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Aug 11, 2019, 16:18

Initial Ratings: 

  1. Mtawarira (6.5)
  2. Mbonambi (6.0)
  3. Nyakane (7.5)
  4. Etzebeth (7.0)
  5. Mostert (6.5)
  6. Smith (5.0)
  7. du Toit (5.8)
  8. Vermeulen (7.5)
  9. de Klerk (5.5)
  10. Pollard (8.0)
  11. Mapimpi (6.0)
  12. de Allende (6.5)
  13. Am (5.8)
  14. Kolbe (5.8)
  15. Le Roux (5.0)
  16. Marx (7.0)
  17. Kishoff (7.0)
  18. Malherbe (4.0)
  19. Snyman (6.5)
  20. Louw (4.5)
  21. Jantjies (6.0)
  22. Steyn (7.0)
  23. Kriel (5.0)

The front row dominated Los Pumas from start to finish (subs). Trevor made some fantastic stops on our line, better around the field than Beast. Kits made an immediate impact, coming on with energy and purpose; Malherbe looked well off the pace. Looks disinterested, passive, slow. Another very disappointing showing, he is not the Malherbe we saw last year. Marx was more dominant than Bongi in general play. 

Damian was his most impactful since the Samoa test of 2015. Didn't do very much on attack, but was disruptive, landing four good tackles and niggling at the breakdown, slowing down the Puma attack. Frans bettered him though. 

Kriel had a break in the second half which sums his play up: One man to beat, with support out wide, he takes the contact, cutting to the inside shoulder of the defender and the opportunity is lost. A real 13 would have taken on the defender on the outside shoulder and offered a offload or simple pass. Mixed bag on defence. Was of no consequence. This when the game was opening up for him. Am had a much tougher time with the Puma defence repeatedly catching the clunky Bok attacking structure deep. Am was often caught well behind the gainline, swarmed by defenders. Missed some tackles, but that's his duty, to rush on the outside shoulder of the his man, cutting off the outside. This exposes the inside. We see this exposed time and time again with the team in general. 

Pollard was the bok of the game. Arguably his best test in my opinion, he was pulling the strings at will, looked in control of the game. I haven't see play like that since prime Butch. 

Faf's box kicks are still poor, but the coach keeps insisting that we persist with a tactic we are not equipped to execute. I'm more inclined to criticise the coach than the players. We do not posses aerially dominant wings, nor do we possess 9s with good boots. 

Our wings are largely wasted. We saw them get more into the game in the second half, where they could show their quality. Mapimpi is the more rounded of the two, very physical. Kolbe didn't have his most influential game. 

Willie is not in good form right now. Not having the same influence he had last year. He is fast becoming a feeder of one-off runners, forwards. This is not Willie at his best, or being utilised properly. This is worrying. 

Mostert was everywhere. Vermeulen was our best carrier in heavy traffic. Very physical, powerful in everything he did. Snyman looked very comfortable man-handling the Pumas. A very authoritative presence. Eben was effective throughout. Four of our best players. Smith as nowhere all game. Louw had a poor game. Steph was the same as usual. exposed for the first break leading to a try. 

Aug 11, 2019, 17:17


There is another posting where all facts are distorted.  I took a swift glance through your ratings and they are twisted as per normal.   That is why you still have not got away from Idiot Speak since anything you write are far removed from what actually happened and  depends on your prejudice.

You are stupid enough to think other members are idiots who will believe the garbage you write that is why you are called an Idiot Speaker.       

Secondly are you not ashamed to appear on site after the junk postings you made about Erasmus and the really key players involved - most of whom you attack as well,   Time to up your contributions and become an honest evaluator of player performances,  When that happens one can look at your postings as a basis for objective and honest discussion.

Aug 11, 2019, 17:20

Honest discussion? Like the Andre who flitted 60 metres in a couple of frames? :D

Aug 11, 2019, 17:53

Kwagga, Faf (tactical kicking) Am and Le Roux were not too good.

You under rate Du Toit 7.5

and Louw 6.5.

How about some official ratings Huffer? 

Aug 11, 2019, 18:05

Steph was nowhere near a 7. Louw, unfortunately, didn't do very much right. 

Aug 11, 2019, 18:19

I give up on you - you will forever be an Idiot Speaker thinking we are idiots believing the twisted  garbage you write.   

Aug 11, 2019, 19:50

Good assessment Augie. I agree with most everything, even Allende who looked better on defence than I thought after the game. He also had one terrific pickup near the Bargie's a pity he hasn't got a creative bone in his body, everything is reactive.

Aug 11, 2019, 21:53

Mozart  and Fat Fransie  has??????????

Aug 11, 2019, 22:18

Absolutely....he is totally aware of movement, which is why he offloads so effectively.

Aug 12, 2019, 08:23


Unbelievable - the man is NOT used at center and flyhalf anymore because he was useless in those positions and his contract has not renewed by Montpellier after using him at fullback this year,  Why should that be if he knew what he was doing and producing the goods.  

It is always the same BS from you,  When Morne was so useless on club level that Stade Francais used him as bench player, the Idiot Speakers on site stated that he was the best flyhalf available for SA and even the past week Mozart you defended him as not causing a loss in the Perth debacle in 2014.

Seems that you are stuck in a situation of flooding the site with BS and idiocy and one winders why it has not yet entered your mind that the Springboks achieved zero trophies in the years Meyer was coach and in the second year as a coach Erasmus is under attack from you and the other Idiot Speakers constantly despite winning the RC trophy.

Happy Idiots Day to you       


Aug 12, 2019, 09:31

Ou Maaikie, seriously, revisit this thread from top to bottom. You are rubbishing every single argument without one shred of counter argument. Not once do you give any indication of why you differ with what Moz and AO are saying.

Your only “counter arguments” are that they are wrong because they are stupid.

Try looking beyond your passionate dislike for the guys and debate them with real counter arguments....... if you can.

And you are not the only one. You are just extreme. There are others who also just say: “No, this player is a 6.5 and not a five, etc”. No reason why, just a matter of fact. That’s not debate.

Aug 12, 2019, 11:56

What has Morné playing in France, in 2015, got to do with the Boks playing on the weekend, or the coming World Cup? If you think I am wrong, prove it. If you think it's a fact that I am wrong, then you have the evidence to do so. The ball is in your court McEnroe.

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