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Apr 23, 2024, 19:57

15. Kitshoff 14. Nyakane 13. Malherbe 12. Ox 11. Koch 10. Wilco 9. Thomas 1. Papier 2. Faf 3. Nohamba 4. vd Bergh 5. Jantjies 6. Williams 7. de Wet 8. Roos

Apr 23, 2024, 20:14

Good side until you went and picked Roos at #8. I'm guessing that was a typo?

Apr 23, 2024, 20:17

Well I was in two minds whether to start him at 12

Apr 24, 2024, 07:04

Here it is, Fat Lip. 

It's from a year ago.

Just tell me what is missing here in terms of what a 12 needs. Particularly, as you have stated previously, DDA's role is to tractor.

Roos has better acceleration, hand off, agression, and step than DDA. I think his top speed is also superior to DDA's. Looks like it anyway. Still, the former are simply facts.

So what does DDA have?

He's knows how Rassie wants to play and he has a "skillset" that Roos doesn't.

And that's the question...what is that skillset?

...the Lip will grow Fatter but the answers won't be forthcoming.

Apr 24, 2024, 07:38

Roos at 12 bwhaaahaaaaaa

Apr 24, 2024, 09:22

Well Roos has exceptional pace, his Offloading is good, he has quite a good step, he is very good in contact, solid Defence, he can tractor but his other attributes stands out even more….so for argument’s sake plum is correct, he is more than capable to play 12….that being said, the man likes being a 8 and thrives of the back of that scrum….with his excellent linking play, he gives the Back line go forward Ball.

Apr 24, 2024, 10:16

The same debate raged on around Bobby Skinstad and whether he should move to 10 to counter the big centres of the Kiwi teams. The SA teams back in the late 90s got caught with the size of the kiwi south sea islander backline player. Do you okes remember Norm Berryman. He use to pinball of SA players from his own goal line. Our back were very small in comparison and struggled to compete. We only started to compete properly when we got someone like De Wet Barry and Marius Jobert and then 4 years later Jean De Villiers and Jacque Fourie came on the scene and who know how successful those 2 were. 

Damian dud Alende did the job as our tractor, but he has better acceleration than Roos. 

He should stay at 8, he might not have the torque of a Vermeulen or Wiese but he has showed that he can cover 7 which is a more attacking role. 

Apr 24, 2024, 10:55

Roos has been in real good form at 8 and he can potentially be joined by C Hanekom at 6, where he has been doing quite well for the bulls, and Elrigh Louw at 7…this loose trio has the potential to be formidable….add Eben at 4, Ruben v Heerden 5 …Wilco Marx and OX….can be a real good pack.

Apr 24, 2024, 11:44

More than anything why in God’s name would anyone even think of moving a brilliant 8 to 12 given the talent we have at 12, I mean seriously.

We have de Allende regarded by many as the best 12 in the game despite the ignorance of this board, then we have Esterhuizen who is as good as DA. Then we have Janse v Rensburg. These are the more experienced options

Mid range option would be Dan du Plessis who has been in great form for 2 seasons now and the irrepressible Marius Louw

Young options include Willemse, David Kriel, Ethan Hooker, Rickus Pretorious, James Mollentze and Bruce Sherwood

So why the fuck would we want to move Roos to 12 huh - fucking stupidity of the highest order

Apr 24, 2024, 13:11

The problem with all of this...Wiese is Rassie's preferred 8.

Again, the Fat Lip will have to tell us why the genius that is Rassie prefers Wiese, while the Lip regards him as dumb muscle and Roos as superior. Kindly enlighten us, Lipper. Is Is Rassie a genius or is Roos superior to Wiese?

As it stands, Roos will cover 8 but play mostly play 7.

The list of prospects at 7 for the Boks is far longer than the list of 8s.

I notice the appeal to authority again, is the only evidence for DDA's inclusion "some regard him as the best".

lol, in all the Lip's supposed rugby wisdom he has yet to provide us with anything more than logical fallacies in support of the arch donkey.

Which on its own is hilarious.

Dig deep and use your words, Fattex.

Apr 24, 2024, 13:35

You are speaking shit again - by the end of the WC, Vermeulen was our starting 8 telling me Rassie was no longer that sold on Wiese.

On current form Roos is our best 8 and Rassie is astute enough to know this. Wiese is not available for the Welsh test giving Roos the inside lane.

One certainty is that Rassie is not nearly as fucking stupid as you are as there is no way in hell he would ever entertain moving Roos to 12, considering the options we have at 12 including the best 12 in the game

Wake the fuck up you bald dunce. Go pollute a knitting board or something on your level. Rugby is clearly a stretch too far for you

Roos to 12 bwhaaahaaaaa

Apr 24, 2024, 15:02

Who has Rassie capped more, Wiese or Roos?

I never said Rassie preferred Wiese to Duane. I didn't mention Duane at all actually.

But you know that Rassie has capped Wiese a bunch of times as compared to Roos. Hence, in usual Fat Lip fashion, you bring Duane into a discussion that isn't about him because you'd rather not admit what the numbers are. Same as you bring others "opinions" into discussions about DDA...because you'd rather not face reality and look at the actual numbers. I'd give you a touch of respect if your deflections were even slightly more well thought out...but they're not. They're baseline dumbo bullshit...always.

I have a question for you...were you literally the shittiest lawyer at your firm and did they give you a ridiculous severence package simply for you to piss off? I would have given you shares if it meant getting your dumb fake jock arse out the door.

Imagine the torture of having to work beside a toolbox like Fat Lip.

Apr 24, 2024, 15:56

I don’t care what has happened in the past that does not dictate the future.

Vermeulen ousted Wiese, telling me Rassie had an issue with Wiese

Nothing stops Rassie doing the same when it comes to Roos over Wiese especially considering Wiese is not available for the Welsh test

But this is all beside the point - the real issue here is how fucking stupid you are for even suggesting that Roos move to 12

Fuck me and you have the audacity to call me stupid. Look in the mirror you bald ugly prick

You are beyond fucking stupid

Roos to 12 bwhaaahaaaaa - seriously

Go find another message board - rugby is not your thing

Apr 24, 2024, 16:12

Eluckmiss clearly prefers Wiese  to Roos.Roos is in the same position the Deysel twins were 4 years ago….lots of fan support but not rated by the Genius.

Apr 24, 2024, 17:30

Rassie has preferred Wiese up till now…but Roos will possibly out rank Wiese due to his play making skills if Brown’s input possibly changes the Game plan….more of a Attack approach instead of safety first??

Apr 24, 2024, 18:06

You are speaking crap again Moz - Roos has a few caps under Rassie and Roos is a new boy on the block.

Apr 24, 2024, 18:28

More Emperor's Clothes stuff from the Fat Lip...Rassie has clearly picked Wiese more often, leaving Roos out of the Squad since the Welsh debacle. 

But Rassie is secretly in love with Roos.

Apr 24, 2024, 18:47

No you dumbfuck Roos got injured was out for a while and struggled for form on his return - his non selection was justified

That has all changed this season - Roos is on fire and Rassie knows it

Get real dunce - at least Rassie won’t be running Roos at 12 - bwhaaahaaa


Apr 24, 2024, 19:52

They'll like never do it.

But see, Fat Lip, I'm happy to chuck ideas out there because I'm not terrified of defending them.

Try it some time.

...or keep telling yourself the ice cream loves you more than you love it.

Whatever works for you.

Apr 24, 2024, 20:19

No I’m not stupid enough to suggest moving our best 8 to 12 when we have so many really good options at 12

I’m not fucking stupid but you fucking are

There is chucking ideas out there and then there is fucking stupidity - get it

Apr 25, 2024, 06:11

So Roos is our best 8?

...but Rassie doesn't rate him.

(Insert excuse for Rassie's selections here)

You're right though, you're not stupid enough. Not stupid enough to even attempt explaining why Roos wouldn't work at 12.

Because no matter how dumb you are, even you can see he would be far, light years, ahead of Donkey DDA at 12.

So please, you fat moron, quote some more articles for us, and be sure to use the opinions of others to back up the articles.

We know you struggle to formulate ideas. Cellulite ain't very conductive.

Apr 25, 2024, 08:48

Rassie does not rate Roos - blatant lie

Donkey DA the guy that never gets dropped by Rassie despite the presence of Esterhuizen, the guy who makes world teams of the year

Fuck off you ignorant prick, DA is a class act - it’s a measure of your stupidity that you don’t get the value of DA

As for justifying DA ahead of Roos at 12, I would never lower myself to such utter rugby ignorance

Apr 25, 2024, 10:26

DDA is donkey with a slow brain that kills attacking play, and is hardly ever involved in team tries.

No point listing facts in support of my argument, since you never do.

So, I'll just settle on DDA is a donkey and you're an ignorant prick.


Apr 25, 2024, 17:25

And you are a rugby ignorant prick

DA is a class act, the most consistent selection at 12 in the game and often regarded the best 12 in the game

Both facts - much like you being an ugly bald doos

Apr 26, 2024, 04:32

Oh, you mean DDA the Doneky?

No, he's still a donkey because myself and others say so.

Case closed.

Apr 26, 2024, 08:26

Fuck off you ignorant prick, DA is a class act

 it’s a measure of your stupidity that you don’t get the value of DA

DA is a class act

Thank you Dave, I appreciate the kind words

It's all in the context obviously, but I'll take it anyway

Apr 26, 2024, 17:41

Dud is the most overrated center in modern Bok rugby

Apr 27, 2024, 02:28

Mozart has a disease - he refuse to see anything he  does not want to see and admitted it openly in the past.    Tha accounts for 90% o the BS  he spread on site.   The playes eh prmote has serious deficiencies that eh refuse tos ee.   His asessmnt of player performances is farcical - so it si better to ignore the BS he comes  up constantly.   

Apr 27, 2024, 09:02

To get away from he BS.    Lts look at the Spring bok defocoency as to palying attacking Rugby.   For years the Springbok strategy was to use the loosies as an extension of the Tight 5 - with speed-deficient loosies being the norm.   If that form is to continue no attacking coach would make a difference to Springbok attacking  rugby.    For isnatce an 8 like Wiese is not the ideal 8 t ahave as an attacking playr tying in with th abckline.         

The AB's for year had a vey positive approach a to attack strategy - th ey brought in their forwards - and in particular their lossies as an essential in atatcking  rugby performances.   Brown si obviously part of that approach and I think their are two key players he will use in that regard in future.   

Erasmus started to change that idea and in the WC final in 2019 - there were forwards involved in both tries scored by the Springboks (Marx and Du Toit) played key roles in the scoring  of the two tries      The problem is that progress was not as noticeable as it was not so obvious since 2019 and I think that is why Erasmus had Brown appointed as attack coach.        

In an environment where th Springboks want to sharpen up on atatcking rugby there are two players that will play a key role in that strategy - the one is Roos and  the second one is Du Toit.   Both are players with ball ense and are often where the action in attacking play is.     I can see both blossoming  under Brown and that will be a valiuble component of the attacking  strategy of the  Springbok team.

I would rather see a loosie at 6 that can tie in with the two loosies mentioned - Kolisi may be of ehlp - but he is not pacy enough and maybe near to retiement.   So whoc an meet that requirement to beoem aprtner of the reat two meetin that requirement.    

That would leave players like Wiese on the fringe and probably selected as stand -ins .    


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