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Bools versus Sharkies

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Mar 09, 2019, 17:12

Bools are without their two first pick locks. This should be a great clash oaks. How ill Am and Ward go?

Mar 09, 2019, 17:18

Egon Seconds on the wing for the officials team.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:19

Almost early trouble for the Sharks with that chargedown.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:21

Pollard makes it 3-0.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:23

Sharks looked in front of that kick.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:24

I will have to leave you unsupervised Beeno:ermm: Hopefully Rooi will show up to keep you under control:P

Mar 09, 2019, 17:25

Sharks not too keen on the safety first option and put themselves under a ton of pressure in their own 22.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:26

JW you will be missing some real rugby!

Bools starting strong

Mar 09, 2019, 17:27

The sycophant Stransky unfortunately behind the microphone. Has this man ever said something in jest.....deliberately?

Mar 09, 2019, 17:27

Yup, all Bulls so far.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:27

Bools pressure pays off again Bulle lead 6-0

Mar 09, 2019, 17:29

The vastly overrated Schreuder now being talked up by Stransky.....he doesn't make many mistakes.....pablum.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:35

When Gelant kicks was the Bulls'bad kick ....Stransky as biased as they come.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:36

Moz, time you switch to the Afrikaans commentary.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:38

Kriel skins them. Best 13 in the country? Pace and power and some deft touches.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:40

Schreuder has his limitations and plays within them

Mar 09, 2019, 17:40

Sadly I can't get it on my US feed Blikkies.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:43

Our guys keep on taking unnecessary contact....Beast loses it with numbers outside.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:46

Moz that is a big failing taking contact and going to ground allows the opponents to reset.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:47

Pollard Kicking at 6% sinks another penalty and its 16-0 and no sign of rooitwit!

Mar 09, 2019, 17:49

Notice Stransky not a word on the Gelant handling mistake...but credit to Nkosi. The bias!

Mar 09, 2019, 17:54

Good old Coenie....great in the loose.....a patsy in the scrums.

Mar 09, 2019, 17:55

The bools front row is mobile but maybe not strong enough. Time will tell.

19-0 to Bulle

Mar 09, 2019, 17:56

Stransky is very PC

Mar 09, 2019, 17:57

Sharks need to score next. Game slipping away although their pack is going well

Mar 09, 2019, 18:00

Sharks destroy Bools scum again. Forget about Brits as a Bok hooker. Utter nonsense.

Mar 09, 2019, 18:06

Is Robert Dupreez the answer as a coach or a flyhalf... 

FFS if his twins sons can't even catch or pass it raises questions marks

Mar 09, 2019, 18:30

Esterhozen making good contributions. The Tank leaking penalties.....why is this man not playing loosehead.

Mar 09, 2019, 18:30

The Sharks have better pack as bulle miss Lood and Snyman.

Great pity the Stormers didnt play the bools with Eben and Coetzee in the pack

Mar 09, 2019, 18:34

What a key player for the Bools Pollard is

Mar 09, 2019, 18:36

Who says Vermeulen can't shift!

Mar 09, 2019, 18:36

He is too slow for loosehead Moz.

Nice run by the under valued Ackkers

Mar 09, 2019, 18:37

That was a try saving tackle by Duane Vermeulen.

Mar 09, 2019, 18:38

Yes at 32 age in not a problem its the desire that counts

Mar 09, 2019, 18:39

Vermeulen is a Thor look-alike, what is this Captain America bs!

Mar 09, 2019, 18:41

This game is there for the Sharks if they can stop making mistakes....the Bulls have switched off.

Mar 09, 2019, 18:45

Sharks playing very individually, not much semblance of team structure.

Mar 09, 2019, 18:47

Dumb by Robert Du Preez, brilliant by Pollard....our best back at the moment.

Mar 09, 2019, 18:48

As i said Sharks have better pack so still have a chance as backs are fine and could score

Mar 09, 2019, 18:49

But go Bools a home wiis very important

Mar 09, 2019, 18:53

Bools drill shark reserve props

Mar 09, 2019, 18:55

Thomas du Toit monstered frigging stupid are our coaches toplay this tall fellow at tighthead.

Mar 09, 2019, 18:55

Great drop Pollard.  That is that! Bools will win

Mar 09, 2019, 18:58

Sharks have a never ending supply of errors. Baconman scores.

Mar 09, 2019, 18:58

Again great passing by Kriel put Speckman into space and he score.

Congrats to Bulle. Much vaunted Sharks backline outplayed

Mar 09, 2019, 19:00

Moz he is too slow for loosehead as per Wilco Louw. But too tall for loosehead.

No place to hide in Super rugby

Mar 09, 2019, 19:02


Mar 09, 2019, 19:02

Speckman = Baconman lololol

Mar 09, 2019, 19:04

Coenie meanwhile is a better loosehead but apparently the neck injury makes his playing tighthead a must.

This hype about Brits may mean Akkers doesn't go. Bad choice if that happens

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