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May 06, 2022, 12:13

So we all heard how the boks have created a tightly knitted group of players and how it served them during the world cup. The dirt trackers would go out and learn about the opposition and try to emulate that team during practice in order to better prepare the boks. It was a genius move and it eventually paid off. We had the same during the lions tour where the players were stuck in isolation and only had one another. 

So we almost had 3 years of a team bonding, growing and becoming world champions along with defending the BIL crown. We maintained our number 1 ranking, just and all looks well. The squad is still a good age, leaning a bit on the older side but enough players that can perform at the next WC. 

BUT, that's where it ends.  I recently posted about Kolisi dip in form and how players like Roos, Coetze to name a few is out performing him on all levels. Both are the same age, has got test experience but the other is way in form. 

Then we have a few other players. We have the likes of Qwagga and Willie that plays in Japan and we have no idea how well they are playing and whether they are in form

We had Meyer that did same, blind loyalty to certain players. Even Habana took a massive dip at one stage. 

We have 18 test matches to try and get at least 2 other players position enough game time before the world cup. There are those that has had some test exposure like the Du Preez twin as well and Esterhuizen that will ad a great value to our team. 

But we can't always look internally and hope the crop that we have will be good enough. 

Willemse has shown glimpses of his potential but at 24, ample opportunity, he is yet to nail down a spot. He is not the best 10, 15 or even 12 right now with at least 2 other players ahead of him. So why take the risk. 

There is also talk that Kolbe could be moved to 10 to cover Pollard and Jantjies. This is insane. 

They are all great players but we really need to create some heat under these guys or we will lose our number 1 spot and before we know it be back at number 5 or even 7 and then get knocked out of the world cup quarters. 

May 08, 2022, 15:09

Sentiment is the biggest problem here I think....guys like Willie, Kriel, kwagga, kollisi are mostly carried by the other the pack eben, Duane, wiese, Marx etc. Makes up, or cover for the shortcomings of these players....backline kolbe, am, willemse, Pollard etc. covers...they are good players, but totally out of form or just plain and simple past there prime... the young guns are almost breaking down the door, but still out of sentiment these players will be picked instead of going with inform players....and to suggest that kolbe would be used to cover flyhalf but you have inform flyhalfs in libbock, Hendrikse, is plain stupidity from R& opinion is that the future of Bok Rugby is in danger if the natural cycle is not followed....young inform players in, get rid of the older ones if not performing, keep the older experienced inform players to guide the new ones....this way you will have a equal mix of experience and young guns that will secure future of Bok Rugby.

May 09, 2022, 11:54

Yup, we are heading the same way as when Snorre was in charge. He clung onto John Smit and some other players and alienated the likes of Frans Steyn due to sentiment. He also never really could mould future boks as he even flirted with players like Earl Rose at one stage. 

The only reason why the boks did okay was because of John Smit and Matfield that could keep the team together but 4 years is a long time and these guys became way to comfortable. 

So we are about to fall off a cliff in Niena doesn't start putting pressure on their favourites. 

Too much media hype being made. I couldn't see the likes of Faf or De Allende making any impact for their teams this weekend. 

Not to mention the players in the Japan league, it is so hard to figure out which are good teams and which are poor teams. 

Then we had the likes of Leinster and Racing completely dominate the quarters with no or hardly any SA players. 

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