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Oct 05, 2019, 21:34

I was thinking about some of the things the Boks do and do badly like those really annoying shallow kicks. If you cant win in the air then why not  stop contesting in the air and have your faster guys gun down the catcher as hard as he can taking him to ground and having a second player come in over the ball. If that wing or whatever player cant get him to ground, hold him up or turn him around in the tackle, or teach your boys to rake tackle (grab the wrist of the opposite arm and rake downwards to dislodge the ball. Use the high kicks to trap the enemy in a congested small area behind the midfield so they cant break out and pressure them to keep possession without conceding penalties. If they concede then you can hoof it into the corner and unleash that powerful maul. I think that makes more sense than leaving acres of space wide behind the rush and looking like you could concede everyyime you kick the ball.

Oct 05, 2019, 21:39

It's a trick...a ruse of sorts...

Oct 05, 2019, 21:51

Something the six nations teams do better than the rugby championship sides is presenting the ball after the tackle. Wales and England are very good at this and if you can stop the ball carrier from falling the right way you are going to make a massive difference to your defence overall and that means penalties too!! I know I'd find it a total pain in the ass to have to defend those. 

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