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May 13, 2017, 05:49

If you're going to accuse anyone of a lack in a sense of humour then I have to assume that you have one....not so?

Well, I went a looking, found zip, but if one looks at your narratives as to what a strong and wonderful(sic) leader you have in Putin then yes I agree you have a sense of humour. And further to your sense of humour of Russia being a wonderful country......well I don't see the masses trying to breakdown the front door to get into the joint like they do in the great USA and other countries like Great Britain, France etc.

That said, can you possibly take your attention seeking crystalized slop to the appropriate section where hopefully someone gives a toss about your thoughts?

Much appreciated...tx.

May 13, 2017, 08:46

Sorry to upset poor ol' Denny ...he reminds of Abie, waiter at the Foresters Arms...who used to recite when we bought him an Old Brown sherry instead of a tip...

"from my head down to my toes, over my teeeths and through de gums...nobody knows- where it goes...through de teeeths and over my out kidneys here it comes! " and then he downed it.  He also used to sing..."all I want for Christmas is my two front teeeths " :D

May 13, 2017, 08:59

The irony.......

May 13, 2017, 09:14

Yeah...but he was funny...I miss the Capies...unique and funny humour...I loved them...actually beautiful people who could laugh at themselves... Abie onced asked us:

"Wat is jhou moeder a hoender en jhou pa a vark is???

Bacon en Eggs !

Does not sound funny to people who don't know their humour but very funny when you understand their wit...:D You have to have lived in the Cape to understand their simple and apt wit.

May 13, 2017, 09:23

All subject matter is welcome here.

Religion, Politics, Cricket, Tennis, Motor Sport, Russia and any other country you'd like to promote, holidays to Italy, Austria, Britain and any other destination across the globe, Penis Pumps, Sodomy, Beastiality, Dogs, Fitness, Recipes, Meaningless rugby stats, Morne, Victor, Meyer, Toetie, Willem Alberts, Quotas, ... and whatever other interesting topics you can come up with.

Some will get the hits your looking for ... others will pass by unnoticed.

This used to be a rugby forum.

No Longer ... so if you have something on the heart ... post it anywhere you like and we'll chat a spell.

Welcome one and all.

May 13, 2017, 09:31

Forries was very much a part of rugby in the fact I met dozens of players that played both rugby and cricket there...Doug Hopwood, Eddie Barlow, Peter Whipp,Alan Lamb, Garth Le Roux, Varkie Minnaar, Peter Kirsten, Morne Du Plessis, Steven Bruce...the list is's probably the same today. A meeting place of Newlands sportsmen...even golfers...Ernie Els.

Forries is unique and a huge part of sport in SA. I hope it's still the same today...sadly I took my missus there a few years back when on a visit but it did not feel the same but guys like Mozart will no doubt remember it back then.

May 13, 2017, 09:44

 Seb made a mistake its not a lack of a sense of humour its a total lack of any sense of humour! Dense denise is totally frot!

May 13, 2017, 19:31

 I used to watch Grumpy Old Men. Always liked that show. Then I found this gem of a site. Lekker norse ou ballies that frequent this place. 

I think Denny works with or did work with numbers for a living. Either that or he was a manager of some sort. Close Denny? 

May 13, 2017, 20:24

Guys back then went to the Pig and Whistle.....if they were cool.

May 14, 2017, 09:06


I'm going to answer your question:D but I'm curious, how did you come to that conclusion?

May 14, 2017, 09:11

Are you an accountant?

That would not surprise me at all.

May 15, 2017, 10:15

Judging by Dense's servile and fawning behaviour on this board, I would have guessed his occupation as a fluffer on a g@y p0rn set.

May 15, 2017, 11:55

Does anyone else think the best possible name for a g@y p o r n movie is Lord of the Rings? 

Hahaha! Just thought I'd lighten the mood a wee bit. 

May 15, 2017, 12:38

"Dense Does Dallas"

"Scary Moffie"


May 15, 2017, 13:13

 Whatever I do UrineRooi pays a helluva lot better than what you do....that's why you live in the arse end of JHB and I don't.

Laughing graphics

May 15, 2017, 14:00

Not sure how this turned into a pissing-for-distance contest about who earns what but for your information, Dense, I know what you do . . . and that's why when you go on an overseas trip you go on a package tour where you are herded from one queue to the next while I pick and choose where I want to go and how long I want to stay there.

Still laughing, chump?

No . . . I didn't think so!


May 15, 2017, 14:15

 Dense, I know what you do.....

Really?? C'mon then lets hear it.

May 15, 2017, 15:27

He is in a numbers and management position.

He manages a number of Hookers in Sydney.

Anything goes as long as it is not legal.  

May 15, 2017, 15:49

Actually, jokes aside, it would be quite interesting to know what the different posters here do for a living. Although, I think half the gents here are retired. 

A quick stab at a few posters;

Rooi: Retired Author 
Denny: Retired Actor
Moz: We already know is a retired businessman
CC: Mercenary
Plum: Banker
Beans: Beach bum with rich parents
Mike: Retired government something or other
Bluebok: International man of mystery.

Lets have some fun with this....

May 15, 2017, 15:55

bluebok, I'm not an author or writer of any sort and unfortunately I'm not retired.

Dense, do you really want me to put your Linked-In details up here?

May 15, 2017, 16:37

 You really are a grumpy bunch of codgers on here. Still, funny as he'll though.

Dunno Denny, you seem like a boundaries type of person. Like a world without rules would be the end of you. And that leads me to think that numbers or management are your thing.

Apparently I'm a banker. So there you go. Or maybe he tried to type w.anker but got auto corrected :)

May 15, 2017, 16:45

 LinkedIn details Huh? Is that the best you've got? you're a laugh....go ahead, you've made my day(night). Bwhahahaha.. ..I loom large in your life, that's what I really are a insecure and weak little man to go snooping around for my personal details. Still, I'm curious to see who else is as bored and lifeless as you to be interested in someone elses's personal details. I really do bother you.

May 15, 2017, 17:06


I think Denny works with or did work with numbers for a living. Either that or he was a manager of some sort. Close Denny? 


You're not're spot-on! Damn you're good.

May 15, 2017, 17:16

 Haha you being sarcastic Denny?

May 15, 2017, 17:18


May 15, 2017, 17:28

 Dammit, knew I was born to be a psychic detective :)

May 15, 2017, 17:34

"Hey everyone, guess what? I make more money than Rooinek!"

"No you don't, chump."

"Oh yes I do, I'm such a big success I live in Australia and poor old Rooinek lives in Johannesburg . . . nyaah nyaah nyaah (sticks out tongue)!"

"I actually know what you do for a living, Dense."

"Wh . . . what? (The blood drains out of Dense's face) Oh no you don't! That's a lie! I loom so large in your life, you're so interested in me . . . (aside) please God don't let him know that I'm just a measly printing estimator!


May 15, 2017, 17:35

 There is a slight variation in my career but in the main you are spot-on, the variation being sales although I only manage the Sydney based "Staples" account which is worth a few big $'s. It's all very interesting.

Dammit, knew I was born to be a psychic detective :D:D:D

May 15, 2017, 18:33

"Actually, jokes aside, it would be quite interesting to know what the different posters here do for a living."

Okay, my guesses . . . I'm not guessing ou Maaik, Moffie or Dense because we know what they do/did . . .

Machiavelli: Abattoir worker
ABasque: Stockbroker
Klown: Policeman
Baboon-ou: Zoo exhibit
Plum: Geologist
Wardad: Used car salesman
Dumb Ass: P0rn theatre janitor
Just_Win: Diplomat
Arthur John: Dentist
Sharkbok: Salesman
Cloudy: Teacher
Chabal: Runs a karaoke bar

May 15, 2017, 19:59

Rooinek not even close.

Guess I would now fall under semi-retired.

ex-Engineer now, a day trader.


May 15, 2017, 20:10

AJ I thought you were a pharmacist? So what do you trade....stocks or commodities?

May 15, 2017, 20:40

Mainly stocks but have dabbled in commodities as well. 

Financials and oil mostly.

Got into banking during 2009 cycle and still holding.

May 15, 2017, 20:48

I used to work in sales. 

Now I have my own "small" company providing advertising/marketing services using PPC Advertising like Google, Facebook etc.

May 15, 2017, 20:58

 Arthur, what kinda engineer?

May 15, 2017, 23:08

Of course the coward Urinal will never reveal his own guess an internet advertising salesman.

May 15, 2017, 23:12


May 15, 2017, 23:15

 Retired, copy-paster and forum cartoonist:P

May 16, 2017, 01:29

 Retired, copy-paster and forum cartoonist

Laughing graphics

Must say you're doing a great job!

May 16, 2017, 01:44

In the immortal words from Moon over're a 'funny guy' JW.

May 16, 2017, 02:35

 Of course the coward Urinal will never reveal his own guess an internet advertising salesman professional mourner.

May 16, 2017, 02:58

Can an atheist be a professional mourner? I guess one that ignorantly uses the term 'rest in peace' can.....LMAOFY!

May 16, 2017, 04:46

RIP from an atheist.......Bwahhahahahhaha how stupid!

May 16, 2017, 07:40

 I have a commercial gas contracting company. Also consult on all things LPG and Methane to the public and private sectors. And I teach.


May 16, 2017, 08:46

Manager is my day job for the most part, do some project management when time permits. And I am a part time musician.  

May 16, 2017, 16:22

bluebok...what instrument do u play? 

May 16, 2017, 17:56

Not sure what Moffie and his Servile Gimp are babbling about . . . why should the term "Rest in Peace" be the exclusive domain of theists? Why can't someone who is not religious wish peace on a person who has passed away? 

It's not like they're being wished any kind of afterlife or good luck on the day of reckoning or anything like that . . . it's simply wishing them peace from their suffering or pain.

Anyone else take offence when a non-believer like myself wishes that a dead person might rest in peace?


May 16, 2017, 21:37

Of course it has a religious meaning:

The phrase "Rest In Peace or RIP" is generally understood as a wish for eternal peace for the soul of the departed. The phrase is engraved in tombstones. The origin of this phrase are found in Hebrew in the old testament of the Holy Bible, "Those who walk uprightly enter peace; they find rest as they lie in death."

May 17, 2017, 02:41

 I can't believe UrinalRooi's stupidity....RIP is a religion thing, always has been, atheist as I understand it don't believe in the soul....what is there not to understand?
I really believe we have reached rock bottom with the Dunce.

May 17, 2017, 02:52

So according to atheists there is nothing after death......niks, nil, nada.......the concept of nothing resting is hilarious, religious or not. What a plank.

May 17, 2017, 03:00

 Maybe his wish is for the comfort of the dead body sans a mattress, blanket and pillow.

May 17, 2017, 03:26


I know this has caused all sorts of conjecture in the past but seeing as that everyone else has stated what he does/did for a living, why don't you state yours.....I believe it's fair enough. I was glad to see you decline Chippo's request awhile back but right now because others are stating theirs, there should be no barking and shrieking from UrinalRooi accusing you of being a braggart and liar.

As for myself, I was a Printing Estimator/ Manager/ Pre-Press Production Planner/ Account Manager. And I say WAS because I've taken early retirement so as to travel without the impediment of work.

May 17, 2017, 05:38

Ironical that the Urinal who accused me of grandstanding when I explained my response to vicious slurs I might now saying 'it would be quite interesting to know what the different posters here do for a living". Just another example of how Urinal thinks the rules don't apply to him.


And all those personal slurs.....fat, drunk, yellow teeth, decrepit, comb-over are undoubtrdly autobiographical by Urinal. So much self much failure.



May 17, 2017, 06:59

 Well what else can you expect from the hypocrite and liar...he changes the rules with the blink of an eye.

'it would be quite interesting to know what the different posters here do for a living".

Clearly in that he sees himself above the rule.

I'm hoping you'd change your mind and state your credentials partly because it would upset him and partly because he'd turn real green with jealousy.

How can we forget the way he carried on when you mentioned you lived in Bantry Bay......that really pissed him off bigtime.

May 17, 2017, 07:16

Well, I know that Moffie and his Servile Gimp are both thunderously stupid little people but I'd expect even dribbling half-wits like them to understand the rather simple concept of "anyone else?"

Obviously not!


May 17, 2017, 07:37

 To be fair, RIP has become more of a way of saying something respectful than actually meaning anything religious.

Still being  full on atheist is a strange idea to me. I think the vast majority of of atheists end up finding themselves somewhere on the agnostic spectrum when questioned. 

May 17, 2017, 09:23

A policeman??


A mercenary??


You guys have the wrong impression of me.

I am highly respected and greatly loved within my community.

I'm involved in buying and shipping product from across the globe into the country ... oh and on the weekends I go looking for coloured folk.

May 17, 2017, 11:00

I am agnostic, but I hope there is a God. I have extreme doubts though for the following two reasons. I just cannot wrap my head around why God has made it impossible to prove his existence. Being all powerful, why can't he just reveal himself to every human? Should they then decide not to follow him, by all means punish them. Instead we are expected to believe what is told to us by the Church, which clearly cannot be trusted as history has shown countless times. Based on a book they have "given" to us, which pushes a self serving man made agenda. Secondly, all religions say all other religions are wrong, and seeing as though there is no way to prove any one right, there is no way of knowing for certain which one to follow. Religious choice is based almost entirely on your location and the religion of your parents. I cannot fathom why a fair Christian God, would then condemn a good and honourable Saudi Arabian Muslim child who dies believing in Islam, simply because of geography and the religious choice of his parents which would almost certainly dictate his religious direction. Christianity clearly says that anyone that does not believe that Jesus is the son of God, is condemned to hell. In other words, God creates people knowing full well they will have a certain, incorrect, belief, and that they will die and go to hell, based almost entirely on the country they are born in and the accepted religious norms of that region and their parents. A fair God, creating people children that will go to hell? No thanks.

Anyway, back to the RIP question, it is pretty obvious to me that it is a religious term referring to a peaceful afterlife. But the meaning of words changes over time, and from an atheist point of view, it could simply mean the hardships of life come to rest. Maybe for a person who suffered before death etc etc. I don't think any group can own its meaning. It simply means different things to different people, but as I said, the word's origins are surely religious.  

May 17, 2017, 11:36

 The origin of this phrase are found in Hebrew in the old testament of the Holy Bible, "Those who walk uprightly enter peace; they find rest as they lie in death."

Case closed.

May 17, 2017, 11:49

"The origin of this phrase are (sic) found . . ."

That are very interesting. It are make me check it out on Wikipedia what are say nothing about what Moffie say are the origin.

Wehe . . . the grovelling sychophant quoting not only his Master's ignorance but his laughable grammar as well!

Here's something Wikipedia does say though . . .

"The phrase was not found on tombstones before the eighth century.[9][10] It became ubiquitous on the tombs of Christians in the 18th century,[5] and for High Church Anglicans, as well as Roman Catholics in particular, it was a prayerful request that their soul should find peace in the afterlife.[4] When the phrase became conventional, the absence of a reference to the soul led people to suppose that it was the physical body that was enjoined to lie peacefully in the grave."

I think the case are now finally closed!


May 17, 2017, 13:27


May 17, 2017, 14:11

What tombs in the 18th century?

May 17, 2017, 14:28

I was going to say thank goodness I'm not on that list as I'm probably the most boring person here... I think a teacher is a most commendable calling anybody who has the patience to teach has to be admired so thanks for that rooinek but I'm not so admirable but I will say that I've worked with disadvantaged youth when I was in Oz which nearly broke my spirit. Now I just take care of my dad and family in a most peaceful and idyllic place that I would not change for the world. Interesting your take on some of those other vocations though, I can see big guy as a policeman and AJ as a dentist lol I could do with his expertise right now as one of my teeth has been killing me! Thank you that was entertaining!

May 17, 2017, 14:30

What tombs in the 18th century?

May 17, 2017, 14:31

BTW R.I.L is the new rest in peace. Maybe it came about because not everyone is Christian?? Darn how things change over time.

May 17, 2017, 16:45

Cloudy, I commend u for doing the right thing for your family.

The family have always been by far the most important part of my life and will always remain so.

Sorry to disappoint u about my vocation choice but trust u get the required expertise soon.

May 17, 2017, 16:59

Thanks AJ :) I agree with your sentiments about family. The tooth is a bit tender when cold air or water hits it probably need a filling or worse a root canal. Glad you're not a dentist I don't like dentists lol

May 17, 2017, 19:42

What tombs in the 18 century?

May 17, 2017, 19:47

 I think the case are now finally closed! Opines the illiterate Rooitwitterbug 

Beeno schooling ou rooitwit once again. Being a teacher is a thankless task 

May 17, 2017, 19:58



May 17, 2017, 20:05

 Come on rooitwit admit your mistake!!!!!  It will help your personality development from very micro midget to to micro midget

May 17, 2017, 21:07


Just how dumb is this idiot?

May 17, 2017, 21:22

And tell us about those 18th century Christian tombs Urinal.....where were they?

May 17, 2017, 21:49

 So, the frenzied questionnaire won't answer a question....nothing new in that is there.
I'm used to his drug infused mood swings, he'll now go quiet for a while, come back and post as if nothing has happened before another mood swing.....a predictable cycle.

Glad you've sorted him out Moz, you obviously have more patience that I have, it would help if I cared what he says but I don't, heard it all before, again and again over so many different forums. Quite boring.

Not long to go before the Cricket WC......will you be watching? Unfortunately I'll be away on holiday.

May 18, 2017, 00:29

Gosh he's not answering my question....that makes him a low life and a coward according to his own standards. I guess we will just have to remain in ignorance about Christian tombs in the 18th century.......hahaha.



May 18, 2017, 00:35

 Ah importing from across the globe CC ,so your a drug dealer then ?Is China white  really white and does it come from China ?

If you have had only one career your not living hard enough .
And Seb is unintentionally funny Denny ,when hes deep in his cups and rambling at full speed like watching a drunk peddling a bicycle !

May 18, 2017, 08:20

Denny and Moz, I'm sure Rooi will be back soon enough, feisty as ever. Beans, seriously dude, I think it is pretty obvious that Rooi was taking the p!ss in his post with all the 'are' this and 'are' that. You are making yourself look stupid by not noticing that. In 10 odd years he has never mixed up are and is, and now suddenly he does it four times in one sentence. Come on Beans, up your game! 

Denny, I assume you are referring to the Champions Trophy, and not the cricket World Cup. Anyway, what are your thoughts on our chances in the Champs Trophy? In my opinion our boys are the form team at the moment, but ja, we all know the Protea's script, so for me it is simply a game of wait and see. Still, I think it is between RSA, AUS, NZ and England. India are just not as good when they aren't playing on the sub-continent. England have done pretty poorly recently in World Cups held on home soil, I think their home ground advantage is cancelled out by exceptional public expectation and pressure. AUS have huge BMT, so I expect them to do well, and NZ are the dark horses. Pakistan, West Indies, and Sri Lanka have not been great, so I doubt they'll threaten.  

May 18, 2017, 08:48

 You raise some interesting points....and ja I reckon our guys can win it.....but...and it's a big but with some positives and one huge negative that kinda holds me back as far as declaring them winners.

Teams I like in random order is England, Oz, RSA and India.

There is no standout team.

England because they're on home soil and they have a decent side with a match winning allrounder in Stokes.
Oz have the best fast bowling attack, Hazelwood and Starc are match winners. Hazelwood will swing the ball and we know English wickets favours swing. In Warner and Smith they have two match winning batsmen.

Proteas, a well balanced side, I made a point of them lacking a decent allrounder in the last they have 3 good ones. There's a lot to like about the Proteas, an excellent batting line-up with depth all the way down to 10. A useful attack and a game changer in Tahir. And of course they have great allrounders in Andile and Pretorios not forgetting Moriss. Here's the but, they don't have a genuine swing bowler, both Steyn and Philander are injured....a huge negative. Forget Wayne Parnell, he has not shown himself to be world class. I forget to mention there's quite a few big hitters in the side...a huge plus. So yes I like their

India because they have won it in the past and they have retained 8 players from the last WC. They also probably have the best two spinners. Kholi is a big game player and leads by example.

We should start a thread asking those who are interested to list their top 4 teams and perhaps nominate a winner?

Dang my luck I won't be around to watch the competition.

May 18, 2017, 08:56

Start a thread man. I'm game. 

May 18, 2017, 09:02

I've been dealing "drugs" for the last 16 years, Wardad and have met some very interesting people in the "industry".

As for "living hard enough" ... a friend of mine told me the other day that he wants to live each day to the fullest ... at 100 mph ... and go skidding into the world beyond ... even if it meant that he left this one a little earlier than scheduled .. as for myself I'd rather take it a little easier and stroll into what's supposedly eternal.

May 18, 2017, 09:02

 Upstairs or downstairs? Upstairs is better and it is a major championship.

Would appreciate your feedback on my post.

May 25, 2020, 10:14

Old posts were definitely the best.

Hahahaha....this reminds me of a showdown between Beeno (King Arthur) and Sharkbok (The Black Knight).


May 25, 2020, 15:20

Herr Grumplestump accusing others of a lack of sense of humour! Now that's funny! Just when I thought this place was entitling dead. :D

May 25, 2020, 18:25

Ou Rooitwitterbug was hopelessly caught out. He whined and bleated about Moz disclosing a few personal details some years ago that turned the blighter a brighter shade of green! He complained bitterly about these disclosures as they made him feel bad about himself.

Now on this thread he wants to get people to disclose these things. Hahahahaahhahahahaha that was very funny!

Rooitwit is so blissfully self unaware!

Oct 23, 2020, 06:05

Here’s a classic thread

Oct 23, 2020, 13:08

Put your hand up please - who if you have been to Russia and stayed in the country for near to a month?   I have been and the people I met were desperately poor after the destruction the Communist caused - but they were friendly and very helpful.    Not anything like the Hollywood    films made them out to be.    

The people put a high value on culture and history of the country -  the Communists did not have the history cancel culture the Democrats are involved in in the USA.    They realize mistakes was made in the past and that the Communist regime was totally illegitimate - but they never tried to destroy historical landmarks from the Tsarist rulers that established the Russian Culture and for centuries provided protection to Europe when threatened by the Turks.  

I have the highest  respect for Russians as people and for Russia as a country,   most of what is written about Russia today is plainly and simply propaganda.      


Nov 02, 2020, 23:12


The funniest of all was :  "So long Voldemort"

DA was accused of being Voldemort...hilarious when in fact he is Taipan, humorously named Bedpan, which is similar to a Urinal also named by Mozart.

Then if that's not enough, DA suddenly becomes poor old Hawkeye (who sadly passed away sometime ago.)

Then DA gets the kindest address that Rooinek has uttered to him : "RIP Dumbass"

Then DA rises from the dead, ie has a Lazarus experience.

Then all of a sudden the peace is history and the insults fly with more intensity than ever before.

Now that's fact it must be one of the funniest of all...what amazing insights....haha.

Now that's  sense of humour...a sense of the ridiculous. Puts Clouseau to shame.

The difference being that Clouseau always get his man in the end....hahahaha.

Nov 04, 2020, 13:02

Let me help you out a bit here Seb

Here are just some of the names that I have been accused of being.... with Piss Mint even betting his house on it

The Truth

Admit One





Sonny Bill


Then this classic

"F-U-C-K you all!

I'm out of here. DumbAss/Voldemort/Sonny Bill wins. I lose."

Fooking hilarious

Nov 04, 2020, 17:02


....and not one shot of inspector Rooinek found it's mark, in fact way out, missed by miles...what incredible discernment. But this takes the cake, as Mozart quipped...a real

If Trump takes it as well...there will be a shortage of eggs worldwide although I personally don't like the man but he's the better of the 2 bad eggs. 

Nov 05, 2020, 07:59

"but he's the better of the 2 bad eggs"

Precisely what I said back in 2016.... and exactly what I am saying now

When you watch that clip of Biden introducing his dead son, it is incredibly sad to watch..... and incredibly concerning as well

The man is not capable of thinking coherently, yet people want to put him in charge...

I just don't get that

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