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Sep 06, 2019, 15:30

South Africa played against Japan in two tests and the results were as follows:-

19 September 2015    -    Japan 34   -  South Africa  32

  6 September 2019    -    Japan  7    -  South Africa  41

In the 2015 test the score at halftime was South Africa 12 - Japan 10.   That indicated a total bugger-up by the SA team in that test.  In the 2019 test the score was 22-0.  In 2015 the Springboks scored 3 tries (Bismarck, De Jager and Louw) as against in the test in 2019 they scored 6 tries (Mapimpi 3,  Kolbe 2 and Jantjies 1)   

These two tests tells a completely different story from each other,   When reference is made to the Japan disaster in 2015 the reaction of the Idiot Speakers on site made various claims as to what happened and why the Springboks lost the match:-

Idiot Speaker AO 

Japan is a much better team than everybody thinks and the fact is that they always play fast rugby,   That and the final try blamed on Jesse Kriel was the only reason why the Springboks lost. 

Since then in discussing the Springboks tests played thus far this year he claimed that -

*    despite the loss the Springboks against japan in 2015 and in the thee RC test losses, the 2015 team played better rugby than the present team; and

*    the reason for the improved performance in the RC is that all the other teams all are weaker than they were in 2015 and the weaker 2019 side was because of that able to beat Australia this year because the Aussie test was played in SA and not in Australia.

*    the Springboks in 2015 had a wonderful game plan, which obviously did not work out.  

Now what will this Idiot Speaker comes up   after the test today.  Expect some Idiot Speak in buckets today.   

Idiot Speaker Mozart

Now he only had one explanation for the loss in 2015 and that is to blame the loss on Jesse Kriel.   All the real bugger-ups by his favourite players was never mentioned for the real reason for the loss.   

So what will he come up with today.   I bet he will spent the rest of the day trying to blame Du Toit and De Allende for poor play.    So what will we get - another load of BS no doubt. 

Some observations about some players          

Frans Steyn

His first touch of the ball caused the reason for the only try scored by the Japanese,   His second effort was to kick away a turnover ball over the tryline for the Japanese to stop any potential attack.    Just plain and utterly useless, 

Francois Louw

He played for excatly 5 minutes before he was yellow carded and out of the game.   

Faf de Klerk 

He makes way too many box kicks.   Although box kicks is part of the game - the kicks must be effective and the recipeint put under pressure.   Too many of his box kicks were ineffective and serve merely as ball handover stuff.   


Sep 06, 2019, 15:33

BS Alert

Happy idiots day to you!!:D

Sep 06, 2019, 15:46

I did not see the game, but Faff appears to be doing more box kicks than what he should be. It is certainly part of the game plan, but a stupid part of the game.

Kicking from first phase (unless in the 22) is too easy to defend against - if the kick is not perfect. A perfect kick is a 50/50, but making a perfect kick is less than 50%. 

Sep 06, 2019, 16:20


I have a problem - the internet connection is sometimes off and on and cause the duplication of postings,   It works in flashes.   Sorry about the Duplication.   However,  I agree with you about the box kicking of De Klerk.    

Sep 08, 2019, 06:33

So here we go again.   No comments on the game at all from Mozart and AO,   They were already  embarrassed by how easily their BS was exposed after what they came up with after the RC - and now they are dead quiet about the Japan test,

So what happened this year as to their constant attacks on Meyer and key players they dislike,  We have two WC year cases here,   In 2015 there was only 1 warm up game - and that was against what can be described at best as against the Argentina :"B" team and that led to the following  result situation in the RC. the one warm-up match and to make it equal five games played the Japan test in the WC:

Matches played     =    5 tests

Matches  won        =    1 test

Matches lost          =    4 tests

That made for a win record of 20% for the year 2015 thus far.

The situation in 2019 was as follows:-

 Matches played     =    5 tests

Matches  won        =    4 tests

Matches drawn      =    1 test 

Matches lost          =    0 tests

That made for a win record of 80% for the year 2019 thus far. 

The question now arises as to whether they are going to continue with their attacks on Erasmus and whether they are prepared to apologize to him about their atrocious conduct on site, 

Thus far they posted zero on site about the test on Friday against Japan, so I do not think that they want to be exposed again.   They did nor even defend their hero Frans Steyn for an atrocious performance by him on Friday - dead quiet about that as well,       

I am not holding my breath though - they are evidently afraid about how they will be exposed again.  



Sep 10, 2019, 13:08

A special for you Strzok, Liza  and Comey

Read the following and please see why Meyer was a shit coach  making shit selections:-

A look at five of the biggest shocks in rugby union's four-yearly showpiece tournament:

Japan 34 South Africa 32, 2015 - pool

 Japan's victory over the Springboks in Brighton went down not as just the biggest World Cup shock but also the biggest upset in the history of Test rugby union. Coached by the canny Eddie Jones - now in charge of England - the Cherry Blossoms refused to lie down against the two-time world champions for a first World Cup victory since 1991. Full-back Ayumu Goromaru pitched in with 24 points, but spurned a late shot at goal that would have sealed a draw. Instead the ball was worked wide to New Zealand-born winger Karne Hesketh who slid in for an injury-time try that sealed a famous win."

How are liars united feeling now? 

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