Australia, where rugby dies. Why are they hosting the world cup, again

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Nov 12, 2023, 18:10

I do hope the boks go on and win the treble. We are long over due to host the world cup. NZ got it back in 2011 and Asstralia had it back in 2003. 

Back to early morning games. 

What is worse, they have now decided to expand the bloody comp to 24 teams. Not sure where they going to find those extra teams. 

They also want to bring in a last 16, same as what we see in the Heineken cup. Again, and don't know where they going to find these teams. 

It is the fan that is getting screwed over yet again for a quick buck. 

If you think about it, all these extra games and trams are just to make a quick dollar. 

Or, if you a conspiracy theorist they have expanded the comp so that Australia can make it past the pool stages maybe. 

When ever the Ausies are involved in rugby, it goes to shit. 

Don't forget how they screwed up Super rugby, we had a great comp. But they wanted more team, but the one thing they did to completely screw everyone over was to allow at least on Ausie team to qualify for the semi when they weren't even in the top 10. 

I do hope the boks get the treble and Australia never get out the pool stages. 

If I was SARU, I would arrange a 5 match series of 5 of our franchise teams playing against 5 of the Kiwis teams. We could host them during the Feb march window and then have a final between the top 2 teams. If it is two kiwi teams, they can travel home. 

But I would never ever include Australia in any comp when it comes to rugby. 

Their national team is pretty much Fiji B team. With a few sprinkles of tongan players. 

Their rugby league has completely taken over rugby in that country.

No point persisting with them 

Nov 12, 2023, 19:26

World Rugby is stuck in the "more is better" rut. More officials, more reviews, more tournaments, more games, more rules, more cards, more money.

Nov 12, 2023, 20:09

Well, don't think it is making more money, English rugby is in the toilet, the Welsh are hanging in there and Australia have a huge hole. New Zealand had to sell their soul that would only save them for another 4 years. 

SA rugby just scraping by. 

I don't see proper professional leagues being established in these countries and neither do I see any grass roots rugby being implemented. 

They need to look after the fans. 

I'm far happier with a 12 team world cup than a 24 team world cup. 2 pools of 6, semi final and final. 

Rugby wins and the winner is the true champ. No easy draws

Nov 19, 2023, 03:19

World Rugby needs to be sacked immediately.......

And No I am not referring to the Boks winning the world cup (Good on them - They played the game better than anyone else.

But the rules of rugby have become an absolute joke.

That TMO needs to be shot.............. 

Nov 19, 2023, 08:02

One reason why I am glad the French lost in the WC was he role France, the UK Teams and Ireland playued in allocation of the WC.   SA had the fields and pavillions to provide the best facilites for the games to be played.   Accommodation for the players and spectators were available and the SA proposal was recommended by the WC technical committee.  Then the French jumped in and convince the WC allocation committee to change the recommendation and allocate the WC to France.   The French did not manage to get into the semi's and neither did the Irish or Wales or Scotland got anywhere.\

My attitude on the allocation of the 2023 WC has al;ways been the same.   Hope the NH teams get fucked and lose after what happenmed.    

So SARU decided never to apply fo allocation of he WC again in future.  SARU spent R300 million on the technical report submission iro the 2023 application  and that became fruitless expenditure.     Support for rugby in Australia is weakening and it will not be revived by allocating the next WC to Australia.     .         .    

Nov 19, 2023, 13:48

Have to agree that I'm happy we knocked France after they stole hosting the world cup from us..

It doesn't look like we will host it for the foreseeable future. 

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