Andy Marino's, everything he touches turns to shit

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May 30, 2024, 10:14

I still can't believe this guy made a career out being a rugby administrator. Former Stormers and Wales player that has done well for himself post his playing days. 

What he has not done so well is to ensure that we all enjoy the game of rugby. 

It was his brain fart to allow super rugby to be expanded, and then expanded again. 

After Super rugby collapsed, he emerged as Australia new CEO. He is four years into his tenure, one miss judged Eddie Jones hire or may maybe Eddie saw the shit and decided to bail. 

Australia is about to axe the Rebels who are in huge debts, Australia is in huge debt and yet the destroyer of all Southern hemisphere rugby at its helm. 

I always enjoyed playing and watching Australia teams. There was a healthy rivalry in the southern hemisphere, but with this clown, guess there won't be much left

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