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Mar 14, 2023, 13:54

From another thread

Ah, that explains it. Another forced quota hire.

This lack of argument only confirms the leaning to shed responsibility on quota people, a well established manner. It leads nowhere.

Nevertheless, no coaching deficiency may be enough to explain the lack of performances. In fact, it prevents from pinning the responsibility on a coach.
Every game plan, anything, relies on players' guarantees to perform basic tasks. Players during the game failed so much they somewhat provided cover for their coach.
Nothing can be built when players provide so few guarantees.

The game can not be construed as an attempt to get rid of a coach: when pursuing that goal, players are more successful when they provide a basic platform (that depend on them only) and fail the more elaborated platform (that may depend on the coach inputs) Or even better, when they succeed in applying the game plan and still lose.
It singles out the coach's contribution.

One plausible explanation: lack of concern for the competition. Players do not care about the competition. It is a domestic competition. They somewhat threw the game.
One trend that might be observed in all societies living off globalization: it leads to the destruction of the local social fabric.
A segment of the population always end finding more pleasing to spend time with a foreign equivalent from another society living off globalization. They frown upon  spending time with theirs local neighbours.
It is another inversion that is so common in globalization: what is close is perceived as far, what is far is perceived as close. Inversion is key to globalists, slavery is freedom, close is far.

Domestic competitions are events people from the same country rejoice from living together. They are the platform for a national feeling to express. A celebration of local ties.
International competitions are supposed to help building bridges between foreigners, people from distant shores. They have little to do with loving one's own country.
Actually, globalized people usually prefer a globalized community over their own country's community.

Scorn. Societies living off globalization usually betrays scorn from one segment of the population to the other.
Players played as if they did not care about playing. They could have done without playing the game. They have no joy playing against their fellow SA player, especially when lesser than them.

Racism, to the despair of racist minded people, can not be thrown as an explanation. The game was played between two mostly white sides. One side considered that this domestic competition is not worth playing. It does not mean re uniting with a fellow SA counterpart. It only puts distance to theirs rugby counterparts from abroad.

SA rugby players enjoy more the time they spend with EN, FR, IR, SC, WA rugby players. They are their mates. Not the SA fellow players. Those ones are only a disturbance to their special international relationship. Those are only failures who did not ascend to join the globalized community. They are not worthy bounding to.

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