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Mar 06, 2024, 17:38

Now using a username he used a user-name used  many years e used  years ago

Mar 06, 2024, 17:53

? Waar??

Mar 06, 2024, 18:37

Ignore the ignorant prick

Mar 06, 2024, 19:04

Yes, great idea, Saffex.

Ignore a poster on a forum that is dwindling...because his rugby views offend you so.

Mar 06, 2024, 19:10

The Truth is probably not Card...different  vibe to him...ease off Mike...did you miss Lemur that much?:D

Mar 06, 2024, 19:12

Doos is a waste of fucking space

Hopefully Truth in not Doos, we don’t need that prick back on here

Mar 06, 2024, 20:28


Mar 06, 2024, 21:31

It looks like Deus has been on Ruckers for quite some time….if TT is Deus, then welcome back and let the games begin : )

Mar 06, 2024, 23:24

Unlike some on here Deus never started the personal spats, he expressed his views which are always interesting, but apparently can’t be tolerated. Not the Board’s best attribute.

Mar 07, 2024, 05:39

I don't agree with a lot of Card's views, but I've always liked having him around...like most of you all...even Rooi...the more the merrier. 

Mar 07, 2024, 05:49

Forrest Gump Chocolates GIF by The Kennedy Center

Mar 08, 2024, 07:25

Doos is an unashamed racist......I'm unashamedly intolerant of the racist.

Mar 08, 2024, 08:48

As this is one of the newer threads, I'll reply here...

I am not THE doos, but I could be "a" doos...

I actually had a tile on a browser with a link to this site, that I haven't used in years, so I clicked on it. Amazingly, I saw a lot of the old usernames, and then noted the post where people were talking about some whiskey. Thanks to Mozart, from comment from MANY year ago, I tried the Lagavulin, which is actually my absolute favourite at the moment... So, I thought I'd comment and amazingly, I remembered my password from that time.

 I also noted the old post that was brought up about Kamp SS, where I played stupid quite nicely. :P

I was one of the originals on that site, but then Herr Barlee, who was not really objective enough to run a forum went a bit nazi. (So the Kamp SS was actually appropriate) Discussions forums need difference to stay alive and in the end that site died, because it became an echo chamber. There were a few regulars that check in now and then, but it was limited mostly to a social "hi" and "bye" affair. But at the same time, when extreme language is used on such a forum, it might be entertaining for the few that knows a specific poster, but it scares off possible new users who are unsure of themselves. There must be some boundaries if a forum wants to grow.

For those who can remember, my username there was Barnacle (I even had to look that up to make sure!)... and no, I am not Alucard, or any other poster. I've only had three usernames. Barnacle at Kamp SS, For a short while I was Apollo here for a short while (where Apollo is the god of music and truth), but changed it to The_Truth later on.

As for rugby, I coached for 15 years and in the process, I gradually lost interest in posting, as my experience from coaching effectively made me more stubborn in my views. That what I coached worked (for me and our team) and it sort of led to me rejecting outside views more strongly... I stopped coaching in 2021 and I'm only involved as a "consultant" now and then.

So, I only posted now and then, only to piss of a few people... (Mostly Saffex, Rooinek and CleverMike)... Those were the easy targets... hahaha!


Sadly 15s rugby have lost its way and the game is becoming too predictable. Because of the rule changes over time the game is won or lost by the referee and the management teams and not the players on the field. I am am usually able to predict the outcome of a match after watching about 15 mins and by just observing the interaction between the teams and the referee.... (There are some exception, but few...)

The conditioning, skills, talent and decision making of players have become a less important part of the game for various reasons, which includes the fact that with the many replacements, you are effectively playing two first halves. While you generally have a higher intensity, you lose the effect of fatigue, where previously the games tended to open up more in the second half, due to physical and mental fatigue. This results in more boring "stampkar" rugby, where the focus on structure shifts from players to planning by management in boardrooms. The game is not a real test for the players as it used to be.

The one exception for me is seven's rugby. Because of the open spaces, you need much greater fitness, speed, shorter reaction times, better passing and running skills and better tackling technique. Seven's rugby is a true test for the players athletic and mental abilities. While the structure does play a large role, but the implementation depends heavily on the players themselves. And as it also depends on the player state at that specific moment, it is also more unpredictable. (The only negative is probably that you cannot have an old-fashioned scrum contest in sevens... But then again with fifteens, this is also becoming a problem with the milking of penalties...)

So, as this forum also mainly focuses on the 15s version, it is unlikely that I will pop in often...


?????????? ? ????? ????????!

Mar 08, 2024, 09:04

Racist is new to me?? I find his views interesting….he thinks outside the Box and not a crowd pleaser…wonder if TT is really Deus though?? I guess we will see once TT post something new.

Mar 08, 2024, 09:26


?????????? ? ????? ????????!

Interesting... I see the forum did not allow me to post in Japanese or Russian characters...

So let's do the English transliteration.

ki wo tsukete!

Zabotytsya o svoyem zdorovye! 

Which basically means "Take care of your health"!

Mar 08, 2024, 09:44

Welcome aboard Barnacle.....I remember you from Kamp SS. Better still I remember you as a stable, down to earth and knowledgeable rugby poster....someone who enjoyed discussing rugby.

Goodness me it's been decades and I've always wondered what happened to you, you quietly left Super Supporter long before they went belly-up.

I didn't for one second believe that you were Doos, I posted simply because his name popped up.

Sorry to hear you won't hang around but please do post 7's I'm sure your posts will attract a lot of attention.


Mar 08, 2024, 13:53

Post of the year Truth, I agree with many of your points…if you don’t have anything better to do, pop in from time to time.

Mar 08, 2024, 16:14

Howzit Bar-knuckle.

Mar 08, 2024, 17:35

Hey I have a copyright on that name.

Mar 08, 2024, 18:06

:D...it so obvious, you actually shouldn't :D

Mar 08, 2024, 18:35

Barney, you coached a women's team & you're a forensic scientist.

Am I right or am I right?

Good to hear from you & hopefully you'll change your mind.

Mar 08, 2024, 19:00

Hello again Barnacle. 

Mar 08, 2024, 21:38

Barb I disagree with you - the game has become better and it’s become far more of a test because of the factors you mention

I got into 7’s when it first got loads of coverage and the Blitzboks had a great side but it’s lost its clout in a big way since COVID. So much so that we no longer see an English side just a GB one. There is no money being invested in the game anymore. Two of the players in the GB, but before that England side were at school with my son and I’m really good mates with one of the boys parents. The boys are pretty disillusioned with it all. They used to get handy salaries playing for England and it was a full time career. Now under GB the pay is bad and they only train twice a week together - it’s amateur stuff now.

I’m bored with 7’s now I don’t bother watching it. Blitzboks are crap and hell even Fiji look lost. The fact that they are playing the woman’s matches on the same field as the men is drawing the whole thing out and killing off the game

Nice to hear from you again you stupid old doos

Mar 09, 2024, 05:05


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