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Oct 19, 2020, 02:07

Aug 08, 2019, 14:12

This Bok side sells us short in a big way. 

Nkosi is better than Mapimpi Kriel is better than Am Kitshoff is better than Beast Marx is far better than Mbonambi Wilco is better than Nyakane RG and Lood are far far better than powder puff Mostert Marcel Coetzee is better than Vermeulen 

On the bench, Frans and Louw sell us short 

Rassie keeps flattering only to deceive. A rugby brain who can’t select a worthy side

Oct 19, 2020, 02:54


Oct 19, 2020, 02:57

Saffy is an even worse selector than Straeuli. Having a chicken pluck names out of a hat would surely yield better and more logical results. Each and every point is wrong, even in the cases where the likes of RG is the best, he still finds a way to ruin his argument. :D

Oct 19, 2020, 08:49


The players Dave mention would not let the team down  - accept for Beast and Vermeulen I agree with his version of players that would improve the team.   Mostert is not up to standard and your selection of Esterhuizen is really a joke - he is not a test level player at all and will not make the Springbok squad of the future.

I would rather think that none of the players that Dave mention would let down the team - while those that you support will.    When are you going to explain to us why two coaches were fired by their clubs for gross incompetence  was - as you claim - competent as Springbok coaches,   That would be funny in the extreme - since neither won any real trophies in the years they coached the Springboks and try-scoring in the test teams they coached was sub-standard - so tell us why that does not count as well.   

We are short on jokes on the site at present  so please entertain us with drivel as you normally do.           

Oct 19, 2020, 08:56


You obviously put this up to revive controversy,   I do not think that Dave is wrong about Mostert and none of the players Dave mentioned as replacements would have let the team down.   The one who did in at least two tests was Mostert - who will not get into the Springbok squad again and Vermeulen would retire before the next WC and Louw and Beast has already retired, 

A simple question to you is are you still saying Meyer and Coetzee were good appointments as coaches of the Springboks and that the appointment of Erasmus was a mistake as you did when his appointment was announced?           

Oct 19, 2020, 10:43

I found Pollard's comments on De Allende interesting.

Have never been a Damien fan but Pollard talks very highly of him.

Quite a decent show this. Despite Schalk naturally stealing all the limelight off of the other host.

Oct 19, 2020, 10:58

I stand by those calls but thankfully we have so much depth that choosing between say Kriel and Am is marginal, same applies to Kitshoff vs Beast, RG vs Lood, Nkosi vs Mapimpi etc

That was my call on Rassie in his first year when the jury was still out on him.

Boy did I change my mind on Rassie the following year and reinforced by all the video footage of the man in action. His rugby thinking and player management is on another level

Oct 19, 2020, 11:14

"His rugby thinking and player management is on another level"

"Chasing The Sun" has shown the whole country and the world, just how many different sides to Rassie there are....

He is a phenomenal coach / people person / motivator ……

Incredible series

Oct 19, 2020, 11:18

DA he is unbelievable

I now get why he has been labelled a rugby genius

Oct 19, 2020, 11:40

Remember back to the stadium roof disco lights..... LMAO

It was classic and hysterical at the same time.... and he didn't give a shit what people said about him doing it at the time either....

Oct 19, 2020, 13:11

He is ahead of the game

The bomb squad is the perfect example

Oct 19, 2020, 13:37

"The bomb squad is the perfect example"

The bomb squad will be the thing of the future with all coaches you mark my words. Give the guy some credit, no other coach thought of it.

Sticking my tongue out Davey boy.....I've met Rassie.:P

Oct 19, 2020, 13:39

De Allende did not go to any of the so-called rugby schools and did not feature in the WP schools team at all.   Zondagh by accident saw him play in a match and convinced WP to contract him after school and that is how his career started,   Zondagh - who knew rugby as a game extremely well - told De Allende that with proper dedication and training he has it in him to become one of the best Springbok players ever at that stage.

The first game I saw on TV where he played for WP from the bench was in a CC game against the Bulls - in which he was on the bench and when he came on he scored an exceptional try,   He came on as a wing and made his mark.  He was then moved to inside center and played in that position ever since.  

The unfortunate thing is that  he like Pollard struggled under the Meyer and Coetzee game plans when it came to backline players were always absent.   Under Erasmus he became a key player in the well-funtioning Springbok backline and he has reached the potential Zondagh saw in him years ago.

I have always been lukewarm  about De Allende - but now realize that the handicaps Meyer and Coetzee put in the way of real performances by backlines did him a massive disservice.         

Oct 19, 2020, 13:45

Denny, he comes across as a really top bloke - likes to have a good laugh with the players

To get the best out of players, your players need to love you and respect you on every level

It’s obvious Rassie has that with his Boks

Oct 19, 2020, 13:50

By the way the forming of the mall in midfield with De Allende carried the ball and at the breakdown backline players ensure recovery - while the forwards lined up a driving mall - was also an Erasmus original.   Once the forwards carried the ball in the driving maul and it was illegally stopped the backline was already lined up to receive the ball and continued with the attack.   Unfortunately for the English they were forced to give away a penalty in front of the posts.   Easily converted.   That move was also on test level a new one never used before and I think it will become a feature in future tests used by teams as well.

I believe that Erasmus tried that one in a crucial game played by Munster and the Munster team won the game by the required 27 points having to score 4 tries as well.   The Irish after that one called Erasmus the "miracle man".


Oct 19, 2020, 13:52

Mike anyone who does not get the value of de Allende does not appreciate the finer arts of the game

Modern test match rugby is played in traffic, you need players that can physically impose themselves and give you go forward front food ball. There is no better exponent of that than de Allende

The guy is a beast, he invariably carries defenders when on the charge

As Will Greenwood said - you stop de Allende you stop the Boks

The observers who don’t get him are stuck in a time warp. They still see centres with dancing feet. The beauty of de Allende is that when he needs his dancing feet, he has them but for the most it’s head down in traffic making metres and setting up phases

Oct 19, 2020, 14:47

Damian has no fine points to his game. Very poor centre with no production to defend him. Pollard has been a scapegoat for this sham a few times. Lügnerin being a resident critic of Pollard, shielding Damian from blame. Nyet, Damian is a poor man's Olivier. 

Oct 19, 2020, 15:06

"Damian has no fine points to his game."

According to Pollard, De Allende has numerous points to his game which aren't necessarily on display to spectators.

I don't necessarily agree but Pollard rates De Allende as the best player for the Boks in the WC.

Oct 19, 2020, 15:20

Anything omelette has to say about a player confirms his complete ignorance of the game.

Just go check out the Schalk Brits interview and what he has to say about de Allende. Reckons he is one of the most skilful players he has ever played with.

You stop de Allende you stop the Boks - say no more

Oct 19, 2020, 18:14

Ah yes a 56% win ratio....he has really helped the Boks. Slow....should have supported Willie’s breaking the 2019 final. Hesitant allowed  his marker space to run all the way across the 22, and create the overlap that lost the 2015 Semi. 

The tractor has dreadful running numbers and can’t defend in space....beaten hands down in the final by both Pom wings.

Just another crash ball centre and not even a good one.

Oct 19, 2020, 18:41


After your posting on the so-called 56% win ratio has been thoroughly discredited as worthless you came up with it again.   Will you never learn that you are just proving that you are totally foolish to come up with such nonsense.

I rather believe what rugby experts and  especially present and past players say about a players performances than the garbage you regularly writer on site,  When your carrying distances by De Allende proved you were talking BS, you reduce the distance he carried balls in the final on a mythical basis you came up with disgracing yourself even more.   

When De Allende scored the try in the semi - that was swinging the match in favor of  the Springboks you never mentioned the try and when it came up for discussion you lied about it and implied that it was easy to score.    

All the English commentators said that De Allende  was the key player in the Springbok side in the WC - you claim otherwise based entirely on your prejudice against the player.             

Oct 19, 2020, 19:50

As stats show, when the ball is in Damian's and Steph's hands, possession doesn't circulate through the team. I have the numbers right here all the way back to the start of their test careers. Rassie made them the focal point of our ball carries, and our attacking potency has dried up. Rassie's better tests have been when the ball was moved to 13 as the focal point. Not great either, but a notable improvement. There is no possible way to defend either player. I also have the game film at hand, and even posted every contribution (including off the ball movement, anything affecting play) for an entire test season. The Damian fan girls have nothing, they've never had anything. 

Oct 19, 2020, 20:36

Your take on that Willie incident is absolute nonsense much like blaming PSDT for the Welsh try

It simply is not the case

Moz I thought you knew this game we love?

Oct 19, 2020, 20:42

Omelette show us these stats you liar

Oct 20, 2020, 02:30

Discredited how? It hasn’t been discredited at all.....you just keep saying it has because you can say nothing insightful in contradiction. 

Then you believe the experts.....great....do you believe Fauci, do you believe the Intelligence agencies who said Trump is a Russian asset? Why should the rugby ‘experts’ be any more expert.

What a feeble, cringeworthy argument.

As for the stats, I have don’t report wrong numberS. In the final Pollard made 67 metres in 8  runs, Am made 56 metres in 5 runs, Dud made 56 metres in 12 runs. In what sense was Allende better ball in hand than Am or Pollard. 

The Bok backs made metres because the Poms were being dominated and were coached defensively by the dullard Mitchell, who you at one stage wanted to coach the Boks.

Oct 20, 2020, 02:34

Dave  you and I apparently watch different games. In the game I watch centres back up breaks and Flanks are coached to defend the break around their side of the scrum.

Apparently in the game you watch, these tasks aren’t necessary.

Oct 20, 2020, 05:15

In the games you watch ball protection and recovery at breakdowns was never necessary = at least that is what you advocated when Alberts was criticized because of his total inadequacy in that regard,   

You also do not know that Centers is required to draw in defenders to create space on the outside and you criticize players for doing just that,   It is in fact happening in every rugby game - how did you miss out on that?   But then when it happened in the final you wrote a drama about how De Allende destroyed a potential try - but did not notice that there was a player overlap created as a result on the outside and Willie buggered it up by spilling instead of passing the ball.   De Allende caused the overlap - but you missed that and went for him while exonerating  Willie in the case. 

Your description of what happened in  games we all watched is so bizarre and your deductions so thoughtless that one can only wonder whether you really understand what is happening in rugby,    That is why players and coaches credited with excellent performances are  criticized by you because of prejudice.

The latter is why you miss out on watching matches and why your  descriptions as to what happened in matches can only be described as bizarre, 

And you have been told about you stats story that Rugby is a team game or don't you accept that it is?   Do you know how many players are there in a playing squad - I believe 23 - but you apparently think there are 4 that should be blamed for all the losses of the Springboks,    Still want an answer to a question  I ask you - do you think the inadequate coaches we had since 2012 is not a factor too in team losses?   In any event you are so stupid on that one  that I would not dare to mention it to anybody because I fear they would think I am as rugby illiterate  as you are, 

So Michell is now blamed for the English loss in the Final of the WC - that I admit is a totally new one on me.    Your idea about coaches is terrible - is that why you sucked  up to Meyer as a coach and promoted the idea of  the appointment of Coetzee - after which  you attacked Erasmus when he was appointed?   

Your fellow-idiot AO  failed to answer a simple question - so I will ask the same one and dare you to answer it honestly:-

After being Springbok coaches Meyer and Coetzee took up coaching two club teams.   Both were fired by their clubs  because of gross incompetence - so the question is - do you think that coaches fired by clubs because of incompetence on club level are competent enough to coach the Springboks on test level?     

Finally - you in a previous post  somehow came up with a formula to reduce the number of meters made  by De Allende, but went quiet when told that you are talking crap.   Nobody tried to discredit the meters made by Am and Pollard and compare the performances of the three players - so  where does that one come from?                          


Oct 20, 2020, 05:44


What figures do you have stupid?   You are still a coward as well - otherwise you would have responded like am adult and not show your kindergarten knowledge of rugby on this site, 

Oct 20, 2020, 05:56

I quote your words directly, please do the same, find that post where I supposedly reduced the number of metres for Allende and put it on here. For once have the good manners to back up your accusations.

Oct 20, 2020, 06:12

You did post that one and said that every time De Allende made a mistake you think he made reduce the distance of the ball caries by 25 meters,  so you claimed he carried the ball  minus 17  meters.   When I pointed out that your assessment are BS - you argued that there should be a basis to punish players  for what you regard as mistakes.    You now claimed you did not write that garbage - no wonder you are ashamed and deny what you actually wrote om site,  I would also be the same if I wrote garbage like that,    

Oct 20, 2020, 06:17

No I’m saying to you it’s good manners to quote what I actually said vs what you think I said.....please do it.

Oct 20, 2020, 06:21

What I said above is what you wrote in one of your worst postings ever and that is why I remember it,

By the way Mozart - what about the question I ask you about Meyer and Coetzee and what about your attack on Erasmus when he was appointed by SARU?     And what about your continuation of the Ertasmus attack - even during the RC in  2019.   Clarify that for us please or are you now wanting to deny that you wrote that as well?



Oct 20, 2020, 16:40

Moz fact is de Allende was backing up Willie, he had two lines to choose from. The one he took is the one Willie did not pick.

Expecting a blindside to cover the pace of a back in space is laughable. I don’t recall the exact details of who was where and I can’t be asked to go back and look but I recall seeing that a good few times and PSDT was certainly not to blame for the try

Oct 20, 2020, 17:52

Dave Mozart tried  one of his total deceptions again.    His latest story was the Welsh try in the semi.   He blamed Du Toit for the scoring of the try by the wing, ,  As per normal it was one of his totally unrealistic efforts.  The fact is the scrum was about 5 meters out and the Welsh scrum was going back - which he denied and swung slightly away forcing Du Toit putting him further away from where the ball was.   The no 8 picked up the ball from the back of the scrum and between Du Toit and the Welsh scrummie and Faf who tried to tackle the Nr 8,   The latter passed the ball in the process to the scrummie about 8  meters away and Mozart said that Du Toit was slow in leaving the scrum and should have prevented the scrummie from passing the ball to the wing who scored the try,    Only a complete prejudiced rugby illiterate could come up  with that BS.    

 In the same test Mozart gave no credit to De Allende for scoring the Springbok try he also and said Louw won the  test for the Springboks with a turnover in possession.    However, what he did not admit was that the attack of the Welsh in the Springboks 22 followed a penalty given away by Louw and kicked into the  22 about 15 meters from the tryline and they would not have been threatening the if it was not for the penalty against Louw.   

I suppose one must be patient with Mozart - he cannot help himself by not writing BS on site,    .           

Oct 20, 2020, 18:36

"Moz fact is de Allende was backing up Willie, he had two lines to choose from. The one he took is the one Willie did not pick."

This is priceless. He is so devout to the Dud that he will defend the least attacking option possible. Damian had two choices: 

01.Sum up the situation, see the space and attacking threat out wide, and follow the flow of the attack Willie was building up. Or...

02.Fail to read play at all, and look for an unambitious dump off of an inside ball and run right into the opposition tamely. 

No wonder Lister loves Rassie: No ambition whatsoever. Maybe if he played rugby - especially centre - he'd have a greater appreciation for why Damian ruined a quality attacking opportunity, and why Rassie is a peanut butter sandwich of the coaching world. 

Oct 20, 2020, 19:12

Fuck me omelette do you think anyone gives a shit what you think

Damn right I rate Rassie, the coach who has achieved more in 2 years than any Bok coach has and backed up by an insight into the man in Chasing the Sun

Only a profoundly stupid fucking idiot would not rate Rassie as a coach

You are that idiot - that’s a fact

Have you ever noticed that no one ever agrees with anything you have to say except for Moz on the odd occasion. I forgive Moz as I like the old boy but......

Oct 20, 2020, 21:35


You really knows nothing about rugby and constantly display it on site,   That incident that Mozart descried never threatened the English tryline and Willie made a complete hash of it.  He tried and was unable to outrun Ford and then when tacked gave a garbage pass to Kolbe who managed to catch the ball and was immediately tackled by the cover defense.pf the English,   De Alklende saved the situation by ensuring that the Springboks retained the ball when Kolbe was tackled and there was not a turnover situation,    

I wonder whether you are calling Pollard a liar when he said De Allende is a brilliant player? 

By the way - Erasmus was never fired for gross incompetence like happened to Meyer and Coetzee,   He went to Munster in 2016 and was the Guinness Top 14 coach of the Year on 2017,   The Irish called him the "miracle man" as a coach and your idiocy will be enjoyed and afterwards will be dispatched and send  to an asylum for the idiots in rugby.                

Oct 20, 2020, 21:54


The problem with Mozart is that he painted himself into a corner on the Meyer years and then started attacks on players defending Meyer at all costs.  By now they probably realize that he was wrong then and do not want to admit that he was wrong.

He is still in that corner and continues his attacks on present players.   I enjoy my arguments him though and  think he is a good person    

AO on the other hand  is just kindergarten material . One should but laugh at his garbage on site and what I realized for years now that he is a rugby simpleminded idiot,          

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