

"Some" younger players can play more, but it will catch up with them sooner than later.

52 weeks per year, so having more than 25 games per season is questionable, especially for players that have been taking the battering for years. 

It is wise to limit the game time as has been done during this season. Vermeulen has brains, and it is important to have these in a team.

May 25, 2019, 19:48


Only shit to the Rugby Illiterates on site.  

Please note I added a question about Esterhuizen as well. 

May 25, 2019, 20:17

That question is also strond.

May 25, 2019, 20:21

Why not respond on a reasonable basis or is your brain so filled up with Strond that it gushes out of your mouth like lava when you dare to open it? LMAO      

May 25, 2019, 20:40

No that would be your mouth, with those nasty little black teeth.

May 26, 2019, 04:10


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