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Jan 03, 2023, 14:09

For a moment I thought that the sharks were doing the right thing and investing in our boks by giving them a long term contracts but it appears that even our very brave and inspirational captain has now finally smelled the baguette and decided to swap Durban bunny chow with some French croissants instead. 

Has he been a massive impact for the sharks, no, not really. Only started to perform in his last 4 or 5 games. 

The only player with a massive impact on the sharks have been Eben Etzebeth followed by Jansen Van Rensburg who is an absolute beast in the midfield for them right now. 

Kolisi continues to pop up in the tram lines. 

I have to give him credit, he made some telling tackles against the Bulls over the weekend and I really like this version of Kolisi that has become more physical. Not that he wasn't physical, just very selective and became very quiet or disappeared in games. 

So, he finally has a somewhat consistent year and receives a big pay day offer from the French. 

I don't think the Sharks will miss him as they have Pepsi. I think it might have been short sighted from Kolisi as he is 31, probably another 2 good years left in those legs. Not sure whether he will continue to show his worth past 33 and could find himself out of contract. 

To get a contract at that pay level for 5 years when you hit 30 in un heard of. It will also mean that he will need to choose between the boks or his new French pay masters. 

We saw how current boks became out of form and quickly got dropped by their French clubs when on bok duty. Getting a lot of criticism from the owners as well. 

Past boks who did well, like Habana, Bakkies, Juan Smith made a real big name for themselves at Toulon, but that was because they were fully committed to Toulon. Habana got it in the neck though when playing for the boks. 

So this may be Kolisi last season for the boks. Not bad, he has a 64% win record, although, I think 67% is the bench mark. 

Wishing him a stellar year and hopefully the Sharks can get some silverware along with another World Cup Trophy

Jan 03, 2023, 14:11

I just wish we could get Eben back at the Stormers and keep Kittshoff and Malherbe

Jan 03, 2023, 14:19

I heard a rumor Kitsie is leaving the Stormers...would be a pity.

Jan 03, 2023, 15:59

Yup, going to Ulster

Jan 03, 2023, 16:18

Kolisi is a class act and has been brilliant for the Sharks

In the process confirming he is by miles our best openside

Jan 03, 2023, 18:00

Kolisi is a Vodacom Cup level talent. Only in South Africa could he become captain! 

Jan 03, 2023, 18:56

Kollisi will surely still be available for Boks?? Kollisi has been playing good of late....but there is plenty of Back up should he not be available.

Jan 06, 2023, 14:15

It will also mean that he will need to choose between the boks or his new French pay masters.

The decision is made already: it is part of the scheme to support SA rugby, and try to avert the unavoidable: the collapse of SA rugby.

This guy, like other SA rugby players, will receive a fat check (him being a quota is hoped to drive the local youth in thinking that good money can be made playing rugby) while favouring the SA international squad.

His duty will go to the international squad, not to his club.

Jan 06, 2023, 15:26

as it should be Tradhole...unles negotiated differently between club and is normal.

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