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Apr 26, 2024, 10:34

I had a feeling the finger off the pulse Jake would resort back to Moodie on the wing instead of investing in Moodie at 13 and letting his centre partnership with Kriel develop

Instead poor Kriel gets shoved to 13 with Vorster at 12

Jake never fails to fuck up

Apr 26, 2024, 14:23

Yeah like playing a flank at hooker….man you are so biased.

Apr 26, 2024, 14:25

That was make shift huge difference

Apr 26, 2024, 14:58

No harm in seeing what he does at Wing in this game besides he is really good there …his defence misjudgment has prompted Jake to make a change …Kriel can manage 13 quite well.

Apr 26, 2024, 15:57

Piss poor call from Jake - nothing new from Jake at all

His player management has always been utterly shit

Apr 26, 2024, 17:34

Like leaving the guy who won the WC at home. Who put the whole WC on a guy who can’t take the pressure in club matches.

Apr 27, 2024, 06:25

Pollard was injured helloooooo

Apr 27, 2024, 06:52


Apr 29, 2024, 02:03

Mozart is spreading  his normal BS.   Pollard was injured when the WC squads were to be subbmitted to World Rugby and nominating Pollard at that stage would have been a lunacy decision equal to all the passengers selected by Meyer in 2015..   By the time the WC started Pollard was back playing aagain.   


Apr 29, 2024, 02:30

You select him and if his injury prevents him playing you replace him….as it turns out he was playing before we played our second  WC game. Easy to leave out one of our 4 scrum halves. Only England among the top teams went for 4 scrummies.

It was a stupid decision and failing the injury to Marx would have cost us the WC,

Apr 29, 2024, 03:20

BS as per normal from Mozart.    Only a totally defunct brain coach  will select an injured player to play in the WC and there is a drawback in that case.- if a player was injured at the time of nomination and selected and he cannot play at the start of he WC he cannt be replaced.   Meyer found that situation in the 2015 WC and ended up with 8 unplayable players in that series,   The  result was that it was a disaster for the Springboks in that series and I think Erasmus knew what  happened  in 2015  and he nominated only playing players at the time the squad selecion had to be submitted.

I think Erasmus made a blunder by including Fourie in the WC squad instead of another hooker -  but to blame him for leaving out Pollard at the time of nomination was total BS.  

And to claim that Polalrd was the only plrayer contributing to the 2023 WC being  won is a total Mozart brain fart again.



Apr 29, 2024, 12:43

Bullshit you don’t select a player that has been injured and not yet returned to the playing field at the time the WC squad is announced

Apr 29, 2024, 13:07

There is no rule that says that and Pollard was clearly about ready to play. It was an judgement call. Anybody with half a brain would have taken along Pollard for insurance given Willemse and Libbok’s lack of big game experience, it was an obvious decision with no downside….none.

Just another case of Erasmus getting lucky.

Apr 29, 2024, 13:25

It’s a team rule that Rassie abides by and was well documented in Chasing the Sun 2.

They don’t select players that are not 100% fit to play and part of that involves a good few club games before they return to the Bok side. So in fact Rassie broke his own rule when he selected Pollard as he had only played 20 minutes off the bench for Leicester when he was called up

Nothing about Rassie being lucky at all you don’t win back to back WC being lucky - it’s just plain childish putting anything down to luck in a game of rugby played of 80min by 23 players

Apr 29, 2024, 13:45

Lucky Ireland played NZ in the quarters.

Lucky Du Pont was half the player in QF. 

Lucky Marx got hurt so he could correct his Pollard mistake.

Lucky Ramos missed crucial kicks, lucky Pollard didn’t.

Lucky to get a flaccid England in the semis

Lucky Steward screwed it up when a deep kick would have won the game

Lucky NZ got a very marginal red card

Lucky Kolisi didn’t get one for a far more dangerous tackle

Lucky NZ missed two  kicks

Lucky Pollard made all his kicks



Apr 29, 2024, 13:50

Absolute bullshit that is all just utter rubbish - every one of those points

If you want lucky just look at Jakes WC - he only had to play England the entire competition

Now that’s a lucky draw if ever there was one

Apr 29, 2024, 14:06

Every one of those points is true….that’s your problem Dave.

Apr 29, 2024, 14:31

Not a single one is true and that’s a fact

Apr 29, 2024, 14:54

Well Dave that’s your problem……huge bias….you just can’t absorb any facts that contradict your beliefs.

Apr 29, 2024, 14:58

No that is not true as I can easily counter everyone one of those points with reality

Apr 29, 2024, 15:53

Reality in your case equals bias.

Apr 29, 2024, 16:00

"Reality in your case equals bias."

This from the most biased, ignorant and stubborn old fool on the board.

Apr 29, 2024, 17:09

That from the pompous, ignorant, blue stocking who wants to use (sic) inside quotation marks. Stay down (sic).

Apr 29, 2024, 18:47

Great song Blob :) 

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