Aphelele Fassi and Marcell Coetzee replaced by Frans Steyn and Vermeulen in Bok Squad

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Jul 23, 2022, 12:29

Disappointing for Fassi, it looks like he is just a backup for the world cup squad to cover injuries. His defence is not up to scratch at this stage for test-level rugby. It would have been good to see him get a run at fullback, but perhaps his defence would get even more exposed. 

For Marcell Coetzee, it seems his international career is over.
He was very poor in the game he played, albeit he was chosen at openside if I recall - which he has not played in for years. 

Kwagga has cemented his position because he can cover all 3 back-row positions - and he is especially effective at the breakdown - which is important for a smaller forward.

He has developed nicely. In his first tests, most people would agree that he was not a test-level player. But Rassie is not most people, and his expertise made him stick with this player. Now Kwagga is a favourite to start, or at the very least make a major impact of the bench. The Boks play so much better with a fetcher on the pitch, especially when Marx is also on the pitch.

Jul 23, 2022, 12:48

This bozo was hyped up waaaay too early but the signs were there that he wasn't going to cut the mustard. Just quota window dressing like most of the darkies in the squad. Kwagga and kolisi are the only two skilled forwards you have both punch above their weight. 

Jul 23, 2022, 13:11

Fassi should have gotten more chance to settle....but clear to see Fassi and Coetzee does not fit in with R&N, s plan....Rather bring in Tambwe or Moody, but clinging for dear life to there core WC 19 players and 1 page playbook. 

Jul 23, 2022, 15:15

I thought Thormeulen went for a knee op?...surely he can't be fit after surgery yet?

Jul 23, 2022, 15:45

I cannot see how they justify the inclusion of Vermeulen and Steyn in the squad  other than them helping the coaching staff  in inspiring the younger and likely test players to achieve maximum benefit.  

Jul 23, 2022, 15:50

Having Vermuelen, Marx and Kwagga on the pitch at the same time will ensure the Boks dominate the breakdown. If the Boks dominate the breakdown, they usually win.

Frans Steyn is another story, but he is still making more contributions than Fassi - and he can cover multiple positions. It is debatable if he should be in the match-day squad, barring injuries though. Especially now that Willemse is playing so well as a utility back. 

Jul 23, 2022, 15:50

Duane is like a last-gasp hope like Joost in 2003... didn't end well. Hasn't been great for a few years now by my reckoning. Fassi is just hopeless. 

Jul 23, 2022, 23:29

So RedRose is certainly CleanCutt... (Aka Dirty Mutt). I now recognise his writing style. 

Jul 24, 2022, 08:18

Be it as it may there are at least four players in the squad that are not really contributing to the Springboks anymore and those are Jantjies, Mostert, Vermeulen and  Steyn.    All four are way over 30 years of age and in the past year did near to   nothing on club and provincial level.    We have another case of Matfield in 2014 and 2015 here,

I am particularly worried about the flyhalf back-up for Pollard - Jantjies is  not the answer  and Willemse is a better replacemet proposition, but  Willemse does not play at flyhalf for the Stormers and he is a better all-round player covering multiple positions.   I would rather prefer a specialist flyhalf to be in the squad. that could be phased in slowly into the Springboks set-up  - somebody like the Under 20 flyhalf Ngomezulu.   .   .   .          

Jul 24, 2022, 08:42

Shark you are so out of touch it’s scary

Firstly Marcel spent the whole season playing 6 for the Bulls

Secondly he had a solid test match against Wales carrying well and putting in the tackles

I’m guessing you have judged him as poor as he only effected one turnover?

Marcel like the du Preez twins gets unfairly treated by Rassie and co

Why the fuck would anyone select Elstadt over these players - utter madness

Jul 24, 2022, 09:02

Fassi should be there ahead of Kriel.

Jul 24, 2022, 09:31

Jessie Kriel and Eldstadt should not be in the squad, I have re-iterated that point many times. 
Any players would be better than those 2 plodders. 

However, Vermuelen even though he is past his best - it a much better option than either Eldstadt or Marcell Coetzee.

Jul 24, 2022, 09:33

Elstat is like the only Block with any kind of physicality. You ass fucks live weak faggots getting dominated. 

Mike you are losing the plot completely. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Ouch Bark! Ask the depth didn't cover the basics in your masterpiece. Got shown up by Ex Saff of all people! Fucking hilarious as always! Bark is more like squeak XD

Jul 24, 2022, 14:01

Bullshit Kriel is a great 13 he is there on merit

The players that should not be there are Mostert, Orie, Nortje, Nchunu, Elstadt, Vermeulen, Wiese and Frans

Jul 24, 2022, 16:10

Its always the players never the coach right??? Fassi and Coetzee is just another example of how limited R&N,s coaching is....there Structures is redundant....and will prevent us from growing with our new players....its time Tassie and knee knockers,  get on a bus and go!! Tata 

Jul 24, 2022, 17:22

Too true Mpower. Wasn't Ex Saff saying the Blocks are man for man better than anyone else??? Able to field up to FIVE fucking world class lineups?? Yes he did and he wasn't the only one. Plug them in and go. But we have a problem now when these chumps don't perform. Usually the coach gets it in the ass. So at least Erasmus has escaped that usual vitriol. The p;ayers need to be flamed. 

Jul 24, 2022, 19:20

I am amazed - Erasmus is under attack by the "experts" on site who knows f-all about Rugby.  Amazing.  

Jul 24, 2022, 19:20

I am amazed - Erasmus is under attack by the "experts" on site who knows f-all about Rugby.  Amazing.  

Jul 24, 2022, 19:26

Kriel is shit, it has been ages since he has had even a decent test. He has no playmaking skills, and a limited running game. Very predictable, with little to no step. 

Jul 24, 2022, 19:27

Rassie is the hottest property in world rugby. It appears Rugby England are already in talks with him to take over England in 2024. 

If it was not for Rassie, Alister Coetzee would have ended the Boks as an entity. 
My guess is that Stick will become head coach for the Boks in 2024 as part of the strategic transformation vision. 

Ideally, Rassie remained as director of Rugby bringing in new coaches to work under him, especially a world-class attack coach. 

Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before the ANC destroys the Boks with its corruption and incompetence. 

Jul 24, 2022, 19:50

The ANC doesn't matter Bark, neither does any possible coach. Coetzee gifted the Blocks freedom and self expression and they fucked it up. The players just aren't good enough to do it. Erasmus has put a limited gameplan in place to get these useless fucks to produce waaay more than they are worth... so yeah.. he is in demand. tall order taking on england after Jones but he will have far more to work with.

Jul 24, 2022, 22:41

No, England do not want Rassie as their Coach, Sharkbok ! 

Andy Farrell is higher up the pecking order than him ! 

Jul 24, 2022, 22:45

Shark you know fuck all about rugby so your take on Kriel is about as accurate on your take of Marcel Coetzee not having played 6 for ages

Jessie Kriel has not played 13 for the Boks in ages as Am is the incumbent so your ignorant take is based on what exactly?

His few poor outings on the wing?

Give up Shark

Jul 24, 2022, 23:28

Fat Dave, you don't understand rugby, because you don't understand systems. 
You judge a player by individual performances, like one clean break - or a tackle etc. This makes you totally biased against older players. 

Your team selection is 15 individuals, it is not a system, This is why you would never be a good coach. 

You miss the contribution a player makes to the team system. Someone like Vermeulen who does the hard work in the tight exchanges, allowing players around him to play well. 
If Vermeulen was on the pitch, the Boks would have scored more points against Wales by making better choices on the attack.
He is doing the hard yards when his team is losing, unlike your idols the Creatine Twins, who stand around flexing their muscles with low work rate 

I missed the Pro14 this year, so I did not see Marcel Coetzee.
I just renewed Sky Sports, because I cancelled it when I saw SA teams were losing at the start of the season. So next year, I will be more current in games. Just because you watched some of the games means jack shit. 

Jul 25, 2022, 01:20

Listen here you ignorant prick we all know you are a piss poor rugby observer so telling me I’m individual based and throwing in age kind of confirms how fucking stupid you are

You would not know the first thing about rugby systems if it smacked you in the face

Now dumb shit if my selections are individual and age based then why do I keep selecting the likes of Willie, Mapimpi, Am, Kriel, de Allende, Jantjies, Faf, Reinach, Kitshoff, Malherbe, Nyakane,Mbonambi, Etzebeth, Lood, Kolisi, PSDT and till recently Vermeulen who are all close to or over 30 you dumbass.

For the record Vermeulen has done nothing of note since the WC, it’s time to move on. Had he played against Wales he would have made fuck all difference

Jul 25, 2022, 01:54

Since you have put weight on, you now speak about your own opinion as "us" or "we"...
Me and my fat arse think XYZ.... Fantastic stuff..

Or is that you "and" Rassie? ... or Pete Engeloff.:P

Jul 25, 2022, 11:20

What the fuck do you know about my weight having never set eyes on me?

Is that your best shot, my weight?

You don’t have a rugby counter to me (shock, shock) so my weight is your best effort

Fucking pathetic

Now talk us through rugby systems without having to Google it

Jul 25, 2022, 14:52

A Saffex back row for the Boks

6. Johan Deysel
7. Creatine Twin (Dupreez 1)
8. Creatine Twin (Dupreez 2)

Totally unbalanced, and lacks cohesion... Strong ball carriers, but low work rate and one-dimensional. Totally lacking in brains and skill, useless at ball protection and recovery.
No offloads or linking play- hands of butter... but can get over the advantage line. 

The Rudolf Streuli of rugby fans...

Jul 25, 2022, 14:56

Don’t lie you useless prick

Jul 25, 2022, 18:30

Creatine, what the fuck has creatine got to do with the twins?? Bark you do realise that Dan has very high stats for offloads and turnovers won. He was the top offloaded for a stretch. I don't know where the fuck you get your shit from but it's nothing to do with reality. For once I have to agree with Ex Saff, that's how bad you are... I had to agree with the village idiot!! Thanks. 

Jul 25, 2022, 18:34

Red Rosie, or actually Clean Cutt...

A South African that hates South Africa so much he pretends to be English. Your racist backwardness is what gave you away...

Even on a message board you no longer want to be South African. We know that you are some bitch to a black man at work, and you cant take it. You say nothing in work, only to allow your alter ego to act tough...

Jul 25, 2022, 23:08

Thanks for the double t, it gives me a kind of edge, if I were indeed CC. I have already penned my confession, I am none other than DA. In the event that this overloads your brain, do help yourself to copious amounts of bleach. Feel free to add a flavouring of your choice. 

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